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Cultural Wars: Teabaggers Canadian Style

Cultural Warrior Princess Susan Riley, latest "hit" piece masquerading as News. In my opinion is should be moved to the opinion section  possibly comics.

Susan roughly 250 people showed up to exercise their democratic opinion at Queens Park, are these our Republican "tea baggers"?-Wind Concerns Ontario

Let's start with the first article:

The larger question is how post-Harper Conservatives will deal with climate change and the environment -- should they get the chance. Will they embrace the prescient, Earth-friendly approach of Mulroney, Charest and Arnold Schwarzenegger, or will they make common cause with climate-deniers, oil patch foot-draggers and Sarah Palin Republicans? -Ottawa Citizen Feb 28, 2010

Not sure if Susan has read any news on economic health from California, Quebec lately. Who is going to pay for those socialist programs and policies, the taxpayer. (Susan try googling  "California Debt", "Quebec Debt", please sit down before hitting return)

Perhaps Susan Riley warrior princess missed a few headlines lately from non-Canadian news sources?

The anxieties about “sovereign debt” have been most acute in Europe, where the infelicitously named PIIGS countries—Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain—have huge debt burdens, and where Greece in particular is in dire need of assistance. (It owes four hundred billion dollars, against an annual G.D.P. of around three hundred and forty billion and shrinking.) And now people are wondering if American state governments are headed for their own Greek tragedy. - New Yorker April 12, 2010

An analysis by the Quebec Ministry of Finance suggests the province has one of the most heavily indebted economies in the industrialized world.
The 44-page document calculates the province's total debt as 94 per cent of GDP, employing methods used by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
The government report, available on the ministry's website, compares the total provincial public debt with that of other Canadian provinces and to major industrialized nations.
Quebec ranks only below Japan, Italy, Greece and Iceland in terms of public debt as a percentage of GDP. The report calculates public debt across Canada as 69.7 per cent of the country's GDP.
The report puts Quebec's total public debt at $285.6 billion.- The March 01, 2010

When cutting carbon emissions is the name of the game, a casual scan around the world might indicate that since Copenhagen, even the most ardent party animals are having a bad dose of cold feet.-BBC April 27, 2010

The United States on Thursday finalized its first greenhouse gas emissions rules on automobiles and significantly boosted fuel efficiency standards for the first time since the 1970s, moves Canada jointly imposed on its industry. - Reuters April 20, 2010

Second Article
Of course there is a culture war raging in federal politics. It's been going on since Preston Manning blew into Ottawa many years ago.
The battle lines are clear. Elitist, cosmopolitan (code for gay, or gay-friendly), urban CBC-lovers -- including "left-wing fringe groups", anti-Israel aid agencies and pro-gay judges -- on one side. Frugal small town and suburban Canadians who work hard, pay their taxes, and play by the rules on the other. Ottawa Citizen April 30, 2010

Does Princess Warrior Susan Riley read the news, get her research directly from political parties, special interest group websites that have a financial interest in adopting a Cap & Trade policy?

What is Canada's contribution to the Global carbon emmisions? Should Canada unilaterally adopt a tax regime to become less competitive with our trading partners?

Susan, where are the charts figures comparison to effects of buying windmills in Norway, Germany, carbon taxes?

Should Canada also adopt a Global Bank Tax for the failures in the oversight regulation in the US, UK, Iceland and Greece?

Is Canada allowed to make its own decision in her best interests?

Are only Elitist, cosmopolitan (code for gay, or gay-friendly), urban CBC-lovers -- including "left-wing fringe groups", anti-Israel aid agencies and pro-gay judges capable of making informed decisions?

Homeowners are asking questions about the how much will this increase my property taxes, energy for the green agenda and does it make sense.  Why are provincial governments moving ahead negotiating secret deals increasing our hydro rates for twenty years? (Susan did you notice all three provincial governments pushing increased taxes have Liberal majorities?)

How does Susan Riley frame opponents to taxes and energy rates increases? Are homeowners concerned about double digit increase in the cost of living "tea baggers", climate denier, oil patch owners,  American Republicans?

How did Prime Minister Brown refer to the labour supporter for voicing her concerns about jobs, immigration a few days ago?

You will NOT dismiss or marginalize us. We are not not bigots, knuckle draggers, religious extremists.

Present the charts, facts figures of the Carbon Emmisions Exchange, windmills benefits cost analysis in the European countries that adopted the green jobs myth to the homeowners.

Let's see the evidence based facts why we should follow the Europeans.

Instead of using evidence based facts what does Susan Riley choose? Does she follow the Jean Chretien, Peter Donolo's strategy of dividing us of the 1990's?

Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not John Turner, Canadians will not buy anti american rhetoric in 2010. Time is up and the price will be paid in the ballot box for the political parties that rekindle this cultural war.

Inconvenient Facts: We have a large deficit we need to get under control. We need to reduce wasteful spending. Homeowners don't have the capacity to add thirty per cent increase to their cost of living. We are dependent on the recovery of the Global economy.

How much are the programs from the municpal, provincial, federal politicans going to cost us taxpayers and who will benefit?

How much more are European paying for their use of fossil fuel? How much have taxes gone up, including national deficits in order to pay for the Green Carbon myth?

Canada accounts for 2% of the Global Carbon Emmision. The Democrats under Clinton/Gore never signed Kyoto. The Liberals never made an effort to address Carbon Emmissions. Green Agenda Activists have bet big on pushing end of the world scenarios unless we curb economic activity. How does creating a carbon exchange clean up the pollution next door, it doesn't.

Do the politicians, snake oil salesmen benefit financially from taxes going into buying Carbon credits?

Europeans are dealing with their deficits reducing their Green Jobs programs, they cut special deals for their protected industries. We have a small population spread throughout the second largest country in the world.

We are a Global Energy Superpower whose GDP and economic strength rely on resource extraction.
  • Oil (Oilsands, offshore)
  • Forestry
  • Mining, (Potash, Nickel, Diamonds etc)
  • Hydro
The second article is more disturbing with less evidence based facts in support. Let's see the evidence based facts on why millions should be diverted for your idealogical agenda.
Maternal health
  • Safe clean drinking water, food security
  • Sustainable energy industry
  • Anti-Malaria Programs
  • Shelter, infrastructure

To the average Canadian, the obvious objective of maternal health programs would be to make motherhood and childbearing safer. Not so for many UN agencies, donor countries and powerful NGOs working at the United Nations. Their approach is to make motherhood safer by making it rarer. At the expense of the world's pregnant women, maternal health has become the latest vehicle for an old idea -- population control as a path to development. -Ottawa Citizen April 29, 2010

These priorities are not idealogical, non divisive, will save millions of lives. Many in the G8 are not delivering on their promised level of funding.  Let's get the G8 to address those priorities.

Our princess warrior Susan Riley should not be looking to California, Quebec as models of good government. Please provide evidence based facts why we should follow your idealogical agenda.

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Martin said...

The Citizen has returned to printing the soft liberal mush that Conrad Black described before he purchased it. Susan Riley, a member of the Editorial board, demonstrates weekly in her column,she is simply a shill for the Liberal Party. The paper and Riley support Green energy initiatives, including wind power development, but only in the rural reaches of the city, where the climate-deniers dwell.