Friday, April 16, 2010

Liberal Party: Brand Awareness Damage Control?

Brand Awareness is very important. How is the Liberal brand performing in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec?

Will the scandals, resignations, call for investigations reach the Federal Liberals?
If we have an election in the next few months will the Liberal brand survive?
  • If reduced to Toronto (Ontario -10 seats), (English as mother tongue ridings) on Montreal Island
  • Safe seats continue to see large margins shrink by 5%.
  • MP's in safe seats uninvited the Liberal leader during campaign or complain.
  • Voters that can be classified as rural, suburban, cities smaller than one million continue to not show up.
  • Voters that can be classified as visible minorities continue to not show up or mark ballot for other party.
  • Female vote stay home or shift to other parties.
Quebec premier, Jean Charest

Will the loss of trust of the current leadership in the provinces, increased taxes, user fees imposed by the provincial Liberal governments affect the federal campaign, brand awareness, and get out the vote for Federal Liberal Party of Canada?
Compare this with the Global relationship our Prime Minister, in Ontario between the Prime Minister, Premier Dalton McGuintyMayor of Toronto.
There are too many stories to link regarding the work by the Federal Government in working cooperatively on projects for Ontario.
Many of us believe the Liberals, NDP, Bloc in Ottawa are unable to focus on the big issues for many reasons. The gap in leadership, trust is too large for the opposition and have shifted to a negative, destructive strategy of personal and character assassination to protect their vulnerable seats.
This week in Parliament in Question Period from the opposition.
  • Protect Canada Post from increased competition.
  • Afghanistan Committee: Reduced to allegations against Military, Government on handling Prisoners, paperwork.
  • Progress of two month (witchunt) campaign targeting ex-Jr. Minister H.G., her spouse. 
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wilson said...

Not sure that Quebecers will project onto the federal Libs, the Adscam party,
but Iffy's constant reversals don't leave any Canadians sure they can trust him to follow thru on any one of his campaign promises.

CanadianSense said...

Will Charest and his team be an asset on the campaign?

Will BC Liberals also be an asset or a problem if they are visible?

Ronald O'Dowd said...

Now CanadianSense, there you go being deliberately mischievous know fully well that the provincial Liberal brand will have zero negative impact on the next federal Liberal campaign.

As you are aware, traditionally Liberal premiers in Quebec have chosen to take a stand of public neutrality (with winks and nods permitted in the direction of party organizers) thereby allowing individual Liberals to go in their preferred political direction.

More amusing is your assertion that this Prime Minister and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty are almost joined at the hip politically -- Please.

Again, it will come as no surprise to you when the Big Red Machine solidly swings into action behind Michael Ignatieff in the next election.

And that photo with David Miller. Interesting piece of optics but no one can convince me now that Miller is allegedly heading in the direction of the non-profits that he hold a burning desire to endorse the Harper government once the next campaign rolls around. Not even in his dreams.

Nice try though!

CanadianSense said...

That is a fair question. I am curious of the optics of the provincial Liberal Premiers' onerous tax policies, avoiding repeated calls for public inquiries in BC, Quebec, Ontario over waste, corruption, influence peddling. Will it will affect the ability of the Federal Liberal Party on the campaign trail to associate with the provincial Liberals in those provinces?

Do you remember how Dion was not visible or wanted to visit "x" riding by incumbent Liberal?

Re: Toronto
I don't think David Millar is a CPC fan, let alone going to help any candidate oust a Liberal MP in Toronto proper.

I have included photos without specific link (tags on site)to verify hundred of millions have been promised in Liberal, NDP held ridings on a cooperative model negotiated in December 2008 -EAP. Toronto Mayor had to redo his application because it was wrong and the CPC have delivered over 500 "co-operative" projects.

In 2009 we had four contests, did the provincial Liberals help the Federal cousins? The numbers show a drop in get out the vote by the Liberals specifically Quebec. (Where is the breakthrough going to happen, Ontario, BC?)

Pundits Guide has a breakdown by Polls and it looks very bleak.