Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Parliamentary Opposition 0 - The Canadian Economy 1

Hon. Jim Flaherty Minister of Finance is lonely, today one question on the economy as the members of parliament in the opposition are consumed with chasing rumour mill than  the governments' plan on jobs and the economy. The one question was asked by a fellow conservative member of parliament.  Jim explains the Liberal's plan to raise G.S.T back up to 7% will cost the Canadian over 160,000 jobs.

The tax and spend Liberals need to increase their taxation to pay for their dreams and secret vision.

Canada’s dollar gained to the strongest level in 22 months versus its U.S. counterpart as a rise in global stocks and commodities burnished the appeal of currencies tied to growth.

The opposition again were consumed about the prison comfort program for the Taliban,  they have failed to demostrate their priorities to help Canadians.
If more opposition joined the  29  missing liberals,  and stopped showing up for work would anyone notice?


hunter said...

The witch hunt continues. Interesting that over at the "home for gossip" CTV, the story on Quebec and real accusations of wrong doing by the Liberals, they do not allow any comments. But on the Helena story they allow comments on what amounts to gossip, even though the RCMP are investigating. If I was Helena's lawyer I would be screen capturing all the comments to show how CTV was involved in allowing and even encouraging a citizen to get slandered.

CanadianSense said...

Noseetv, has lost a great deal of credibility by ignoring the real scandals out West and Quebec for chasing the silly stuff in Ottawa.

Will the scandals reach the Premier's office and sink the provincial government? You have senior minister resigning and threats to sue by Charest...where is the national media in covering the second largest province?