Thursday, August 27, 2009

PM makes Senate Appointment: Is is our media Lazy or biased?

krugmanEvery once in awhile I go back to school: I read up on the basics of writing a good story or essay. Here are some of the lessons I've recently learned, courtesy of the Columbia School of Journalism's site,, and
  • Organize your material: Put it in a rough sequence, in an order that will be sensible and engaging to the audience
  • Write the first draft quickly, then go back and self-edit
  • Ask 'who cares?' about every sentence, and be ruthless excising extraneous material
  • Be original: A different spin, original research or investigation, an interview or first-hand account, a personal photo, a chart -- all of these can add enormous value and readibility
  • Never make anything up, even if it's plausible
  • If something from one source is suspicious, check another source
  • Always credit your sources
  • Don't let pressure to produce compromise the quality of your work
  • Use the title, first sentence and (if the article is long or complex) a two to three sentence abstract up-front to both inform and draw in your audience
  • Close with a memorable sentence

I will  hyperlink several MSM print online articles and look for a pattern of words or phrases regarding the appointment of Senators by the PM in an attempt to evaluate a bias exists. For this excercise I will not include other media including TV or Radio.

Don Martin: Are party loyalists the best Harper can come up with?
Harper dubbed 'patronage king'
Harper appoints 9 to Senate

Stuffing the Senate 

Harper names nine to Senate including ex-NHL coach, party loyalists

Harper poised to make 8 Senate appointments

He united the right, now he's in the Senate-Manitoban Don Plett expected to be appointed

Harper looks to even out the Senate

Partisans and sober second thought

Harper's 'dumping ground'

Descent into cronyism

Globe editorial Partisans and sober second thought

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