Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coalition Terms: Quebec Arena?

What does Ignatieff have to do to secure the NDP and Bloc support for the Coalition in 2011?

Ignatieff has already given into the NDP demands to roll back corporate taxes. Dion had the NDP cave in.
NDP Leader Jack Layton agreed with Ignatieff, noting tax dollars shouldn't go towards funding pro-sports teams, but said money could flow if it served the needs of a broader community.

It would be easy to add up all the demands of the NDP and Bloc threatening an election are the Liberals going to transfer $ 2.2 billion for HST for the support of the coalition?

Will the Liberals provide the NDP with their heating fuel rebate or are cabinet seats back on the table?

What else will the Liberals offer the Bloc and NDP if  they don't win the next election?

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