Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two Weeks Notice: Speaker Does Not Get Cliffhanger

What the heck, @#$%#@%#$%^!

Political junkies, pundits have spent months salivating for this ruling and Peter Miliken does not deliver! Instead he sends the adults children to not force his hand...

Two weeks notice?

Peter this soap opera in Ottawa is just not delivering enough sizzle. Please review,  the 'season finale' of Dallas Who Shot J.R.? That was a great cliffhanger. Even the opening theme music was cool!


NB Tory Gal said...

I agree CS.... as you probably guessed.

CanadianSense said...

We don't need two more weeks. The PM is most trusted politician, he just needs to make a public address and let the voters punish the three stooges.
We won't dissappoint!

HitEleven said...

I think they'll work something out. My hunch is that there's nothing really bad hiding in the documents. But if there's an election now? My word.

CanadianSense said...


100% Speculation on my part: Getting to this point, the issues for the last few months has not been an accident.

Look at the Bills from the opposition in building their culture war.

Look at the CPC in preparing for the next campaign.

The LGR, Democratic reform, Senate reform, EAP, bypassing traditional media for ethnic media in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver.

The issue is moot. The opposition MP's have always held the majority, have not been loyal, responsible in their duty to Canada, Canadians.

If the opposition demanded other documents, the "expenses" of parliament, documents on H1N1, auditor general scathing report instead of the Afghan issue they would have had negated the nationalism element of Canadians.

I trust the voters to see through the BS to punish the federalist MP's that lined up with the separtists MP's against this government.

CPC polled 46% in Dec 2008 at height of stupidty by coalition.

Risk vs Reward, minority gov't has not repeated the mistakes of the previous gov't in mishandling numerous files.

The MSM will also have their day of reckoning for their part. CBC -(Frank Graves)

The narrative will be the political games of the coalition vs Harper.

Who do you trust, to manage the economy keep Canada united?

Parliamentary supremacy, "culture of deciet" talking points won't last long on campaign trail.