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Michael Ignatieff: As a Cat

This picture sums up the leadership under Michael Ignatieff.


Is he done messing with us yet?

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Branding: Liberals D.O.A. Coalition To Nowhere

The latest Angus Poll confirms an observation of mine, Jack Layton should take over the Liberal Party of Toronto-Montreal. Here is the Poll. The Liberal Party is dead on arrival regardless of what leader is the caretaker.
Suppose the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party (NDP) merged and had Jack Layton as leader. If a federal election were held tomorrow, which one of the following parties would you be most likely to support in your constituency?
I don't believe Canadians are out of step with the world,  North American socialism from Toronto- Montreal is in the decline. Trudeau was rejected by the West and Quebec a long time ago. The NDP kept the Liberals alive through Lewis, Broadbent from the 70-80's. Layton has done his part by invoking 'making parliament work' when his party was unprepared to face the voters.
Same question but this time with the media darling Bob Rae:
Lastly the reality of Michael Ignatieff. A failed candidate to Dion in 2006. Appointed by insiders in 2008 after a crushing defeat and a failed coup by three stooges.
It is too bad they did not ask about the young dauphin in-waiting with the good hair. The search for the next leader to fix their problems is delaying the acceptance of hard facts and truths about a party that has lost touch with most Canadians.
The Liberal Brand is damaged beyond repair. In Quebec, Ontario and BC the provincial cousins are doing their best to destroy it as well.
  • Increase in Taxes for redistribution to unions, benefits, salaries and pensions
  • Bigger Government, more jobs in government
  • Deficits
The Liberals have lost speaking on behalf of a united Canada, a stronger Canada for a long time. They have been busy trying to destroy our democracy by calling on the separatists, socialists to unite and protect their entitlements.
On every issue of importance they have flubbed it.
They tried to turn H1N1 into a financial windfall for their own party. The President of the Liberal Party kept his job.
They offended Catholics by suggesting our Prime Minister behaved incorrectly at a State Funeral.
They pushed our government was racist narrative at every opportunity.
They lied about the threat to our democracy over a delay of twenty-eight days of re-opening parliament during the Olympics. The leader immediately embarks on his University Tour as the doors are opened.
They ignored the testimony of Generals, Ambassadors, and experts to push our military and government were involved in a cover up of torture and war crimes.
Instead of uniting behind our Prime Minister demanding more accountability of the G8 on Maternal Health, they raised the abortion issue to distract and divide Canadians.
They attacked, hounded a female MP in Question Period for nearly two months for an incident that never took place at an Airport. The Liberal MP that read the letter has NOT resigned or explained how the unidentified author made up the details has not been made public. After a resignation took place they blamed the PM for not sharing the details why she was removed.
They have attacked the Ontario judicial system suggesting a sweetheart deal was offered but ignore when their own are embroiled in the same controversy.
The Democrats, Separatists have not distanced themselves from the actions and allegations raised by the Liberals.
The socialists and separatists have in fact added controversy to the distrust of our military and our institutions.
The opposition is united in weakening this country and our capacity to achieve great things.
  • Protection of entitlements of large unions is their priority
  • Corporate-Union Welfare is being demanded by opposition parties.
  • Accountability is being ignored and returning to balanced budgets.
Restricting the spending and size of government is being framed as an ideological attack of right wing extremists invoking religious intolerance of Christians and bigotry is now common practice by the opposition.
Enough is enough. Greece is not the economic role model for Canada.
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Socialism Retreating: Europe & North America

The left are deeply divided in Canada on how to steal power and suck more taxes from the productive members in society.
Our Democractic tradition of plurality (first past the post) vs for proportional representation (PR) is again getting publicity by our socialist engineers who are unhappy. Voters have rejected making changes in PEI, Ontario and BC.
The public soundly rejected the platform of the other leaders (three stooges) in a General election on October 14, 2008. Six weeks later, they tried again by foisting Stephane Dion as PM. The panic from their friends in the media inability's to reverse the slide is evident.
Bob Rae is not aging well and is in denial on what is important to Canadians, much like his rival Ignatieff. The Coalition was a bridge to nowhere.
...a flurry of polls late last week showed the exact opposite: an Ekos poll had Conservative support at 44 per cent, an Ipsos poll pegged it at 46 per cent, Praxicus placed it at 47 per cent, and Compas had the Conservatives at 51 per cent--with a massive 31-point lead over the Liberals.- December 9, 2008
The friends of socialism are busy trying to undermine the need for fiscal restraint by propping up the idea of another coalition of stooges with a new leader. The media are demostrating how out of touch they are with Canadians. They can keep pushing Iffy, Bobby as their next great white hope, to slay the evil right wing theocracy but Canadians are much smarter and have tuned out the noise. An election map would be evidence, but the friends of socialism don't actually bother themselves with inconvenient facts.
One Bailout too many. The left are always demanding taxpayers come to the rescue and support their friends.
By giving money to the banks, the governments, first of all, do not allow the financial system to become healthier, and secondly, they strengthen their own debt, and, thirdly, exacerbate the situation with the debts of financial sector. State leaders have forgotten the simple truth, that you cannot save the private sector at the cost of the bankruptcy of the state. - Death of Socialism or Death of Europe
In the U.S., Britain public support for the AGW apologists have taken a massive hit along with the media outlets. Many in the traditional media outlets have ignored, downplayed  the conflict of interests in the activities of politicans, bureaucrats regarding the Carbon Market Trading Scheme.
The traditional media has failed in appearing objective or unbiased with their own agenda. The internet has seen many websites replace the first place for fact checking and information.
Germany, Italy, Spain have begun to announce spending cuts in order to avoid the public loss of confidence and state bankruptcy.
The Czech Civic Democratic Party and others that pledged to cut spending won the most votes in parliamentary elections as Czechs chose budget restraint amid the European debt crisis.- Bloombery May 30, 2010 An interesting publicity stunt was done to increase the vote was done here.
The same is taking place in Canada and the U.S. with polls showing the public want their government to excercise restraint in dealing with the debt and elimination of sweetheart deals of corporate-union welfare.
The  political parties that get in the way of restraint, less spending will be joining the other political parties in the dustbin of history.
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Will Layton repeat Lewis 1972 mistake?

David Lewis saved Trudeau. Lewis used the phrase 'making parliament work'. Trudeau did NOT share the credit for the policies passed for NDP support.

Voters punished the NDP including Lewis two years later. Will Layton ignore the lesson of history and repeat it?

If you examine David Lewis, he understood the threat to Canada by the separatists in Quebec, what does Jack know that we don't?

Liberals Tactics In Committee: Dirty Tricks & Unaccountable

The fringe party formerly know as the natural governing party continues to hit new low on the stupid scale.
Derek Lee a Liberal MP was called to testify on allegations of  lobbying. Liberals have been very vocal in having government staff, military, experts be allowed to appear. They have suggested those who refuse are hiding something and obstructing parliament.

What do the Liberals do when one of their MPs is invited to explain a website?

But when Lee arrived to face MPs, he argued the government operations committee was not the proper venue for answering those types of questions.
His caucus colleagues used up much of the allotted time with long procedural arguments and Lee left without having to respond to questions.-Winnipeg Free Press Online Edition May 27, 2010 Liberals shield own MP from committee grilling

Many of us had hoped an adult conversation would take place, policy alternatives with specifics introduced for debate in parliament.
What do we have to show?
  • Iffy caught in France while his team asks where the PM is vacationing.
  • 28 day prorogue framed as unusual
  • Ignore all good news in Canada (Economy, Jobs, Sales, Consumer confidence)
  • Attack Maternal Health Initiative and replace with abortion for Congo to divide parliament
  • Attack female MP, call for resignation, allege husband got sweetheart deal, links to organized crime
  • Insist our Military, Government, staff turned a blind eye to torture, hiding details, are responsible
How many Liberal MPs will apologize for their behaviour? The next election voters should send a very clear message to the parties that want to raise our taxes, refuse to be held accountable, live in a culture of entitlements.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Liberals loathe the G-Spot?

June 26-27, 2010 G20 Toronto Canada

Under the theme of “Recovery and New Beginnings,” the G20 Toronto Summit will focus on recovery from the global economic and financial crisis and the implementation of commitments from previous G20 summits, while laying the foundation for sustainable and balanced growth.

  • Financial Sector Reform
  • Stimulus Programs
  • Global Trade and Growth
The G20 has been largely successful at avoiding the types of protectionist measures that turned the stock market crash of 1929 into the Great Depression. In Pittsburgh, leaders committed to continuing efforts to guard against protectionism and to liberalize trade. Canada, which has unilaterally lowered tariffs as part of its stimulus package, will work with G20 partners to encourage ongoing multilateral efforts towards further liberalization.

Neo-Liberal leader 
The good news is did not demand we fund abortions for visiting G20 leaders and their staff.
h/t Ignatieff Slams Toronto

Calgary Wins: Canada Best Eco-City

The bustling epicentre of Canada's energy industry is being heralded as the top ecological city in the world by a prestigious international think-tank.


Canadian and US cities are strongly represented at the top of the eco-city ranking, both for this region and globally. Calgary grabs the top spot globally with a score of 145.7, closely followed by Honolulu (score 145.1) in second. Ottawa is in third position with a score of 139.9 and Minneapolis follows in sixth place (score 137.8). Mr Parakatil commented: “Calgary’s top ranking is down to its excellent level of service on waste removal, sewage systems, and water drinkability and availability, coupled with relatively low air pollution.”

Quality of Living

Canadian cities still dominate the top of the index for this region with Vancouver (4) retaining the top spot, followed by Ottawa (14), Toronto (16) and Montreal (21). Calgary ranks 28 on the overall quality of living ranking.

One more Report to confirm the opposition parties are out touch with reality and our international reputation.

Trudeau vs. Obama

Pierre Trudeau’s greatest achievements—bilingualism, multiculturalism and the Charter—aimed in large part at redressing imagined grievances, that is, harm done, not to us, but to others with whom we identify. Because people claiming such grievances can never truly be appeased, it may have been a mistake to try. It has certainly encouraged the syndrome, which is now pervasive. Richard Nielson

A comparison in growing up and experiences may shed some light into what is store for the Americans in  The Hope & Change movement that help bring him to power.

Both men are viewed as highly intelligent and lost their fathers at a very young age. Pierre lost his father in his teens. Barack in his childhood. Did this have an influence in shaping them? What were the other male role models around them.

Trudeau grew in a wealthy family unlike Obama.

Both men excelled in education, attended Harvard and passed their bar exams. Both of them had very little experience in the political class before entering public life.

A law professor at the University of Montreal, he had been a critic of the Liberal Party for fifteen years before deciding to join them and run for a seat in Parliament in the upcoming national elections. He won a seat in the riding of Town of Mount Royal on his first attempt.
Both men represented a change from the past of old traditional politics to large swaths of the voters. A sense of change and hope for a better fairer society.

The Liberals held a leadership convention in 1968 to replace the Prime Minister Lester Pearson and give the new leader adequate time before an election.

Both men were famous for keeping their cool.

Before his first term as Prime Minister, Trudeau has worked as a lawyer and law professor and had only three years of experience in public office

Some criticism against Obama was his lack of executive experience, but he did have more than three years in public office before winning the democratic contest and becoming the President of the United States.

Obama spent a great deal of time traveling across the United States in sharing his plan, his vision for the leadership and candidate for the Democrats. The favourite was Hilary Clinton and Obama was considered a long shot.

Both men garnered attention, locally, nationally, international stage through "Charisma" and a fawning press before their attainment of their final prize.

Trudeau mania that swept him into the leadership in 1968. The first election in  1972 may have not been enough to keep the Liberal PM, but  David Lewis, leader of the NDP made an offer Trudeau could not refuse a coalition to sustain his power. The Liberals barely won in 1972.The NDP propped up Pierre Trudeau's Liberal government in exchange for the implementation of NDP proposals such as the creation of Petro-Canada as a crown corporation. In 1974 David Lewis was rewarded with a loss of half his seats including his own on a swing of 2.40%.

Politics is about winning and holding onto power. The Liberals did a deal with David Lewis to hold power.
In the l972 federal election, Pierre Trudeau's Liberals won l09 seats to 107 for Robert Stanfield's Conservatives and needed the support of the NDP to stay in power. David Lewis of the NDP, in exchange for an NDP shopping list, agreed to support the Liberals without entering into a coalition. Trudeau yielded to stay in power.

There is plenty to criticize about the record of Pierre Trudeau but one thing that will stand to his credit for all time was his view that under no circumstances would he make deals with the separatist devil.- David Asper

It is too early to judge how history will measure Obama.

The spending priorities during the Trudeau years, the nationalization and foreign policy did create some serious problems. Socialism has retreated and is considered a failed economic theory.

China and India are adopting entrepreneur-capitalism to lift their poor. On May 25, 2010 Charles Schram appeared on Charlie Rose here.
Economic growth is critical to establishing social stability, which is the ultimate objective of these counterinsurgency campaigns and disaster-relief efforts. Various obstacles, such as insurgencies and inadequacies in infrastructure, have made economic development difficult in these countries, of course, but these difficulties cannot be blamed exclusively on such obstacles. A central element in the failure to establish robust economies in war-torn or disaster-stricken countries is the prevailing doctrine of international development, according to which strong economies cannot emerge in poor countries. -Expeditionary Economics
Some in the U.S. are suggesting the economic priorities of the Obama administration, Democratic controlled Senate, Congress are too Liberal, too vague in specifics to help solve the problems.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Self-loathing Liberals Ignoring Economy

If navel-gazing was an Olympic sport, the Liberal Party of Canada would be the Gold medal champions. The media is consumed about the weak leadership from a party that has been polling their 2008 support numbers.
The media is busy investing ink, hours of free coverage on  speculating how Liberals can regain power. Why and who is a directing the media to investigate this pressing or serious question?
If the Liberal Party follows the Rhino party will anyone care? What is the obsession for the media in providing the Liberal  party free publicity?

 In 2008 they won only 26.3% popular support in Canada.
  • Central Canada (Ontario + Quebec) 29.7% , fifty-one seats
  • Western Canada (BC+AB+SK+MB) 16.3% ,  seven seats.
  • Atlantic Canada (NS, NB, PEI+NFLD) 35%, seventeen seats.

The Liberal Party of Canada has not been a National Party of significance for over a decade in most regions. Other political parties have risen from their weaknesses since 2000.
The NDP and Green barely recieve ANY attention from the media. The voters have decided, what is the media waiting for?

National News that matter is superficially covered  for coverage of a slow death of the Liberals. If you look closely while being sober, you will notice the "Big Red Machine" has faded over the decade in several areas. It is more like the little red wagon in our childhood. 
Reality can suck when your team keeps losing.
Consumer prices rose 1.8% in the 12 months to April, following a 1.4% increase in March. Excluding energy, prices advanced 1.1% compared with a 1.0% increase in March. On a seasonally adjusted monthly basis, consumer prices rose 0.1% from March to April- The Daily May 21, 2010
Retail sales increased for a fourth consecutive month in March, rising 2.1%. Higher sales at motor vehicle and parts dealers were the main contributor to the gain. In volume terms, retail sales increased -The Daily May 21, 2010
In March, 668,100 people received regular Employment Insurance benefits, down 24,200 from February and the sixth consecutive monthly decline. The number of beneficiaries fell in most provinces, with the largest declines in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta The Daily May 20, 2010
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Canada and Denmark Artic Defence

General Natynczyk and General Bartels also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Arctic Defence, Security, and Operational Cooperation. The MOU will enable Canada and Denmark to deepen cooperation in our respective Arctic regions, through enhanced consultation, information exchange, visits, and exercises. The MOU builds on a joint visit by the Canadian and Danish Chiefs of Defence to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland in August 2009.

"This arrangement will help promote solid defence and security collaboration between our two countries in the Arctic Region," said General Natynczyk. "Working together to enhance our ability to respond to emergencies through cooperative exercises in the Arctic is key to safety and to strengthening interoperability in the Arctic."

Not everyone is happy: Mary Simon said the federal government should have consulted Inuit before signing the accord.

Hero of the Left under attack by Canadian PM

Someone better alert the cultural warriors of the left. Their hero is being attacked by a right wing Christian leader who may a hidden agenda to blow up the world.
No really you can't make this stuff up.

After all evidence is just not an important reason to be critical.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il has designated his youngest son to be the country's next leader, according to reports in South Korean media June 2, 2009

Just in case, succession planning.

Eyes Wide Shut: Activists, Environmentalists, Media

Good Americans vs. Bad Americans

Where did all those anti-american activists go in Canada? Actions against Imperialist War and Aggression. The communist-marxist in 2008 were getting some great press coverage in rallying against the "evil American Empire" a few years ago did they retire to Boca-Raton?
"It is against the will (of Canadians) that the government has decided to extend the military presence (in Afghanistan) until 2011," said Raymond Legault, a spokesman for the anti-war group Collectif Echec a la Guerre.

Mission Accomplished, the two conflicts are over. Did I miss the memo?
George Bush was in power in the U.S. for eight years. He was framed an oppressor, climate denier by American, International and our own Canadian media. They had a passion for reporting and telling us how bad the Republican Executive Branch in the United States was on a regular basis. The Democrats had majority of seats in the Senate and Congrees for the last few years of his presidency. Very few Democrats opposed military action in Afghanistan.

Winds of Change in 2010

What has changed for these environmental activists, anti-war protestors in the U.S. or Canada? Is this Democratic President bad for business?

The Canadian government led by Stephen Harper has aligned himself with the Democrats in adopting a North American solution. The Obama administration has been reluctant along with China to sign onto the COP treaty.

We have the largest spill in history, larger than the Exxon Valdez currently taking place. We have BP contract employees with U.S. Coast Guard banning the free press on public beaches trying to report on the oil spill.

We still have two active conflicts in Iraq , Afghanistan and the anti-war protests gone.


Media concentration to Green, social justice stories a potential for a blind spot.

Do we have secret deals being negotiated in Ontario with large Energy Companies, foreign countries in Ontario by a Liberal Premier with his majority? Some think so but coverage is limited to almost non-existent. Is the Canadian media blind to the warning signs in Europe around the Green Jobs Myth?

Canada accounts for 2.3% of the contribution of Carbon emissions worldwide. If you watch our Canadian media you would be unlikely to find a story that reinforces that fact. In 2008 the majority of Canadians did not support the Green Tax Agenda of the Liberals, NDP, Bloc or Green. The second place party Liberals had over 75% voters reject their platform. The NDP had 82% reject them. In Quebec over 62% rejected the Separatist party but through our system were able to capture 65% of the seats in Quebec. The Green Party with more votes than the separtists were unable to win a single seat.

Europeans are starting to push back on spending and in the cases of General elections many socialist parties and liberals have seen their votes and seats shrink for the last few years. The Global recession has increased tension and nationalism in protecting jobs at home.

Poland is threatening to veto a new EU climate-change accord unless restrictions on its coal use are eased.. WSJ December 10, 2010.

Three months later: President Lech Kaczynski and scores of other senior Polish figures have been killed in a plane crash in Russia

Activists, environmentalists, anti-war protesters, competing media outlets were united in their criticisms against "FOX" being biased in the reporting of the G.W.B administration. Oil soaked seabird washed up on May 21, 2010 on Grand Isle in Louisana.

How does this compare with today with the Obama administration: how does the American, Canadian, International media in reporting or examining the war, lives lost, environmental actions by the Democratic majority in Congress, Senate and executive branch today?
Has anyone seen a scathing report from the CBC, CTV, Global regarding the inaction on the Carbon Emissions, the environment, war mongering from our American neighbour to the south?

I remember the blame being squarely put on the Executive branch in delaying progessive legislation when a Republican President was in charge. Today the criticism is to lay blame on a minority of Republicans who won't get along with the democratic majority.

What party is delaying the progressive legislation to fix it, are they also in the pocket of Big Oil, the Defense Industry?

Wildlife being killed by Windmills is under reported or ignored by the media, but if a bird is covered in oil it newsworthy for weeks. Is just me that notices the blind spot for the environmentalists, news media from the U.S., International, and Canada in being critical and reporting with the exception Fox News?
Do you think the bird really cares how it is killed?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool Dad vs Mr. Popular

Cool Dad
Mr. Popular

It is not fair, but one of the perks of the office is the ability to get to see celebrities. Dad seems to be very happy in spending time with his children and their tastes in music. I will be looking forward and laughing when we see the Jonas Brothers photos.

Ekos Poll recently captured another milestone for the Liberal leader. Is Dion still laughing?

Canadian Political Landscape: Whack-A-Mole 101

It is very interesting how the mainstream media ignore the facts in plain sight for their agenda and "gotcha" journalism. Is delivery of Healthcare a provincial, municipal file? Many of us saw this gotcha journalism unfold in the fall of 2008, the hysteria driven media campaign in painting the Federal Government as incompetent, uncaring during the H1N1 outbreak. The Federal government has a smaller advisory role as a result of substantial cutbacks in the 1990's and the Constitutional Division of Powers. Historically Quebec and Alberta have been allies in keeping the Federal Government out of its jurisdiction. The culture war has initiated a divisive debate in parliament on tax funded abortions has been on the National Agenda by the Liberals with full support of the Democrats and Separatists. Why now, is it because the Federal Government wants to restore accountability of the G8 through cost effective life saving programs and policies in Maternal Health?

If the Liberals, Democrats, Separatists were worried about this provinces funding abortions should they not be attacking the governments that have delisted the service in Canada first?
Indeed, the government of the day apparently did not intend for abortion to become an insured service: when asked if Section 251 would require provincial health plans to pay for abortions, the then Minister of Justice John Turner exclaimed, “Oh no.”(2) Provincial health plans did, however, insure “therapeutic” abortions that were approved by hospital committees in order not to risk contravening the Canada Health Act’s Requirment that all “medically necessary services” be covered. -Hansard April 28, 1969
In 1989 the federal government under Prime Minister Brian Mulroney introduced Bill C-43 as a compromise on the abortion question. It failed to pass and left Canada without any law regulating abortion. When the legislation failed, then Justice Minister Kim Campbell said that it would be up to each provincial government “to draw a distinction between abortions which are medically necessary and those which are not, and to fund only those which are medically necessary, drawing on their own criteria.”(6) 1996 Backgrounder on Public Funding For Abortion.

Justice Minister Campbell confirmed that the reasons for pro-life groups opposing Bill C-43 were entirely justified. The government is completely hypocritical when it says the bill strikes a balance between the rights of the woman and the rights of the unborn. Mrs. Campbell made it perfectly clear that the baby has no protection at all: abortion does not have to be performed for a serious reason. The government deliberately left the definition of health vague; there are no possible grounds for accusing a doctor of performing an abortion for insufficient reasons. There are grounds, in other words, for taking the life of the unborn child into account at all. -The Interim May 31, 1990.

No Abortions on P.E.I. Soil, says Premier- July 2008
Despite criticisms from pro-abortion organizations, the Chronicle Herald has reported that Premier Robert Ghiz has maintained that he has no plans of re-addressing the province's policy on abortion because of its "controversial" nature.
Abortions in Canada are provided on request and funded by Medicare, to Canadian citizens and permanent residents (as with most medical procedures) in hospitals across the country. Abortion funding for hospitals comes from the various provincial governments (their overall health expenses are however paid for in part by the federal government). One-third of hospitals perform abortions, and these perform two-thirds of abortions in the country. The remaining abortions are performed by public and private-for-profit clinics.

Janet Bagnall is an editorial writer and columnist with The Gazette. Her column appears Fridays, commenting on issues of social justice and human rights.

Pope on the ropes-If crimes have been committed, there must be an accounting. And if it takes the arrest of Benedict as the head of the church, so be it.

Janet writes in the Gazette the following:
  • It took a while for Canada's abortion opponents to seize the opportunity Stephen Harper opened up..
  • Suggests an impressive large number of people showed up for March For Life Rally in Ottawa, a few weeks after funding abortions for the Congo is not the highest priority by Harper.
  • The Quebec's Cardinal Marc Ouellet helpfully lit a firestorm on abortion.
  • According to the federal Liberals, the Harper government has cut funding to about 20 women's-rights groups. The government's decision to not include abortion in maternal health care abroad is seen as being of a piece with these cutbacks.
  • The Conservatives' promise not to fund abortion services to poor women in Third World countries was a signal to its supporters..
  • As a move, it was cynical, clever, and unfortunately for the government, painfully transparent.
  • In fact, abortions in every age category in Canada have dropped, from an average ratio of 32 abortions per 100 live births in 2002 to 25.7 in 2006. There were 91,000 abortions performed in Canada in 2006, an estimated 90 per cent in the first trimester.
  • There are no abortion services in Prince Edward Island. Prince Edward Island women - or those who can afford to - travel to New Brunswick to get an abortion. Rural women in general must travel, sometimes long distances, to have an abortion. But they can still get a safe, legal abortion.
Janet when you did your research, did you pick a specific date on purpose?

Between 1988 and 2005, almost two million babies lost their lives to abortion. The recorded total from Statistics Canada is 1,811,707, a partial record which excludes roughly 10% of the actual number of abortions performed between 2000 and 2005, due to incomplete reporting. After 1997 the number of reported abortions gradually dropped back down to 96,815 in 2005. Because the 1988 court decision also struck down reporting requirements, it is difficult to know how accurate the figures are.

  1. Let's give Janet the benefit of doubt  after all we don't have proof you are cynical or clever in selecting her date range, it might have been accidental ommission.
  2. The position of the Catholic Church is abortion is consistent. They are old school Janet, nothing has changed.
  3. Liberals say CPC are anti-women, the 20 NGO groups cut is proof  they hate women narrative.  Hey Janey did you miss this:  they were told this week by Status of Women Minister Bev Oda that they would no longer be able to receive funding for projects that involved advocacy work, lobbying of the government or general research, as part of new terms and conditions for grants. or this?

This government has been reviewing, making priorities that affect funding of advocacy groups as have previous governments in the past. Do you think it is reasonable to expect NGO's obtain funding indefinately, If not why suggest the defunding is ideologically driven without conclusive proof or reference of opposition political parties opinions the proof?

I understand Jean Chretien also had an interesting take on Proof. Did you subscribe to the same school of logic?

CIDA's Canada Making a difference in the World: A Policy Statement on Strengthening Aid Effectiveness
CCIC’s Summary Highlights and Implications September 2002 

There is no acknowledgment of strongly dissenting civil society and southern government views on the efficacy of these policies to contribute to poverty-reducing paths to development. New approaches arising from the donor consensus remain linked to conditionalities and pressure for trade and investment liberalization as well as to strict accountability regimes to donor-prescribed policies of privatization, good governance etc.

My last observation on those poor rural women in PEI having to travel long distances.
Are you kidding me!

Having traveled throughout many provinces Prince Edward Island. is not only the smallest province but with the addition of the Confederation Bridge your statement of far is just plain silly. I used Charlottetown as the starting point.

Driving directions to Morgentaler Clinic at Fredericton, New Brunswick 334 km – about 4 hours 5 mins. Halifax, Nova Scotia is same time. A few more minutes I found the service available in Moncton, New Brunswick 127 min 165 km.
Janet  fees are around $ 600 - $ 800 and available in  130 minutes 165 kilometers. Is this long distance? Should we regulate 30 minutes or free next?

Will the Quebec Liberal Premier Jean Charest ask for a boycott in the National Assembly against PEI potatoes until the Liberal Premier allows tax funded abortions?

I get it, Quebec Liberal Premier is having some problems at home regarding corruption and beating up on the Prime Minister makes sense. It is a pity Janet you, the Gazette can't remove those rose coloured glasses long enough to see your own hypocrisy.

The matter is not settled.
In an Angus Reid poll conducted in January, 31% of Quebec respondents thought abortion should remain legal but subject to greater restrictions than currently exist; 17% thought abortion should only be permitted in the case of rape or incest, or to save a woman's life; while 3% thought abortion should be outlawed completely.

Free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly is a part of the right the social justice advocates repeatedly ignore in our democracy. Only their voice is allowed or respected.

Jane this is not Africa and I am not Tarzan.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Which Woody has a woody for "O" would be a cool idea for President Barack Obama to be dictator for for a few years.
So he could get things done without all the hassle of opposing views getting in the way.
In an interview published by Spanish language newspaper La Vanguardia (that we translated), Woody says “I am pleased with Obama. I think he’s brilliant. The Republican Party should get out of his way and stop trying to hurt him.”
But wait - there's more!
Woody said "it would be good…if he could be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly."

Answer here.

Canadian Media: Not smarter than a 5th grader?

I am not sure when but it appears basic fact checking and investigative journalism has been too expensive, time consuming, or unimportant. Does the Canadian media invest any time or effort in qualitative research any more?
Our media are busy in pushing a Tabloid narrative that is filled with mistakes of facts and the omission of historical context.
  • Sex
  • Drugs
  • Infidelity
  • Conflict
Is it the support of our "Canadian culture" by our Canadian public broadcasters to report on marital affairs by Americans? Is this the lead story in many markets?
How many fathers, mothers, seniors from across Canada lose sleep because (insert name here), American celebrity is seen outside a bar intoxicated?

Why is the Canadian news media consumed in delivering the TMZ 15 second soundbites as insightful?
In countries, a "Free Press" is expected to report on issues that matter or just capture ratings?
In Canada our media repeatedly demostrates they are not smarter than a 5th grader. They are not interested in reporting on the problems, issues that matter with substantive research and fact checking. Instead our Canadian media have chosen to sensationalize the trivial routine matters as some affront to our democracy on a routine basis.
How does China compare to Canada on the Environment or Human Rights? Has the Canadian Free Press done a good job in explaining the differences of the two systems?

Here is the Prime Minister unedited speaking in the London at the U.K. Chamber of Commerce on May 2008.
First, last year we began removing the special tax incentives brought in by our predecessors that actually encouraged and subsidized the growth of the traditional oil sands industry. We are phasing those out and replacing them with incentives for the deployment of green technology only. Second, our targets in the oil sands go well beyond the standards for other industries.
...industry accounts for only half of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. We must address other key areas of our economy. That’s why, for example, we’re mandating a five per cent renewable fuel content in gasoline by 2010. We’re imposing stringent automobile fuel efficiency standards starting with the 2011 model year and of course we’re undertaking many initiatives in the development of alternative fuels and energy efficiency
Differentiated strategies are welcome and are necessary. But if we want non-Kyoto countries like the United States, China and other major developing economies to be part of the solution, then we will have to bring them all into the solution or the reality is that none of them are going to be in the solution, and if that happens, all of our efforts, in Canada, in Europe and elsewhere, at stopping climate change, while noble, will be largely ineffective.
Where do we find "consensus" in Canadian Politics, and why do we demand the Conservatives follow it?
Does the "Canadian Free Press" inform or correct the importance and the amount of Carbon emmissions Canada produces? China and the US account for over 40% vs Canada's 2% contribution. The opposition,  advocate from environmental lobbies regularly praise China and the U.S. in attacking the Canada. The "Canadian Free Press", environmentalists  insert "Per Capita" when attacking the Canadian record. Canada is an export nation and some suggest we should measure carbon emmissions at their use not at their extraction. Canada’s oilsands could account for more than one-third of U.S. oil supply within two decades..
Is it possible the largest polluting countries do better when you use that criteria? China places 96th place when using per capita, the Falkland Islands is worse than Saudia Arabia when using per capita by country. Why would the Canadian Free Press use that comparison so often?
carbon emissions by country
Did we have a consensus for Conscription, WWI, WWII, N.E.P. or most recently the Afghanistan mission? The support from Francophone in Quebec is the lowest and support for conflict, war always diminish over time. That is expected. Does the Canadian Free Press present that facts and historical context well?
We know the media ignored the Liberal contribution to the Iraq War. Canadians never cared about the use of prorogue until the media made it the cause celeb for nearly two months. and used by the Federal Government in 2008. It was incredible reading about the dictatorship in Canada by this minority government from experts of Liberal bias.
How did the "Free Press" report on the public opinion of same-sex marriage introduced by the Liberal Majority Government?
"No church, no temple, no synagogue, no mosque, no religious official will be asked or forced to perform a marriage that is contrary to their beliefs," says Prime Minister Paul Martin.
The unilateral changes to Political Party Financing that rewarded the Liberal and Bloc party with taxpayers money?
Compare how Canada is criticized and judged by our own media versus countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Russia  policies on the environment, rule of law, equality for women and  freedom of religion.
The Canadian Free Press seem to obsess on some trivial detail and ignore every other part of the story. Like Afghanistan, our free press dedicated all their  resources, energy on the treatment of Taliban prisoners captured and handed over by our  Armed Forces. Is this what is taking place in other countries that have a Free Press
Every single guest, expert that has come before the committee has said the reconstruction efforts will take a VERY LONG time. Does the Canadian Free Press disclose how much longer, the costs and if we leave how this will impact on the civilians we are protecting?
Does the Canadian Free Press give all sides equal opportunity to discuss Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) model or did they dismiss the skeptics as deniers,  teabaggers and oil bag men? The Science is not settled as is the green wash.
Our Canadian media regularly throw praise on the "wonderful display" by the Chinese determination regarding the Olympics and the Expo.
Was the Canadian "Free Press" interested in reporting on the labour conditions of those employed to help build the Olympic venues, thousands who were relocated and lost their homes? How many villages and citizens have been permanently relocated?
Our Canadian Free Press Media seem to rejoice when a small protest of political activists show up to criticize the Federal Government on any occasion. Weekends, after hours, holidays no problem just call us, we'll be there!
When hundreds showed up on a weekday during regular business hours concerned about the environment and regulations being deployed by the Liberal government in Ontario where was the press?
Does the CBC give the other perspective time, resources or free publicity? I did miss the Climategate, Canadian Climate EXPERT Tim Ball Special Documentary but keep finding Al Gore and David Suzuki preaching for their team on our public broadcaster.
Is the Canadian Press not interested in examining the exposing the real costs benefit analysis of  "Green Energy", the Myth of Green Jobs? California, Spain, Portugal have been chasing the Green Fairytale for over a decade. The Canadian Free Press does not seem interested in reporting the deaths of birds unless they are covered in oil, why is that?
The Canadian Free Press, are they not interested in discussing the Billions gone missing through Fraud on the Carbon Exchange Markets. Is the "Canadian Free Press" bought and paid for by large financial interests?
The Canadian Free Media is not smarter than a 5th grader and they just don't care.
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