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PM Stephen Harper: Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday from my family to yours. Raise A Little Hell!
PMO Photo by Jason Ransom - Notice Mike Holmes (Holmes on Homes ) in the background!

Destroyer had the pleasure of being invited back to Calgary, Alberta this year to play at the WorldSkills 2009 opening ceremonies. As you can see from the picture above, we had the pleasure of meeting our leader Prime Minister Stephen Harper. It was to say the least, quite the moment for all of us. We would like to extend our thanks to The Prime Minister and his photogapaher PMO Jason Ransom for taking these pictures and allowing us to post them for all of our fans to see. Our Prime Minister ROCKS!!!
Tribute Kiss Band here.

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Cultural Wars: Teabaggers Canadian Style

Cultural Warrior Princess Susan Riley, latest "hit" piece masquerading as News. In my opinion is should be moved to the opinion section  possibly comics.

Susan roughly 250 people showed up to exercise their democratic opinion at Queens Park, are these our Republican "tea baggers"?-Wind Concerns Ontario

Let's start with the first article:

The larger question is how post-Harper Conservatives will deal with climate change and the environment -- should they get the chance. Will they embrace the prescient, Earth-friendly approach of Mulroney, Charest and Arnold Schwarzenegger, or will they make common cause with climate-deniers, oil patch foot-draggers and Sarah Palin Republicans? -Ottawa Citizen Feb 28, 2010

Not sure if Susan has read any news on economic health from California, Quebec lately. Who is going to pay for those socialist programs and policies, the taxpayer. (Susan try googling  "California Debt", "Quebec Debt", please sit down before hitting return)

Perhaps Susan Riley warrior princess missed a few headlines lately from non-Canadian news sources?

The anxieties about “sovereign debt” have been most acute in Europe, where the infelicitously named PIIGS countries—Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain—have huge debt burdens, and where Greece in particular is in dire need of assistance. (It owes four hundred billion dollars, against an annual G.D.P. of around three hundred and forty billion and shrinking.) And now people are wondering if American state governments are headed for their own Greek tragedy. - New Yorker April 12, 2010

An analysis by the Quebec Ministry of Finance suggests the province has one of the most heavily indebted economies in the industrialized world.
The 44-page document calculates the province's total debt as 94 per cent of GDP, employing methods used by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
The government report, available on the ministry's website, compares the total provincial public debt with that of other Canadian provinces and to major industrialized nations.
Quebec ranks only below Japan, Italy, Greece and Iceland in terms of public debt as a percentage of GDP. The report calculates public debt across Canada as 69.7 per cent of the country's GDP.
The report puts Quebec's total public debt at $285.6 billion.- The March 01, 2010

When cutting carbon emissions is the name of the game, a casual scan around the world might indicate that since Copenhagen, even the most ardent party animals are having a bad dose of cold feet.-BBC April 27, 2010

The United States on Thursday finalized its first greenhouse gas emissions rules on automobiles and significantly boosted fuel efficiency standards for the first time since the 1970s, moves Canada jointly imposed on its industry. - Reuters April 20, 2010

Second Article
Of course there is a culture war raging in federal politics. It's been going on since Preston Manning blew into Ottawa many years ago.
The battle lines are clear. Elitist, cosmopolitan (code for gay, or gay-friendly), urban CBC-lovers -- including "left-wing fringe groups", anti-Israel aid agencies and pro-gay judges -- on one side. Frugal small town and suburban Canadians who work hard, pay their taxes, and play by the rules on the other. Ottawa Citizen April 30, 2010

Does Princess Warrior Susan Riley read the news, get her research directly from political parties, special interest group websites that have a financial interest in adopting a Cap & Trade policy?

What is Canada's contribution to the Global carbon emmisions? Should Canada unilaterally adopt a tax regime to become less competitive with our trading partners?

Susan, where are the charts figures comparison to effects of buying windmills in Norway, Germany, carbon taxes?

Should Canada also adopt a Global Bank Tax for the failures in the oversight regulation in the US, UK, Iceland and Greece?

Is Canada allowed to make its own decision in her best interests?

Are only Elitist, cosmopolitan (code for gay, or gay-friendly), urban CBC-lovers -- including "left-wing fringe groups", anti-Israel aid agencies and pro-gay judges capable of making informed decisions?

Homeowners are asking questions about the how much will this increase my property taxes, energy for the green agenda and does it make sense.  Why are provincial governments moving ahead negotiating secret deals increasing our hydro rates for twenty years? (Susan did you notice all three provincial governments pushing increased taxes have Liberal majorities?)

How does Susan Riley frame opponents to taxes and energy rates increases? Are homeowners concerned about double digit increase in the cost of living "tea baggers", climate denier, oil patch owners,  American Republicans?

How did Prime Minister Brown refer to the labour supporter for voicing her concerns about jobs, immigration a few days ago?

You will NOT dismiss or marginalize us. We are not not bigots, knuckle draggers, religious extremists.

Present the charts, facts figures of the Carbon Emmisions Exchange, windmills benefits cost analysis in the European countries that adopted the green jobs myth to the homeowners.

Let's see the evidence based facts why we should follow the Europeans.

Instead of using evidence based facts what does Susan Riley choose? Does she follow the Jean Chretien, Peter Donolo's strategy of dividing us of the 1990's?

Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not John Turner, Canadians will not buy anti american rhetoric in 2010. Time is up and the price will be paid in the ballot box for the political parties that rekindle this cultural war.

Inconvenient Facts: We have a large deficit we need to get under control. We need to reduce wasteful spending. Homeowners don't have the capacity to add thirty per cent increase to their cost of living. We are dependent on the recovery of the Global economy.

How much are the programs from the municpal, provincial, federal politicans going to cost us taxpayers and who will benefit?

How much more are European paying for their use of fossil fuel? How much have taxes gone up, including national deficits in order to pay for the Green Carbon myth?

Canada accounts for 2% of the Global Carbon Emmision. The Democrats under Clinton/Gore never signed Kyoto. The Liberals never made an effort to address Carbon Emmissions. Green Agenda Activists have bet big on pushing end of the world scenarios unless we curb economic activity. How does creating a carbon exchange clean up the pollution next door, it doesn't.

Do the politicians, snake oil salesmen benefit financially from taxes going into buying Carbon credits?

Europeans are dealing with their deficits reducing their Green Jobs programs, they cut special deals for their protected industries. We have a small population spread throughout the second largest country in the world.

We are a Global Energy Superpower whose GDP and economic strength rely on resource extraction.
  • Oil (Oilsands, offshore)
  • Forestry
  • Mining, (Potash, Nickel, Diamonds etc)
  • Hydro
The second article is more disturbing with less evidence based facts in support. Let's see the evidence based facts on why millions should be diverted for your idealogical agenda.
Maternal health
  • Safe clean drinking water, food security
  • Sustainable energy industry
  • Anti-Malaria Programs
  • Shelter, infrastructure

To the average Canadian, the obvious objective of maternal health programs would be to make motherhood and childbearing safer. Not so for many UN agencies, donor countries and powerful NGOs working at the United Nations. Their approach is to make motherhood safer by making it rarer. At the expense of the world's pregnant women, maternal health has become the latest vehicle for an old idea -- population control as a path to development. -Ottawa Citizen April 29, 2010

These priorities are not idealogical, non divisive, will save millions of lives. Many in the G8 are not delivering on their promised level of funding.  Let's get the G8 to address those priorities.

Our princess warrior Susan Riley should not be looking to California, Quebec as models of good government. Please provide evidence based facts why we should follow your idealogical agenda.

MoneySense: Best Cities

MoneySense evaluated 179 Canadian cities and towns with populations over 50,000 using different criteria than tourists might choose. Whereas visitors might seek out the most beautiful towns, this ranking looked at a city's "livability", such as its cultural offerings, its schools and its year-round weather, explained MoneySense editor Duncan Hood. Story is here MoneySense portal here.

This year, the Top 10 broke down like this:

  1. Ottawa-Gatineau
  2. Kingston, Ont.
  3. Burlington, Ont.
  4. Fredericton, N.B.
  5. Moncton, N.B.
  6. Repentigny, Que.
  7. Brandon, Man.
  8. Victoria, B.C.
  9. Winnipeg, Man.
  10. Levis, Que.
I always find it funny how surveys can be manipulated by giving select criteria more significance. I live in Oakville next to Burlington so this is not "envy".

I am interested based on my web traffic if they their city should be in the Top Ten or the criteria is not consistent with priorities that make sense. Will run a Poll on this.

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New Political Party: Pirate Party of Canada

Canada's chief electoral officer, Marc Mayrand, granted the Pirates eligible party status on April 12.
Links here. Interim leader of the Party is Jake Daynes. His LinkedIn is here.

The Coalition parties have been busy trying to raise taxes on copying devices.
MPs from the Liberals, Bloc, and NDP today all supported a motion at the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage to extend the private copying levy to devices such as iPods. The motion, proposed by Bloc MP Carole Lavallée, provided:

 That the Committee recommends that the government amend Part VIII of the Copyright Act so that the definition of “audio recording medium” extends to devices with internal memory, so that the levy on copying music will apply to digital music recorders as well, thereby entitling music creators to some compensation for the copies made of their work. Michael Geist

Canadian Coalition For Electronic Rights


James Moore website here.
Elizabeth May, Green Party already feeling the heat?

Earlier, in an interview with Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, there were comments that there isn’t a need for a Pirate Party because there’s the Green Party who has similar stances on issues with copyright and patents. While it seems to be looking like the two parties might have their differences, we also noted that the Pirate Party of Sweden has already chosen to sit with the Green Party in the European election.

 The Pirate Party is well aware of the video interview and we asked for their thoughts on the subject.
“The fact that the Green Party has already noticed us and is talking about copyright law is a huge early success for the Pirate Party.” Dusty Phillips, member of the Pirate Party of Canada responded. He then said, “Even if the Green Party had the same stance as us on privacy, digital rights, copyright, and patent law [...], they were not talking about these issues in the last election; no party was.”- Zeropaid

This is good news more interest and debate to raise the alarm bells of the tax levies from the parties in the coalition.

Jean Chretien 1993 Speech Much Music

Just found a video. Some interesting points.

  • Replace GST (But no actual plan)
  • Regan/Thatcher economics bad
  • One  million unemployed, Jobs Plan 70k
  • Ban Handguns

Angus Reid Public Opinion Poll: It's The Economy Stupid

How much do you trust each of the following people to do the right thing to help the economy? The clear winner on the economy is the PM. Only 2% polled completely trust the leader of the Liberal Party to do the right thing. (Ouch) The Poll is here. A graph is below on that question.

Canadian confidence in the economy, personal finance have steadily increased. The opposition have been avoiding questions on the economy for months. The government is resorting to have their own members ask the economic questions to the Minister of Finance. If you tuned into Question Period you would think Canada is in serious financial difficulty and Sudbury, Ontario is the capital of Canada.

The opposition are busy perfecting their talking points: "culture of deciet" and "extremist religious idealogy". Although they lost G.W. B. they like to mention him frequently.

Angus bias or conflicts (did not find any through Google) Best to do your research as well. More information here.

The winner, by far and away, is Angus Reid Strategies. Congratulations to Hamish Marshall and the Angus Reid Strategies research team for clearly having the most accurate poll predicting the election result.Angus Reid was the most accurate. (BC Election 2009)

Angus was also the most accurate on the last Federal Elections October14, 2008.

Related Posts on Angus

Why do Politicians in Ottawa prefer to play games with the electorate?

Strategic Counsel Finished 7th in Polling General Election 2008

Liberal Party of Canada: Xenophobia Cultural Warriors Since 1988

Cultural Warrior, what party portrayed Brian Mulroney as less patriotic, and fanned the flames of fear accepting a Free Trade Association with our American neighbour would reduce us to a colony?
Hint: Same party, same strategy invoked against Reform, Canadian Alliance and now CPC.
The Liberal leader, John Turner, based his national election campaign on fear and hatred of the Americans -- and came fairly close to winning. But when the election was over and Brian Mulroney's Tories had signed the agreement, the Liberals began a long, furtive creep toward the Conservative position. By the time they were returned to power in 1993, with John Turner forgotten and Jean Chrétien the Prime Minister, the Liberals had adopted, without debate, the very policy they had denounced as treason. Having torn the country apart emotionally, turning husbands against wives and parents against children, they simply abandoned the subject. They probably think of it today as a minor incident, another political gimmick that didn't quite work, but surely it left a residue of anti-U.S. distrust. -Robert Fullford

Patrick Muttart used to be the director of strategic communications in the Prime Minister’s office and was the strategist behind Prime Minister Harper’s successful 2006 election, the result of which saw the Conservatives replacing the Liberals in government. Muttart crafted the strategy behind finding accessible voters and “activating” them for the Conservatives with specific policy planks.
Muttart was on the Roy Green show yesterday where he continued the Conservative narrative against the CBC’s affiliation with pollster Frank Graves. Graves came under fire when a column from the Globe’s Lawrence Martin quoted Graves recalling his strategic advice that he gave the Liberals. His advice, to start a “culture war”, wedging against Albertans and Conservatives, depicting them as xenophobic racist homophobes who would vote for Sarah Palin. - Stephen Taylor
I have said every party plays wedge politics for a very long time. Many of us disagree with the current advice and the decision of our public broadcaster to fund a pollster that has made these comments again.
 h/t Liberals Started This “Culture War” A Long Time Ago
Previous related  posts on Cultural Wars recommended reading.
Cultural Class War Continues: Policy Debate?
Ignatieff's Hidden Agenda
Digging his own Grave(s)
The Liberals Locked Into the Graves Strategy
Let them eat broccoli!
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Bourque Newswatch: Ekos Research Fallout Continues

The decision to suspend advertising polling results from Ekos Research is a bold move by Bourque Newswatch. The Montreal Gazette has also come out swinging  against the hypocrisy of the CBC.
A public debate is needed. Private and Public broadcasters are different, Canadians deserve to have all political idealogies presented in a fair and unbiased manner. Are media outlets beyond investigation on ensuring bias?  Should our tax funded broadcaster recieve funds for promoting one idealogical political viewpoint unfairly?
If The Hour is a tax funded current affairs program with an idealogical left of centre bias? Is this the mandate of the public broadcaster responsible to have an hour for the Right of Centre?
How many hours of on Global Warming with left of centre political vs skeptics? Anyone see Tim Ball interviewed by the CBC? How much time CBC spend any time in examining Climategate or leaked emails for potential conflicts?
How much time on Helena Guergis, how much did it cost for the flight and production of the interview of the private detective?
How much money was spent in pleading for the "single" mother trapped, airport arrival? Is she married, does she have a sister six inches taller? She has a lawsuit for $ 2.5 million, what is the status?

Immigration Watch has a different set of facts that never been aired to correct the record of a 'racist' government alleged for weeks on the CBC compliments of the MP's in opposition.

Censorship at the CBC?
It's not even the fault of the liberal gatekeepers who so fear and despise contrary opinion. It's the fault of a culture that we have allowed, by our indifference and our tax dollars, to smother what could have been a balanced public broadcaster. - Michael Coren

Conservative MP Bev Shipley raised concerns in parliament about Ekos Research Frank Graves. Conservative Party President has requested an investigation into potential conflicts and institutional bias. Dean Del Mastro, the Tory MP from Peterborough and parliamentary secretary to the Heritage Minister, put forward a motion to the Commons Heritage committee for a probe into the CBC and its relationship with EKOS pollster Frank Graves.
Ekos Research president Frank Graves, the pollster used regularly by the CBC, is also a close advisor to the Liberal Party of Canada. This appears to violate a CBC policy but we're a little more concerned, frankly, with the advice Graves is giving the Liberals. Montreal Gazette
How does Jane Taber frame the Government MP's requesting an investigation into conflicts or institutional bias from a Liberal Pollster?
None of this matters. The Tories are training their guns on the CBC and Mr. Graves appears to be their first victim.
Indeed, a political observer says Mr. Graves is being used as “cannon fodder on their attempt to extinguish the hated CBC. … So much for free speech.”
It appears to be a pattern with some in the media to invoke guns and bullying with the CPC. Does she hold the opposition MP's to the same standard on the Helena Guergis file?
Did Jane Taber refer to Justin Trudeau as a "cultural warrior" for his bullying of Shelly Glover?
Mr. Trudeau, a rookie Liberal Montreal MP, was full of vim and vigour yesterday during an appearance on CTV’s - Jane Taber defends Liberal MP's behaviour  as "exuberance".
Question Period
Don't count on any of the typical Canadian nicieties and politeness. If there's drama and conflict in Canada's political theatre, you can expect to see it played out every Sunday on Question Period. Question Period to bring you politicians, personalities and newsmakers from Canada and around the world -- a tradition of excellence and drama it established in its first ground-breaking.
Globe and Mail
Memo to Conservative penny-wranglers – quit picking on the CBC. It’s been bullied into submission already. Pastor Mansbridge is no threat to your agenda. Neither is Suhana Meharchand, obviously. And remember – just as part of CBC’s budget goes to pay Frank Graves for polling, part of it pays that uber-Conservative Kory Teneycke. John Doyle 
John Doyle @ The Teamakers
Is that a warning Kory Teneycke will lose his income if the CPC want to investigate bias?
Apparently Jane Taber is concerned an investigation into examining media bias of the CBC. She needs to frame a request for an investigation by Conservative MP's at the Heritage Committee.
Jane adopts several of the Liberal Party talking points quite early in her hit piece and reminds her readers of the main Tory, his relationships responsible for stirring this up.
Ironically, the main Tory behind the anti-CBC campaign is Doug Finley, who himself is in the taxpayer-trough given he receives a Senate salary and all the perks that go with it and his wife, Diane Finley, is a senior cabinet minister.
Mr. Graves set off the Tories with his recent assertions that the Liberals should launch a “culture war” in order to emphasize the differences between the two main parties.
"Tories" are perhaps a little too sensitive for being called a "haven for bigots" by a pollster  funded by the national broadcaster CBC on a weekly basis?
Where does Jane Taber want the Tories to raise their "anti-CBC campaign" if not the Heritage Committee in looking for conflicts or institutional bias?
Jane, the CBC did not inform Canadians of the relationship or potential bias of Frank Graves and the Liberal Party. Next time might it might be faster to just copy and paste the complete letter from the Liberal Party War room without your editorial.
 h/t Chasing Apple Pie Give Frank Grave the Boot.
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Two Weeks Notice: Speaker Does Not Get Cliffhanger

What the heck, @#$%#@%#$%^!

Political junkies, pundits have spent months salivating for this ruling and Peter Miliken does not deliver! Instead he sends the adults children to not force his hand...

Two weeks notice?

Peter this soap opera in Ottawa is just not delivering enough sizzle. Please review,  the 'season finale' of Dallas Who Shot J.R.? That was a great cliffhanger. Even the opening theme music was cool!

Readers Digest Trust: PM Stephen Harper Top Ten

The only politician that ranks in top ten? The intolerant left have their talking points at least.

Liberals try out new mantra, with mixed results
As reported in the Globe & Mail today, a new phrase began to appear in questions from Liberal MPs in yesterday's Question Period: "culture of deceit". Repeatedly, and on various issues, the Liberals accused the Conservatives of fostering a "culture of deceit". This, apparently, was something of a soft opening for a new Liberal strategy which borrows from the Conservative toolbox.

Canadian federal politics have turned into Groundhog Day - with Michael Ignatieff playing the role of Bill Murray. Prorogation, Afghan detainees, abortion funding, the Suaad Hagi Mohamud affair, H1N1 and native body bags, Jaffer-Guergis: Every month or two, there is some new overhyped Tory quasi-scandal that, my Liberal-shill Facebook friends assure me, will destroy Stephen Harper's support and catapult their party into government. Yet the poll numbers refuse to budge much from the same 5-to-10 point Tory lead. Why isn't Michael Ignatieff - who's now been Liberal Party leader for a year and a half -- failed to make any headway whatsoever. -Jonathan Kay National Post

8. Stephen Harper
It was a difficult year for everyone, as the world entered into a resession. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has led Canadians through these trying times and continues to work diligently to build a strong and united Canada.


More bad news for the opposition parties.

Reader’s Digest - #1 Magazine By A Significant Margin

Reader’s Digest continues its reign as the number one magazine in the country, with 6.4 million readers; that is 2.4 million or 60% more readers than the nearest competitor. The magazine topped the PMB list once again this year as the most read magazine in Canada, a position it has held since the first national PMB study was conducted in 1973. Reader's Digest not only delivers the number one audience overall but also the number one audience relative to key audience segments like Women 18-34, Upper Income Adults ($100M+ Household Income) and Women 25-54 With Children. “We’re delighted by the growth we see in our audience numbers among younger segments like Adults 25-34 which is up 4% over the previous PMB release”, says Larry Thomas, Vice President & Publisher. “Business segments like Managers, Professionals and Owners are also up 6%, and major urban centers such as Toronto and Calgary are up 3% and 23% respectively”.

Harris Decima Poll: Orange Power

As a Conservative blogger I should include any potential for bias or conflict to be included when citing a Poll from Harris Decima. Allan Gregg, Chairman for Harris Decima has been actively involved in politics. Here is a link. The Poll without news editing is here. Allan Gregg on left, is a regular on CBC At Issue Panel.

The media will suggest this is responsible for the polling without getting into

Highlights: First is related, second was interesting.
  • Gregg has long been involved in Canadian politics, but decided to travel south of the border to work with master Republican Party pollster Richard Wirthlin and learned much from him. He then returned to Canada in the late 1970s. He first came to national attention as the national campaign secretary of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada successful effort in the 1979 federal election.
  • Gregg was an unusual-looking figure in Canadian politics, and especially in the Tory party. He adopted a unique style including gold earrings, bright red shoes, long hair, and a great deal of leather clothing. He founded a record label, The Song Corp., and was co-manager of the Tragically Hip. He also served a five year stint as president of the Toronto International Film Festival

Source: Canada News Desk HD 2009

This line graph demostrates the CPC were within or below 30% for six months in 2009 with M.O.E.

Were the Liberals above 30% for only three months in 2009 outside M.O.E according to Harris Decima?

In 2009, four by elections the CPC won 2 seats, a long held Bloc seat, former Bill Casey seat. The NDP held their B.C. seat and Bloc held their other seat. The Liberals were NOT a factor in all four contests.

In 2010 we have had six Polls conducted. In 2009 Harris Decima conducted polls on a monthly basis 12x. In 2008 they conducted over 40.

Has Harris Decima has been polling the CPC below 30% if you include the M.O.E. in 2010? Yes, if margin of error is 2%

How did Harris Decima fair in predicting the results in October 14, 2008?

Harris Decima finished 5th, ahead of Strategic Counsel 7th (Peter Donolo), behind Ekos Research (Frank Graves) 2nd.

Angus Reid came in first place in polling election popular support.

Harris Decima last poll before the election under polled the CPC by 3.7% over polled the Green by 4%.

As I have said on many occassions, a single poll means very little. Get out the vote, organization, campaigns make a difference.

Previous posts with notes on Harris Decima Polls.

Harris Decima Polling: April 5, 2010

Michael Ignatieff in Quebec : Support Vanishes

Coalition Part II: Path To Power

The Liberal Party of Canada: Disconnect From Canada

According to Harris/Decima Chairman Allan Gregg “This is the first time since the 2008 election that both the Conservatives and the Liberals - at the same time - are receiving less than 30 percent of the popular vote. Conversely, the NDP has not reached the 20 percent level since the fall of 2008 -- they are at an all-time high in BC; are virtually tied with the Liberals and Conservatives among female voters; and in fact lead the Conservatives among urban and suburban women. Whether the NDP is exploiting the fact that they are not the other guy or are actually generating some voter excitement, it is clear that they are benefiting from the misfortunes of the major parties"-Harris Decima

Let's hope the NDP  Jack does NOT break the tradition of Free Votes and his party scraps the LGR.
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Is the Media feeding the attacks on Ethics Commisioner?

Is the media providing a factual based narrative on the criticism of the Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson?

Ethics Commissioner: No Witchunt For You! (NDP LIB MP's Cry Foul!)

In the few articles I have reviewed I can only find  two Liberal MP's,  Pat Martin NDP criticism, a growing grumble on Parliament Hill – particularly from the opposition.

The Press has enlisted the support of a former Liberal appointee Howard Wilson, who served as the first and only federal ethics adviser from 1994 to 2004, say the Conservatives’ heavily promoted new ethics regime is to blame.

Does the press provide a reasonable background, eliminate a perception of potential bias that might make Howard Wilson's opinion less credible or the growing grumble is nothing unusual? No

As a Conservative blogger that has voted CPC for the last few election I will do my part in providing more historical detail to eliminate any potential for bias.

This CBC does an indepth article with context nice here.  Yes they can!


Role of the ethics commissioner
CBC News Online
June 10, 2005
In April 2004, Ottawa named Canada's first ethics commissioner, a role created to replace the ethics counsellor. The commissioner post, given to former McGill University principal Bernard Shapiro, has more power and is more independent from the government than the ethics counsellor.
Bernard Shapiro (CP file photo)
The ethics commissioner will enforce the code of conduct for cabinet ministers and establish a new code of conduct for backbench and opposition members. Unlike the ethics counsellor, who reported to the Prime Minister's Office, the commissioner will report directly to Parliament, but the prime minister will still decide what actions to take against MPs who are found to be in conflict of interest.
In June 2005, Shapiro came under criticism for his handling of the secret tapes Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal made of his conversations with prominent Liberals. Shapiro initially said he had no mandate to investigate the behaviour of Tim Murphy, the prime minister's chief of staff, who appears on the tapes. He later said he may have misinterpreted his own powers.
Appearing before the parliamentary ethics committee, he said, "I'm learning as I go along." NDP MP Ed Broadbent said Shapiro’s testimony made it clear he doesn't understand his mandate.
Broadbent has also called for Shapiro's resignation for his handling of the investigation of former Liberal cabinet minister Judy Sgro. Shapiro allowed Sgro and her staff to review details of his ongoing investigation, and he hired lawyers to review his decision.

History of the post
Howard Wilson
In 1994, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien named Howard Wilson as Canada's first ethics counsellor in response to campaign promises in the 1993 Liberal Red Book. The counsellor, who reported directly to the Prime Minister's Office, had responsibility to advise MPs on the following:

•The Conflict of Interest Code.
•The Parliamentary Code of Conduct.
•The Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment Code for Public Office Holders.
•The Lobbyists Registration Act.
•The Lobbyists' Code of Conduct.
In the Red Book, the Liberals promised the new ethics counsellor would strengthen the Lobbyist Registration Act and clarify the Conflict of Interest Code.
Since 1994, the ethics counsellor has investigated several high-profile cases, including:

•Conflict of interest allegations against Chrétien regarding his involvement in the Hotel Grand-Mère.
•Allegations against former public works minister Alfonso Gagliano for awarding contracts to advertising companies connected to his sons.
•Paul Martin's role in the Canada Development Corporation (CDC) during the tainted blood scandal.
•Wilson ruled former solicitor general Lawrence MacAuley breached conflict of interest rules by directing government projects and contracts to friends and family, leading to MacAuley's resignation.

The setup of the office of the ethics counsellor has come under fire from critics, who believe too much power is centralized in the Prime Minister's Office. During his time in office, Chrétien had argued that he, as prime minister, had to take final responsibility for his ministers.
Critics complain the ethics counsellor doesn't have any real authority – that he's not a real watchdog because the prime minister decides which cases the counsellor should investigate.

See link for REST of article.

Democracy Watch
Summary of the History of Democracy Watch's Eight Federal Ethics Complaints That Are Still Awaiting a Fair, Impartial Review

In December 2002, Democracy Watch applied to the Federal Court of Canada for a review of federal Ethics Counsellor Howard Wilson's bias and failure to uphold legal duties because of the delay in ruling on 8 complaints Democracy Watch had filed with the Ethics Counsellor.
In 7 of the 8 complaints, the complaint was based upon activities of a lobbyist which Democracy Watch believes violate Rule 8 of the Lobbyists' Code of Conduct which prevents lobbyists from undertaking any activity that constitutes improper influence and puts a federal public office holder in a conflict of interest situation. The eighth complaint, filed on April 12, 2001 and concerning John Dossetor, alleged that Dossetor violated the Lobbyists' Code of Conduct by failing to register as a lobbyist.

Link to rest of article here. Court Case here

Remember how the media had fun, provided extra ink on prorogue, how it was undemocratic, unusual

The Canadian Parliament sat for 92 days in 2000 according to Hansard. The Canadian Parliament averaged less than 120 sitting days per year throughout the 1990s.

It is important news be provided with equal points of view, disclosure, potential bias or conflicts by those interviewed or offered as sources experts.

Identifying and Documenting Bias in News Stories

Sometimes liberal bias reflects a conscious choice by the reporter or editor. Sometimes it stems from mere laziness; it can take a lot of work to produce balanced news stories on a consistent basis. And a reporter under deadline pressure may just not understand the conservative viewpoint well enough to explain it in his story. So if the conservative expert he called doesn't call back in time, that perspective won't make it into the story.
But none of these are valid excuses. A reporter's job is to present a balanced story. (Of course, the reporter who tries but fails because he's just so rushed and can't get a conservative to comment deserves more understanding from you than the reporter who never bothers to call a conservative and regularly writes or broadcasts biased stories.)

Here is the hansard from a special committee here.

  • Between April 1, 2008, and March 31, 2009, I reported findings on four investigations. One investigation that I began in this past fiscal year is still ongoing.
  • The reasons for a decision not to proceed are shared with the parties concerned, but I cannot make them public.
  • Ms. Denise Benoit:   As indicated earlier, salaries represent the largest item of our $7.1 million budget. In fact, the full salary budget amounts to $4.5 million. That leaves us with a non-salary budget of $1.8 million, an important portion of which is spent covering the cost of administrative services received under the various MOUs. When you add up the amounts under all the MOUs, the total comes out to between $700,000 and $800,000. Therefore, the amount that is left over and does not cover salaries is used to pay for normal operating expenses, for example, for equipment, systems and trips, although members of our organization travel very little.
  • Ms. Mary Dawson:
    Each of the investigations takes a different length of time. There's no standard amount of time. We did an average of the four that we did, and we found that the average was about five and a half months, I believe.
    As for the cost, we support our investigations almost entirely internally. We don't resort to outside lawyers, so it's quite a bit less expensive than if we were getting outside lawyers. The model we've developed for an average, because we knew we'd be asked this question, said that it was about $24,000 for the average investigation, I think, but there are enormous differences between each investigation. 
Rest here.
I hope visitors will make up their own mind, about the challenges of this position without the use of selective sources and ommission of their potential conflicts of interest.


h/t BC Blue here

Monday, April 26, 2010

Conservative Movies Hollywood

As per challenge I won't re-invent the wheel.

Here are the list(s) I found.

1. National Review The Best Conservative Movies

Once in a blue moon, Hollywood releases a conservative movie, or at least a film that resonates with conservatives in a particular way. Because conservatives love movies — and especially debates about movies — we decided to produce a list of the 25 best conservative movies of the last 25 years. Our approach in selecting them doesn’t rise to the level of an actual methodology, but there was a method to it. We asked readers of National Review Online to submit nominations. Hundreds of suggestions came in, along with explanations and arguments. We considered each one, tallied them up, and consulted a number of film buffs and professional movie-makers.

We do not claim that the writers, directors, producers, gaffers, and key grips involved with these films are conservative. We certainly make no such assertion about the actors. Yet the results are indisputable: Conservatives enjoy these films because they are great movies that offer compelling messages about freedom, families, patriotism, traditions, and more.


The Top 10 Conservative Movies of the Last Decade

Nile Gardiner is a Washington-based foreign affairs analyst and political commentator. He appears frequently on American and British television and radio, including Fox News Channel, CNN, BBC, Sky News, and NPR.- Niles Gardner

American Film Renaissance Institute

The American Film Renaissance celebrates timeless American values by producing, showcasing and distributing films that promote freedom (including free speech, free enterprise and freedom of worship), rugged individualism and the triumph of the human spirit; and through supporting, nurturing and training filmmakers who share AFR’s mission.


As I said earlier I don't see conservatives as a single group sharing the a limited range "x" values in every category. Some in the left of centre like to refer their idealogy as more tolerant, as the  "Big Tent". I don't see it.

A theme for a film to be labelled "non-fiction conservativism" vs "fantasy conservativism" it would need to reflect the importance of personal responsibility,  realistic outcomes for those personal decisions.

The Left  choose Avatar vs Lord of The Rings


Gran Torino - (Non fiction Conservative)

Ignored by Hollywood


Capitalism: A love story.

No links for the left!

Re: Challenge from Patrick on Liberal Hollywood. Note Language on recommended blog is not "G" rated.

Oh sh#$ My bad: Conservative Movies
 I forgot to h/t Iceman

I did have my first morning cup of coffee, so no excuse, catscan next week for alzheimers k?

xo ..

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Central Canada Keeps Seat Majority

The Bloc are a funny bunch. Some think they are anti-Alberta with the numerous attacks on the provincial matters (energy) from Alberta.
The Bloc are equal opportunity mudslingers that put the interests of their Bloc voters first.
I would say the Bloc have an equal disdain for Ontario as well. How many times did the Bloc complain about the Auto industry getting a bailout in Question Period?
The Bloc are masterful of playing the victim of unfair treatment as they only run candidates in Quebec and have NO REASON to protect the National interest.
The Bloc have made it clear on a number of occassions where their priorities and loyalites lie, Quebec.
The Bloc do NOT represent the majority in Quebec. They in fact share the same level of support as the CPC on a National scale. The Bloc won 38.1% of the popular vote but won 65% of the 75 seats in Quebec.
The Coalition apologists repeated they represented the 62% majority in November 2008. The Federal Parties represent the majority in Quebec and in their platform none of them promised to support the Bloc motions to restrict English for Supreme Court appointments.
The CPC in 2008 won 37.7% of the popular vote and earned 46% of the seats across Canada. Excluding Quebec 75 seats they won a significant mandate with over 57% of the seats. In 2009 they won two more seats including a Bloc seat held for 16 years seat to bring them to 145 seats. They are ten seats short of a numerical majority.
Protecting English, minority language rights in Quebec. I can't find in the platform of the NDP to remove the use English from Federal buildings in Quebec either in their campaign promises from 2008. Maybe someone can provide link?
Why are the NDP pandering to the Bloc? Does the French language need protection by eliminating the use of English in Quebec's federal buildings? 
The question for the political parties that ally themselves with the Bloc, namely the NDP and Liberals how does this protect Canadian interests against the separtists party?
Are you pandering the French in Quebec requiring the French language be mandatory on the Supreme Court? Why not demand the same protection for English and other minorities in Quebec?
From 308 to 338 Central Canada keeps the majority of seats. The WEST  is not moving the Parliament to Fort McMurry next week.
Why are the two Federal parties, the Liberal Party of Canada,  the New Democratic Party pandering to a separtist political party in Quebec that represents a minority in the province of Quebec only?
Are the NDP, Liberals participating in pittting region against region on behalf of the separtists in Quebec for political advantage?
Update: Political Parties playing games in Ottawa?
As an example to Canadians the MP's from the Bloc, NDP, Liberals who have demanded fluency for employment to the Supreme Court through their motion.
Canadians should demand the same for those three parties playing this political game.
How many NDP, Liberals are fluently French again? How many Bloc are fluently English? They should not run for office until they have passed those "tests".
Let's hope Jack Layton, Michael Ignatieff, Gilles Duceppe hold their party to the same standards.
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Lights Stay On Political Party Welfare Culture of Entitlement

Culture of Defeat, Culture of  Deciet, Culture of Entitlement.

I would like to thank the politicians in Ottawa for voting to keep their lights on with our money and refusing to allow audits into their expenses.

 Link to Political Party welfare here.

When they come to your door, ask for a donation, ask your MP, ask the candidate, canvasser on behalf of the political party why they deserve to keep this subsidy and refuse to provide a full audit at the Board of Internal Economy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quebecers out of touch vs R.O.C. ( N.A.T.O & U.S.)

Are all Quebecers unique, pessimistic in their opposition to the mission or any armed conflict? Are both English and French Quebecers equally opposed to the mission? Seventy-five per cent of Quebecers polled between April 8-9, 2010 were against the use of the Canadian Military in Afghanistan. BC was second with 56%, a 19% gap in opposition of the mission. Angus Poll here.

Our media, our educational institutions, Politicians of all parties provincially, federally in Quebec are failing to effectively reach out, communicate the importance and goodwork in Afghanistan. They failed to do the same regarding WWI, WWII.

A country requires all regions supporting, having faith in our military and government in the use of deadly force in dealing with genocidal dictators or rogue states.

Dan Gardner: Try Googling Errol Mendes Liberal

When Dan Gardner writes a hit piece comparing our PM to a disgraced American President, communist dictator, American-Italian gangster, English king in order to revisit  "expert" opinion on prorogue.
This naturally led me to imagine which figures from history best exemplify Stephen Harper. At first I thought of the obvious contenders — Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, Michael Corleone — but then I hit on King Charles I, circa 1635.- Danny G. (Nice thanks Danny!) Can't find any references in Canadian politics: Liberals PM hint Jean Chretien or NDP Ontario leader Bob Rae who used prorogue on several occasions?
Hey Danny G, did you check to see if the expert had any relationship with the previous Liberal Government?
Just curious, seems like a number of media outlets, journalists are forgetting to include a potential bias.
To find bias by use of experts or sources, stay alert to the affiliations and political perspective of those quoted as experts or authorities in news stories. Not all stories will include experts, but in those that do, make sure about an equal number of conservatives and liberals are quoted. If a story quotes non-experts, such as those portrayed as average citizens, check to be sure that about an equal number come from both sides of the issue in question. Also check to see if a reporter's generalization about how "economists across the political spectrum" or "most health care specialists" is supported by subsequently cited experts. If they are all or overwhelmingly from one side of the political spectrum, then you've come across bias by use of sources. - Fair Press
I already blogged on this before MSM: Are They Cherry Picking Experts?
Danny where is that conservative expert in your article or the affiliations and political perspective on Errol Mendes? Hint it took me all of 0.28 seconds to find a problem. Too busy to use Google? Pity....
In September 2005, the Ottawa Citizen reported an appointment to the Privy Council Office:
Mr. Martin made several other appointments yesterday within bureaucracy's senior ranks, including the hiring of University of Ottawa law professor Errol Mendes as a senior advisor in the Privy Council Office to handle diversity in the public service and other special projects.
So maybe the media could report Errol Mendes as "University of Ottawa law professor and former senior Liberal advisor under Paul Martin".
Oh, and then there is this. Since 2006, Errol Mendes has contributed over $3,600 to the Liberal Party, including over $200 in the past year.
So maybe the media could report Errol Mendes as "University of Ottawa law professor, Liberal Party supporter, and former senior Liberal advisor under Paul Martin".
Errol Mendes' opinions might be worth reporting. I'm sure they are well thought out and thought provoking. But that he is also cheek-and-jowl with the Liberal Party in recent years, including a prime ministerial appointment to the PCO, is thought provoking as well. -Steve Janke (Conservative Blogger CPC supporter)
Conservative Blogger and CPC supporter Stephen Taylor on Prorogue here
An historical perspective shows that prorogation is quite a common parliamentary procedure in the country and most prorogations have passed without too much ink spilled on the pages of Canada’s historic newspapers.
After the latest CBC, Ekos President Frank Graves blow up you would hope the media would be able to spend 0.28 seconds on Goggle to double check and look for potential bias. Oh well.
BTW Danny I became a CPC voter (no financial or employment biases) after moving to Mississauga 1999 -2000,  voted Liberal, NDP in York South Weston until John Nunizata GST became an Independent. As an Oakville resident now voting for another great CPC MP Terence Young. I am proud of our PM, are you?
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12 Angry Men Movie Poster Redo: Frank Graves vs Ezra Levant

Visit here for Ezra Levant blog posts here.  Too much time on my hands...original. Yes I know lame humour! Note for intolerent left: This is not an incitment to violence, but using lawfare, HRC to address "hurt feelings". How many angry old white men in Alberta would be interested in having Frank Graves demostrate his empirical evidence on his dime? Feel free to give ideas of good movies with "angry old white men". Thanks,

Movies with Old White Men (sometimes Angry)

1. Second hand lions.

2. 12 Angry Old Men

3. The Alamo

4. The Magnificient Seven

5. The Great Escape

6. Bridge on The River Kwai

7. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence