Monday, January 31, 2011

Separtist Duceppe Beats Liberal Ignatieff

What does this say about the Liberal brand and the Liberal leader when more people in the rest of Canada think more highly of the Separatist leader Gilles Duceppe?

Done Like Dinner comes to mind. What do you think?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Federal Government Helps Black Radio Station

 Liberals like to talk: Conservatives deliver results. Kudos to the Conservatives and those in the community who finally have secured a radio station. The CBC was uncooperative if not hostile to this application for a competitor. Shame on the CBC and the MPs in Toronto who failed to help.
Fitzroy Gordon PM Stephen Harper
  This government has been very supportive, which is truly a gift. We continue to welcome the government’s efforts to engage the black community on issues that are inevitably of importance to the growth of all in the GTA.- Sway  August 2010
A new radio station aimed at serving Toronto’s black community took a giant step forward Friday after years of struggle including an ongoing fight with the CBC, which sought to block the station.
CARN-FM, that stands for Caribbean and African Radio Network, was originally approved to broadcast in 2006 but first needed to find a frequency on Toronto’s crowded radio dial. A signal was identified at 98.7 but given how close that signal sits to CBC’s Toronto flagship station 99.1, the CRTC told CARN they needed to work with the state broadcaster.
“We would have had this radio station a long time ago if it wasn’t for the CBC,” said Fitzroy Gordon, the man behind CARN-FM. “CBC fought me every step of the way.”
CBC opposed CARN using the 98.7 signal, claiming that its own internal testing showed the proposed station would interfere with CBC’s signal.
Gordon hopes to bring news, talk and sports programming to the airwaves that will serve the interests of Toronto’s black community. On the music side of things he hopes to offer something different than the current hip-hop and top 40 that dominates.
“The basis of the music will be the old R & B style. Aretha Franklin, the Supremes will be brought back. From yesterday to today with R & B. We’ll have soca, jazz, reggae,” Gordon said.
Jason Kenney, the federal minister responsible for immigration, citizenship and multiculturalism blasted CBC for their attempts, over several years to block CARN.
“This is an effort by black leaders in the GTA to get programming on the air that will attract young listeners in the black community with a positive message,” Kenney told QMI in an interview.
"The CBC did everything they could to throw obstacles in their path. I find it somewhat ironic given CBC’s lecturing on multiculturalism that they did everything they could to stop a legitimate expression of multiculturalism,” Kenney said. “In this case at least it was all about a very narrow read of their own corporate interests.” - Brian Lilly  Canoe News

Where are those TORONTO MPs from the Liberals and NDP and why were they not involved in helping this community radio station against the CBC?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Western Civilization: Done

How many signs of incompetence or gross neglect do we need to witness before our elected officials are moved to ACT? Governments in many Western democracies are failing their citizens and their country.
When Ms. Lloyd insisted that the figurine — worth about $300 — would not be complete without the gun, a security supervisor was called in. But he too ruled the “weapon” could not be taken on board Ms. Lloyd’s return flight to Canada.
Instead, Ms. Lloyd was told it would be no problem to remove the gun from the figure and mail it to herself. When Ms. Lloyd found that none of the airport post boxes had letter slits wide enough for the a hastily purchased envelope containing the gun, one of the security guards that wouldn’t let her take the toy on the plane offered to mail it for her.-No Toy soldiers
This is not limited to Britain we could look at examples in the United States for further proof. A denial is here to be balanced. Given the fact a 7 cm model of a British soldier was not allowed I will go with the author of Another TSA outrage by Erick Erickson.
Anyone examine the problems with the no-fly list?

If our elected officials can't resolve these bureaucratic problems what make us think they can deal with the bigger issues?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Economy vs Liberal Priorities

Clearly this was NOT a personal attack? How much time did the CBC spend on investigating the information reported as fact by the opposition MPs?

How many months did the media and the opposition spend on this file vs the big picture?

What did the RCMP conclude from all the accusations and calls for resignations by the opposition and the media?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coalition Terms: Quebec Arena?

What does Ignatieff have to do to secure the NDP and Bloc support for the Coalition in 2011?

Ignatieff has already given into the NDP demands to roll back corporate taxes. Dion had the NDP cave in.
NDP Leader Jack Layton agreed with Ignatieff, noting tax dollars shouldn't go towards funding pro-sports teams, but said money could flow if it served the needs of a broader community.

It would be easy to add up all the demands of the NDP and Bloc threatening an election are the Liberals going to transfer $ 2.2 billion for HST for the support of the coalition?

Will the Liberals provide the NDP with their heating fuel rebate or are cabinet seats back on the table?

What else will the Liberals offer the Bloc and NDP if  they don't win the next election?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PM Stephen Harper Speech

Here is the speech from our PM celebrating the fifth year of Canadians giving the Conservatives the mandate to lead. Enjoy.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Can the US and Canada Save UN from itself?

“During the Bush administration, it was learned from internal U.N. auditors that 43 percent of $1.4 billion in procurement contracts investigated involved fraud," Stearns said in a statement to The Hill.

"In addition, U.N. peacekeeping operations are plagued with numerous cases of abuse and sexual exploitation," he added. "The U.N. is in desperate need of reform from top to bottom, and my bill is designed to have the world body take the simple step of adopting internationally recognized best practices in contracting and procurement, which includes taking the bid representing the best value.” - UN funding under review
Liberal MPs and staff object to Tim Horton's Visit by PM in Oakville

 Who can remember the repeated publicity stunts by the Liberals in trying to create controversy and headlines? Our PM chose to skip the speeches from the dictators to applaud the return of the icon Tim Horton's back to Canada.

In Fall 2009 the Tim Horton's chief financial officer Cynthia Devine said it's hoped the reorganization will improve efficiency, growth and competitiveness.
"Finally, this reorganization will help Tim Horton's align itself to continue to take advantage of lower Canadian tax rates," she said. "These lower tax rates help us and companies like us keep more capital at work and achieve our priority in reinvesting in the business for future growth in our company."- Amateur Hour Liberal Party Protests

Celebration 5 years  Photo credit Dr. Roy
You cannot have policies which hurt people, but are somehow good for the country. You cannot tax your way to prosperity. You cannot regulate your way to efficiency. You cannot earn respect by projecting weakness. You cannot strengthen families by insulting parents. -Speech PM Stephen Harper on 5 years

Canada under a Conservative government is moving ahead and trying to tackle the problems at the United Nations. We are not playing for votes by sitting on a fence currying favour with despots and dictators. That is what leadership is about.

It is time for leaders to reform how money and decisions are made at the United Nations. It is time for the Americans and Canadians to take back the UN and restore it credibility.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Republicans $ 2.5 Trillion Spending Cuts

GOP sending a message course correction in effect
Moving aggressively to make good on election promises to slash the federal budget, the House GOP today unveiled an eye-popping plan to eliminate $2.5 trillion in spending over the next 10 years. Gone would be Amtrak subsidies, fat checks to the Legal Services Corporation and National Endowment for the Arts, and some $900 million to run President Obama's healthcare reform program. [See a gallery of political caricatures.]  

Here is the Glee version called "Forget you". I included the original version at the bottom. Language warning in original clip.

Many cuts in programs and subsidies caught my eye. This one will drive the econ-nuts over the edge. The video encompasses my thoughts on the Liberal-left demand of taxpayers money.
Italian student protests on rising fees
Federal Workforce Reforms: Eliminate automatic pay increases for civilian federal workers for five years. Additionally, cut the civilian workforce by a total of 15 percent through attrition. Allow the hiring of only one new worker for every two workers who leave federal employment until the reduction target has been met.
  • Eliminate taxpayer subsidies to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. $12.5 million annual savings.
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting Subsidy. $445 million annual savings.
  • Amtrak Subsidies. $1.565 billion annual savings.
  • Community Development Fund. $4.5 billion annual savings.
  • Intercity and High Speed Rail Grants. $2.5 billion annual savings.
  • Economic Assistance to Egypt. $250 million annually.
  • U.S. Agency for International Development. $1.39 billion annual savings.

    This is the original version 


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Evan Solomon on Limiting Free Speech

Free Speech for Political Parties?
I found it interesting how Evan Solomon from the CBC show called Power and Politics injects himself and his ideas into the show. Does the CBC have an agenda in limiting free speech for Federal political parties or having the opposition parties introduce legislation to limit attack ads outside the campaign? (Watch the clip)

The Conservative Party of Canada has a clear advantage against the Liberals, Democrats and Greens of being able to deploy national advertorial campaigns. The decision to unite the conservatives has ended the one party rule by the Federal Liberals after thirteen years. The political welfare  subsidy was put in place unilaterally by the Liberals in 2003. It has also backfired giving the Conservative the most money per voter subsidy because they  have won the most votes in every subsequent general election held after the changes. The Conservative Party has gone further and lowered the contributions from individuals from $ 5,000 to $ 1,100 (x2 candidate, party). At the time of the unilateral changes by the Federal Liberals they could not have envisioned at time they would be reduced to historical low of twenty six per cent a mere four years later. (Arrogance?)

Outside a writ period there is NO LIMIT how much money a political party can spend in advertising. There is no limit on how much money each political party can raise. Evan points out the panel EVERY political party run negative press releases. 

Jan 29, 2009: The CBC host asks the Finance Critic Thomas Muclair (NDP) if $ 85 Billion projected deficit in the budget is not enough spending. The Liberals agreed it was and only asked for quarterly report cards. The NDP and Bloc voted against the budget in 2009. The spending was planned over two years.

Transcripts of interview Part One here . Part Two here. Videos here

Jan 21, 2011: Paul Dewar complains about the Mansbridge-PM interview and the mythical coalition conspiracy being framed against them. Here is the reaction above from Thomas Muclair regarding the surrender of the Liberals in 2009 and collapse of the coalition.
Hey Paul is the Canadian Media Conservative puppets of mythical coalition?

Evan decides to introduce the subject of limiting or regulating "advertising by political parties" at we put limits outside the WRIT period and should we have a reality check on political advertising at 9:39 on the clip. Which political party would be hurt the MOST and lose their capacity to communicate through mass media buys?

The NDP have been using that term on their website. Take a look at the words used in their press release provided below.

Individual Canadians or state funding for political parties?
The Federal opposition parties are clearly having a difficult time, generating interest and raising funds to catch the Conservative Party of Canada. Is it advisable for the CBC hosts to recommend or direct the federal political parties to level the playing field through legislation and regulations? Perhaps Evan can ask why each of the federal opposition parties have failed in closing the gap in relation to the Conservative party supporters the next time?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Liberals Rhetoric Risk Military Lives

The media spent years giving the opposition free publicity in referring to snap election as illegal. Will the media reflect on their biased coverage and the ruling of the highest court in Canada? Will the Canadian media correct the opposition MPs when they repeat the incorrect statement on their panels?
The Supreme Court of Canada upheld Thursday the fixed-election date law passed in 2008 by dismissing an appeal that questioned the law’s legality and the holding of a snap election the same year.- Federal Government Wins Supreme Court Rejects Democracy Watch Case
Battle of the X Planes
NOVA goes behind the doors of Boeing's Phantom Works and Lockheed's legendary Skunk Works to record classified meetings, flies the most revolutionary planes, and examines the high-stakes battle to build the most capable and versatile fighter ever. It is available in the US online here.

Will the Canadian media investigate and report on the JSF program and the competition between Lockheed and Boeing in an unbiased manner? Will they focus on only the problems and delays without giving a full accounting of both sides?

The opposition is not talking about the cost of a replacement for the CF 18 and the media is giving them a FREE ride. The CF fleet will be at then of their useful life in 2020. How much is the alternative aircraft fighter fleet? My CANADA will honour our troops this time and spend the money to protect them and help them come home.
A Canadian officer injured in Tuesday's fire aboard HMCS Chicoutimi has died while being transferred to hospital in Ireland. Prime Minister Paul Martin made the announcement to a hushed House of Commons late Wednesday afternoon.-Buying used Military equipment Liberal Government
HMCS Chicoutimi [SSK 879] isn’t expected back in the fleet until early 2013
Unsurprisingly, refit and refurbishment costs for the renamed Victoria Class skyrocketed well past the initial GBP C$ 750 million estimate. Beyond the costs involved, the delays have also left the Canadians fielding the equivalent of training submarines for about a decade. At one point, problems even took the entire fleet out of commission. -Sub Fleet Creating Canadian Controversies 
The Bloc voted in favour with the Conservatives totaling 170 MPs against the NDP-Liberals motion. The purchase, delivery is not expected to commence until the deficit has been reduced over the next four years. Will the media ask the Liberals and NDP on the panels: If a majority of MPs have already voted in favour for the highly skilled Canadian jobs including the purchase of  sixty five jets, why is your party refusing to respect the "will of parliament"?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ignatieff Auditions as "The Joker"?

How else can you describe the talking points of Michael Ignatieff in his latest talking points about trade on China when Liberals are threatening Oil sands export to the Asian markets?
...this motion really isn’t about stopping tankers. It’s about stopping the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline from Alberta to B.C., that would bring 500,000 barrels of oilsands oil a day to the coast for export to Asia.
The opposition doesn’t mind U.S. tankers off the B.C. coast or Saudi tankers coming up the St. Lawrence Seaway. They don’t mind B.C. tankers going in and out of Vancouver or Kitimat.
They just don’t want tankers to do business with Alberta’s oilsands. -Liberals Democrats Separatists Coalition Strike Against Alberta
The Liberals voted in a symbolic motion to block oil from reaching the Asian markets from Alberta recently. The Liberals under Chretien-Martin made many high profile trips but DID NOT SIGN a single FREE TRADE deal in thirteen years. Brian Mulroney majority led government signed NAFTA and the unelected Liberal senators tried to block it. Today the media and liberal left seem to forget how Liberals tried to subvert the will of parliament.
We’ve lost a seat on the security council of the United Nations because we’ve become provincial, we’ve become small.” -Ignatieff repeats Canada does not deserve a seat at the UN.

Canada has a solemn duty to protect and defend Israel and Liberals refuse to acknowledge the failed "honest broker" position held by the previous government. Granted Ignatieff missed thirty four years of experiencing  the  Canadian way of life and he recently  waffled on his defence of Israel in a speech in Ottawa on antisemitism.  Ignatieff may not be up to speed on Canadian history and facts but if you are running for PM shouldn't you have a basic clue about our achievements?

Many left leaning dictatorships are against our mission in Afghanistan.
Canadians are proud of their country and feel strongly about their efforts on the international stage. We don't need dictators that have a vote in the UN telling us our efforts to bring freedom and development are not worthy. It is a pity the opposition parties would rather line up with the radical governments in the UN than our own military, foreign aid workers and federal government.

The fact Ignatieff has missed the most votes in 2010 in Parliament may also be responsible for his lack of details regarding our economic recovery, improved standing with China or negotiated trade deals

Sun Sea Leftwing Rhetoric

The Canada Border Services Agency has referred 15 cases back to the Immigration and Refugee Board for admissibility hearings, with a recommendation to dismiss their refugee claims.
The board's Melissa Anderson says the cases all involve men and 14 of the 15 are accused of being involved in a terrorist organization, while one is alleged to be ineligible because of his criminal background.-Liberal Rhetoric Pays  Dividends
Perhaps the left wing experts on open borders can explain to Canadians why delaying legislation to protect our borders  in a thirty six day Spring campaign?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Liberals Faltering before Writ?

Ruby, Michael, Judy, Maria casting for anti-perspirant ad?
Brampton-Springdale MP Liberal Ruby Dhalla’s campaign suffered a major setback yesterday when several of her core team members crossed the floor to join Conservative candidate Parm Gill’s growing camp of dedicated and loyal supporters - More bad news on Liberal campaign

Take a careful read on how the author of this piece describes the public service ads on the opposition parties. I challenge a reader to find the use of "left wing" or European socialist in his earlier work describing the NDP or Liberals. I just included a small paragraph about the weakness with the Liberal party.
“These ads are part of the public negotiation process for the next budget, and they basically say to the opposition parties ‘we are prepared to have an election, we are election ready and election able,’” says Mr. Nanos “The other thing the ads do, and I think this is critical, is they are a test for the Liberals. They’re testing the mettle of Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals,” he said. “If the Liberals mishandle their response, or it’s seen as being weak or there’s a problem, it might actually escalate into an election because the Conservatives will sense opportunity. They’ll smell blood.” -Hill Times
 What do you think?


Ruby tweeted this

this followed:

Okay is someone having fun with a printer or is someone unclear about the management or former management team?
h/t Michael Harkov

Candidates exiting Liberal Party

In Halton with Liberal candidate Deborah Gillis. July 30, 2010
...take one step forward, two steps back. Liberals losses continue in advance of a potential election.
Toronto businesswoman Deborah Gillis has resigned as the candidate after accepting a promotion at the nonprofit organization Catalyst Canada, which promotes the advancement of women in business.Ignatieff has been active trying to find candidates that would be able regain seats. Ignatieff is hoping to restore the Liberal brand as a national credible alternative.-The Spec

It was interesting to see Liberal candidate Nancy Charest gain some publicity. The problem was her latest impression is compliments of the Conservative attack public service ads questioning the leadership of Michael Ignatieff. Awkward!

Language plays an important role in indentifying Liberal friendly reporters.

Does anyone else notice when Canadian Liberal media cheerleaders describe messaging from the Conservatives they use the terms "American style" in a derogatory manner? It can be used frequently in an article next to describing the Conservatives as right wing. How often are Liberals described as left wing or European socialists?

The good news is Carolyn Parrish is currently available to return as a Federal candidate for the Liberal party. The advice I would give to Michael is keep her away from the CBC comedy shows and discussing our neighbours in the south. Ask Paul Martin for details.
Leadership is something missing in the Liberal party. It has been missing for years.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Money, No Ads

The whining, crying in the left include their media friends is a pathetic sight to behold. Show me the money.

I am impressed with the media and the Liberal left latest attempts to deflect the harsh reality. The opposition are admitting they are unprepared and can not compete with the fundraising of the Conservative party. They won't be able to respond to the television media buys airing this week. They need taxpayers to keep their doors open.

A logical person would assume if you can't afford to spend one million dollars on television spots in order to defend your party what makes you prepared to secure lines of credit and loans to run a national campaign? (A hope for more taxpayers money?)

2009 was a great year for fundraising for Liberals: 2010 NOT
When is spending twenty million dollars less of a risk  than spending one million? If the opposition parties can't get their fundraising problems fixed after six years what makes them believe they are competent financial managers for the country?

The Liberals are nowhere near their 2009 levels. They will be lucky to beat Dion's 2008 numbers. Why are Liberals threatening an election if they can't get their own financial house in order? (Have they given up trying to find new donors?)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Caretaker in Stornoway

I am curious if the caretaker in Stornoway residence is trying to get himself fired nowadays. Every time he has asked the public to take a closer look they are turned off with his tenure as leader. In June 2009 his four ultimatums was followed up with line in the sand ($ 3 billion stimulus). He than proceeded with a "your time is up" in the Fall of 2009. For most of 2010 his party and their merry men have been playing peekaboo during critical votes ensuring the Conservatives would have no reason to ask for a dissolution. Is Ignatieff weighing down the Liberals or is the brand damaged beyond repair?

In his Christmas address before leaving for his European vacation, he decided it was prudent to repeat the threats of voting against the budget and having the Separatists and the NDP carry the water for the Conservative agenda.

An interesting attempt to frame the ballot question for the upcoming campaign is to blame our PM and the Government of Canada for the Global recession and their actions for the last five years.

The five-year milestone has presented the Liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff, with his latest electoral gambit — to ask middle class Canadian families whether they are better off after half a decade of the Harper government?

In fact, by almost every pocketbook metric, Canadian families are better off than they were five years ago – even if they don’t feel it.-National Post

The question being raised is now being answered by the punditry. It will be resolved at the ballot. A basic rule of thumb learned in critical thinking, public debate  in  is NEVER ask a question  that you don't already  know the answer to.

Ignatieff is no Ronald Reagan, but leaving that aside, his question needs context.

The fiscal framework is another story. Harper came to office in a time of plenty, of the fiscal dividend inherited from sound Liberal stewardship of the economy. So solid were the country's books that the Conservatives were able to pay down the federal debt, reduce taxes, increase spending by twice the growth rate of the economy, and run three consecutive surpluses.
And then came the Great Recession of 2008-09, the direct consequence of the financial crisis. How we've come through it is a Canadian success story, especially when compared with the U.S. and our other G7 partners. The current deficit for the year ending March 31 is $44 billion (not $56 billion as Ignatieff puts it; that was last year's number). That's three per cent of GDP, on its way to balance by 2015, while our federal debt is only 31 per cent of GDP, lowest in the G7. By contrast, the U.S. deficit of $1.4 trillion is 10 per cent of GDP and the U.S. federal debt will exceed 100 per cent of GDP by next year.
When Stephen Harper came into government five years ago, inflation stood at 2.2 per cent, compared with 1.7 per cent today. Unemployment was 6.6 per cent in January 2006 and is 7.6 per cent today. Home mortgage rates were about six per cent then and are 5.6 per cent now. The economy was growing at 3.9 per cent then, and grew at three per cent in 2010. The employment rate in Canada was 62.7 per cent then and was 61.7 per cent in 2010. Interestingly, the U. S employment rate was also 62.7 per cent in 2005, but fell to 58.5 per cent in 2010. (These figures are provided by economist Jeremy Leonard of the Institute for Research on Public Policy.)- Montreal Gazette
There’s a saying that’s perfect for Michael Ignatieff’s Liberal Party. Stupidity is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results.-Michael Ignatieff’s Neverending Tour
Did Caretaker at Stornoway and his team skip the basic research of potential answers from the court of public opinion? Will Ignatieff spend the rest of 2011 defending his question to the news media? Will they lash out at the Provincial Liberals in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec?

 This is the message Liberals can't deliver.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Canada Outperforms G7

By most conventional measures (real gross domestic product, employment or hours worked) the 2008-2009 recession in Canada was less severe than those in 1981-1982 and 1990-1992.
However, this outcome does not capture the significant impacts stemming from the global financial crisis. Indeed, both output and employment in the early stages of the downturn contracted at the fastest rate of any post-war recession.
Mostly, this reflected the unprecedented decline in global trade flows and the resulting quick and severe drop in corporate incomes and spending.
The economy began to stabilize in mid-2009 in response to policy measures in Canada and abroad.
As a result, the decline in output in Canada, although significant, was less pronounced than in other major industrialized countries, and the subsequent recovery quicker and more complete, with Canada the only G7 nation where real output, private domestic demand, and employment have returned to pre-recession levels.- Comparing the 2008-2010 recession and recovery with previous cycles

The Liberals are already trying to back peddle from their leaders threat in December to vote against the budget. It appears Ignatieff can't help himself by revising his threat to now read the actual budget. Will some Liberal MPs defect before the budget vote and join the NDP or Bloc?
The surplus with the United States -- by far Canada's biggest trading partner -- rose to C$3.0 billion in November from C$1.71 billion in October.

 Exports to the United States edged up as the U.S. economy showed signs of recovery, though exporters remain pressured by the strong Canadian dollar.

 The United States took about 70 percent of Canada's exports. Around 75 percent of Canada's exports were going south  of the border every month as recently as a few months ago.

 Exports to countries other than the United States rose 1.1 percent for a fifth consecutive month of gains.

 Overall, analysts said that the improvement in the deficit should add to economic growth in the fourth quarter.

 "The steady tightening in the trade deficit for both October and November suggests that there is some decent upside that can be attached to the forth quarter gross domestic product," wrote Hall.

 Hall added if the areas that weighed on exports correct in December, "there is a compelling growth story for the final quarter of 2010." -Reuters
  1. The latest round of corporate tax cuts came into effect January 1, 2011 and the Liberals voted in favour of them with Economic Action Plan in 2009.
  2. The Liberals may think overcrowding and neglect in our Prisons is humane.
  3. The Liberals may not support our military having the best equipment.

I look forward to the Liberals defending their priorities, telling us Canada has lost on the international stage because we refused to pander to dictators at the UN. Liberals don't get how Canada has changed is standing taller.

I can only hope the NDP and Bloc show up in support of the coalition leader to vote no confidence.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bob Rae UEA Fallout

I agree with Bob it is not unpatriotic to criticize the Federal Government policy. History has examples from all parties taking cheap shots on trips abroad. The National Post editorial should have explained why the political stunt  by the Liberals was a failure in more detail.

The editorial criticized Mr. Rae for disparaging Canada’s government after meeting with leaders of the  United Arab Emirates, with whom Ottawa is embroiled in a nasty spat. The editorial didn’t criticize Mr. Rae for his views on the situation. It criticized him for airing them while in another country. There is a convention that elected representatives refrain from overt attacks on their own government while on business overseas. It may be a silly convention — especially when technology means no one ever really leaves home any more — but it’s there. The editorial pointed out that the Liberals have made a habit of ignoring it — first leader Michael Ignatieff  questioned Canada’s human rights record while on a visit to China (well-known bastion of respect for human rights), and now Mr. Rae in the UAE.- Kelly McParland
I am not on privy to the negotiations between the two parties or  interested in giving the Federal Government a pass. I prefer to look at the context of a bigger picture, track record on this government expanding trade since coming to office. Clearly this government has signed more deals and has many more in the works than any other previous government in my history. Does this mean they are unable to mess one up from time to time? No, but based on the over reaction from the UAE, I am leaning to give our Government the benefit of the doubt.
  • This is not a potash deal with a loss of billions in tax revenue. No Net benefit test required.
  • No rallying cry in Canada from any Premier, stakeholders in Canada for more flights.
  • Aviation Management Lobby Groups opposed to expanding the UAE proposal.
  • Unionized labour in the aviation industry are not clamoring on behalf of the UAE.

The media in Ottawa and the Liberals seem very concerned about this trade dispute. How important is this in comparison to the ongoing negotiation with the European Union?  It appears the media and Liberals are deeply affected by the loss of a potential two billion in trade with the UAE. Could this be another example of Liberals  playing small politics like they did with maternal health?

These are the same Liberals that voted against having tankers deliver oil to the Pacific emerging economies via a pipeline in Northern BC? How much in economic development and trade is that worth to Canada? (More than two billion)

An examination of the known facts demonstrates the Federal Government is listening to several stakeholders in Canada and weighing them against the potential loss of trade. The UAE has retaliated with conflating our global fight on terror by closing our Camp Mirage to our military. The UAE has also imposed new visa restrictions making it more costly to visit and do business.

Could it be a problem the UAE leadership does not understand the stakeholders in Canada may have more influence with the Federal government? This minority government may not be interested in fighting with the aviation industry, unions over the loss of jobs that are likely to follow.
I am well aware that some critics argue that the Canadian government has been heavy handed in dealing with the U.A.E., as though we weren’t properly versed in the delicate ways one must handle trumped up royals. Colin Kenny is former chair of the Senate committee on national security and defence.
A Liberal Senator Colin Kenny is clear in his condemning the UAE tactics in escalating the trade dispute over landing rights. The National Post may be projecting their disappointment in Bob Rae for not following the likes of Liberal Senator Colin Kenny. Colin Kenney is a senior Liberal that also agrees with the purchase of the F35.

At the time of closing our Camp Mirage the Liberals did not condemn the UAE for conflating the  trade dispute but decided it was better to attack the Federal Government. They still do. The Liberals think the extra burden on the taxpayers and our military from the decision by the UAE is measured regarding landing rights. Perhaps the National Post is correct Bob should be more balanced in his criticism of the Federal Government and not be a champion for a foreign country to secure extra flights or landing rights at the expense of our military and taxpayers.

I look forward to the voters casting their ballot on  the Liberals obsession on Omar Khadr, Afghan detainees, subsidized abortions in Africa, illegal economic migrants and improved UAE landing rights priorities for the voting taxpayers. I will trust the judgment of the voters to punish accordingly.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin Responds Blood Libel

Many of us have not rushed to conclusion about the tragedy in Arizona. The left have failed and tried to take advantage of this tragedy. Here is Sarah Palin response.

Sarah Palin: "America's Enduring Strength" from Sarah Palin on Vimeo.

American Democrats and pundits from the left are trying to change the first and second Amendment and lay blame. They are wrong. Our hearts go out the victims and their families.

Americans are our closest allies and biggest trading partner, it is not the time to attack their culture because of the tragedy in Arizona.

The left in Canada should spare their smug anti-Americanism views out of sympathy for the victims.

President Obama: Insults British

I have been told by many pundits President Obama is an intelligent person.  This statement "refudiates" the expert opinion that the American President understands diplomacy or international relations. His outreach reminds me of success of Jimmy Carter Presidency in Foreign relations. Thankfully Americans will have an opportunity to correct their mistake in twenty two months.

Mr Obama said: 'We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy, and the French people.'
Is Obama trying to pick a fight with PM David Cameron? Does the American President believe his statement will help or weaken the coalition government enacting their austerity cuts? Are cut backs in military spending, policy differences fair game for the Americans?

I don't see the benefit of insulting Great Britain, it citizens about the perception of their 'special relationship'.  I expect many won't share Obama's view and over the next few days we will have historians, retired generals correct the record from both countries.
On a lighter note: Does this mean we can find French's Mustard in the grocery store and Freedom Fries will become French Fries again?

Liberalism is an ugly sight today.

The moderates, centrists, independents are waking up the bile that is emanating from left. We are witnessing another humiliation heaped on the left. The internet has broken their monopoly. Their crowds are melting away and their is nothing they can do about it. They are bankrupt. 

Now we have explainers. They came into vogue with the murder of President Kennedy. They explained why the "real" culprit was not a self-described Marxist who had moved to Moscow, then returned to support Castro. No, the culprit was a "climate of hate" in conservative Dallas, the "paranoid style" of American (conservative) politics or some other national sickness resulting from insufficient liberalism.
Last year, New York Times columnist Charles Blow explained that "the optics must be irritating" to conservatives: Barack Obama is black, Nancy Pelosi is female, Rep. Barney Frank is gay, Rep. Anthony Weiner (an unimportant Democrat, listed to serve Blow's purposes) is Jewish. "It's enough," Blow said, "to make a good old boy go crazy." The Times, which after the Tucson shooting said that "many on the right" are guilty of "demonizing" people and of exploiting "arguments of division," apparently was comfortable with Blow's insinuation that conservatives are misogynistic, homophobic, racist anti-Semites.
On Sunday, the Times explained Tucson: "It is facile and mistaken to attribute this particular madman's act directly to Republicans or Tea Party members. But . . ." The "directly" is priceless.
Three days before Tucson, Howard Dean explained that the Tea Party movement is "the last gasp of the generation that has trouble with diversity." Rising to the challenge of lowering his reputation and the tone of public discourse, Dean smeared Tea Partyers as racists: They oppose Obama's agenda, Obama is African American, ergo . . .
Let us hope that Dean is the last gasp of the generation of liberals whose default position in any argument is to indict opponents as racists. This McCarthyism of the left - devoid of intellectual content, unsupported by data - is a mental tic, not an idea but a tactic for avoiding engagement with ideas. It expresses limitless contempt for the American people, who have reciprocated by reducing liberalism to its current characteristics of electoral weakness and bad sociology.- The Washington Post
The left cannot destroy Sarah Palin. She’s only getting stronger and this fact both terrifies and humiliates them. Their power is diminishing and what we saw over the weekend was bottled frustration over that flagging influence unleashed in a perfect storm of self-defeating fury. Hoping against hope that a vicious assassin would do the left “a solid” and step into the narrative they created even before the blood of a nine year-old girl had dried, just like Dan Rather and those documents, the Left  went all-in with a partisan Hail Mary and came out permanently damaged… For these last three days will rightly haunt the mainstream media for decades to come. -Big Journalism

The shrieking Left lack a moral compass and are clueless where to look to find one.

The majority have not rushed to judgment, we don't have the facts. Many of us understand this is a time for mourning and respect for the families and the victims from this tragic event. The morally bankrupt left bloggers, pundits have demonstrated their moral compass is not in tune with the majority.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scott Brison: We can do it better!

Mr. Brison trying to maintain the cuts are bad, even though almost no voters have noticed them, and in the face of Tory MPs’ ability remind Canadians that the Liberals were just as fervently in favour of chopping corporate rates when they were in power. As if that wasn’t hard enough, he tried the all-but-impossible on Friday, arguing that the economy is in worse shape than it appears, while insisting the Liberals should get credit for the fact it’s in better shape than most. -National Post

Did the Liberal collective consume a giant Slurpee?
Every wonder if Scott got the short straw and was selected critic for the economy? The Government has had too much fun with being able to repeat his earlier statements about taxation and wasteful spending of the Liberals in Question period in 2010. It is a shame the Liberals are not expected to offer any adult conversation in the near future. 
Finance Minister Dwight Duncan said Friday the province has now seen two months of job growth.
"It closes out 2010 as a good year," Duncan said. "We've now recovered, I think, 96% of the jobs lost in the downturn."
Overall, Ontario was up 23,000 jobs in December, Stats Canada's Labour Force Survey shows.
"Hopefully, this is a harbinger of more to come," Duncan said.
According to the Ontario Ministry of Finance, the final month of the year saw 52,900 net new jobs in the private sector across the country, and about 6,400 net new jobs in the public sector, plus a sharp decline in the self-employed.
The minister said his government's tax package has provided a job-creating boost, although the U.S. economy does continue to pose a concern for Ontario's future.-Ontario regains almost all lost jobs

When you have the Liberal Minister of Finance for Ontario bragging about the economy and recovery how safe are those "federal" Liberal seats from the Conservatives?  The Ontario Liberals are following the example of the Federal Government in reducing their corporate taxes in specific cases to boost growth.

Federal Liberals are convinced they can do it better: They just won't share why or how. Trust us we know how to balance and cut. (No thanks)
“I would caution the government from taking advice from a party that oversaw about a dozen Canadian airline bankruptcies during its tenure in office from 1993 to 2006,” Mr. Dee told The Globe. “Rather than campaigning for votes in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Mr. Rae should be speaking up for the hundreds of thousands of Canadians whose livelihoods depend directly or indirectly on a strong and vibrant Air Canada and Canadian airline industry.” - Air Canada’s chief operating officer Duncan Dee

Pro-Israel Blogg Off 2011

Canada stands with Israel "fence sitting days are over"
I am very excited to announce the commencement of the Pro-Israel Blog-Off for 2011, my new initiative designed to showcase the blogosphere’s best pro-Israel material in a fun and exciting manner.
Bloggers are invited to submit one ”pro-Israel” entry, whether it be a blog post, podcast, or video no older than 1 month. Then each week, I will pit submissions against each other. The winner, decided by a combination of reader votes and panel-determined score, moves to the next round, where they will submit a new entry to compete against another first round winner. The process continues until we get to two finalists competing for an Apple iPad.- Aussie Dave
Our Federal Government has taken sides and lines up with the only democracy in the Middle East. Here are a few posts on being clear in defending Israel. Our Government is pro-Israel and many bloggers on the centre and right are already pro-Israel. The bloggers in favour of the divestment strategy targeting Israel won't be qualifying anytime soon. They are busy carrying the torch of useful idiot.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Liberals Channel Holy Grails: Black Knight

Liberal strategist believes no crack in our armour
"There are no cracks in our armour," said Jeff Kehoe, a supporter of Mr. Ignatieff's 2006 leadership campaign who is one of the three campaign co-chairs for Ontario. "To me, I don't see any divisions, it's a very cohesive team." 

Anyone in the Liberal party see the balance sheet? A political map of the remaining Liberals seats? They are 1/7 in by elections since Ignatieff took over the reigns of the party on December 10, 2008.
  • Two Senators who have shot down Ignatieff talking points against delaying the F 35 purchase.
  • Liberal Senator against UAE decision to attack Canada over the landing rights, visa imposition.
  • Former Liberals like Manley speaking in favour of Government policy on Afghanistan/reduction in Corp. tax.
  • Liberal friendly pundits asking anonymous Liberals to stop leaking damaging information.
  • "It closes out 2010 as a good year," Duncan said. "We've now recovered, I think, 96% of the jobs lost in the downturn."
Why are the Liberals channeling Monty Pythons Holy Grail Dark Knight's reality?