Monday, May 31, 2010

Branding: Liberals D.O.A. Coalition To Nowhere

The latest Angus Poll confirms an observation of mine, Jack Layton should take over the Liberal Party of Toronto-Montreal. Here is the Poll. The Liberal Party is dead on arrival regardless of what leader is the caretaker.
Suppose the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party (NDP) merged and had Jack Layton as leader. If a federal election were held tomorrow, which one of the following parties would you be most likely to support in your constituency?
I don't believe Canadians are out of step with the world,  North American socialism from Toronto- Montreal is in the decline. Trudeau was rejected by the West and Quebec a long time ago. The NDP kept the Liberals alive through Lewis, Broadbent from the 70-80's. Layton has done his part by invoking 'making parliament work' when his party was unprepared to face the voters.
Same question but this time with the media darling Bob Rae:
Lastly the reality of Michael Ignatieff. A failed candidate to Dion in 2006. Appointed by insiders in 2008 after a crushing defeat and a failed coup by three stooges.
It is too bad they did not ask about the young dauphin in-waiting with the good hair. The search for the next leader to fix their problems is delaying the acceptance of hard facts and truths about a party that has lost touch with most Canadians.
The Liberal Brand is damaged beyond repair. In Quebec, Ontario and BC the provincial cousins are doing their best to destroy it as well.
  • Increase in Taxes for redistribution to unions, benefits, salaries and pensions
  • Bigger Government, more jobs in government
  • Deficits
The Liberals have lost speaking on behalf of a united Canada, a stronger Canada for a long time. They have been busy trying to destroy our democracy by calling on the separatists, socialists to unite and protect their entitlements.
On every issue of importance they have flubbed it.
They tried to turn H1N1 into a financial windfall for their own party. The President of the Liberal Party kept his job.
They offended Catholics by suggesting our Prime Minister behaved incorrectly at a State Funeral.
They pushed our government was racist narrative at every opportunity.
They lied about the threat to our democracy over a delay of twenty-eight days of re-opening parliament during the Olympics. The leader immediately embarks on his University Tour as the doors are opened.
They ignored the testimony of Generals, Ambassadors, and experts to push our military and government were involved in a cover up of torture and war crimes.
Instead of uniting behind our Prime Minister demanding more accountability of the G8 on Maternal Health, they raised the abortion issue to distract and divide Canadians.
They attacked, hounded a female MP in Question Period for nearly two months for an incident that never took place at an Airport. The Liberal MP that read the letter has NOT resigned or explained how the unidentified author made up the details has not been made public. After a resignation took place they blamed the PM for not sharing the details why she was removed.
They have attacked the Ontario judicial system suggesting a sweetheart deal was offered but ignore when their own are embroiled in the same controversy.
The Democrats, Separatists have not distanced themselves from the actions and allegations raised by the Liberals.
The socialists and separatists have in fact added controversy to the distrust of our military and our institutions.
The opposition is united in weakening this country and our capacity to achieve great things.
  • Protection of entitlements of large unions is their priority
  • Corporate-Union Welfare is being demanded by opposition parties.
  • Accountability is being ignored and returning to balanced budgets.
Restricting the spending and size of government is being framed as an ideological attack of right wing extremists invoking religious intolerance of Christians and bigotry is now common practice by the opposition.
Enough is enough. Greece is not the economic role model for Canada.
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Anonymous said...

The facts, the charts, and the graphs may all portray the Conservatives in a positive light, but if they keep wasting taxpayers money on stupid photo-op events like the G8/20 disaster, and if they keep hiding information from scrutiny behind a wall in the PMO they may find these charts going in the opposite direction.

CanadianSense said...

Canadians are not stupid and the media are suggesting the government is to blame for all the problems but none of the good news.

It make little to no sense. I don't know anyone happy about money being spent of security for G7-G20 event. ( I don't know anyone who is talking about it)

Other than junkies, Media cabal are trying their best to revisit an issue and blow it up.

We don't have the figures of the other G20 and the costs are not public.

We keep hearing about London only $ 30 million (they have already spent Billions with Cameras)

Pittsburgh had the river and fences put up.

The West was never on the teat of Ottawa and dumped the PC when they got too comfortable.

Quebec did the same to the Liberals who benefitted from the anti-conscription stance they took at PC expense.

Trudeau used the military to round up hundreds of Quebecers and suspend their rights.

He never recovered in Quebec or his party. P. Trudeau would never work with the separatists in breaking up Canada and did not want government to become too powerful. He believed the Charter would protect them with the courts.

He alienated Quebec separatists and helped prevent reconciliation under Mulroney.

Angus paints a rosy picture of the coalition of losers.

The Alliance+PC did not keep all their support with the merger and them same will happen.

The radical NDP in Quebec will join the separatists.

The MPs that are open minded, believe in self accountability, Israel right to exist won't join the coalition under Layton.

bertie said...

HEY POWELL,,Who in hell should be in these photo,s..YOU,,IGGY,,WHO WHO WHO?????Get some bloody brains or STFU..PM Harper is the leader here in Canada and these meetings must mean something or they would not be held.So if someone is going to represent Canada it is PM Harper and it will not be a photo op,it will be world leaders at a world meeting,discussing world problems ,like the economy and the recession.They will be here to get some lessons from Canada on how to control spending and not go bankrupt like Greece,Spain,Portugal and how many others.If they want to take pictures,great.But no one in Canada will see them,because our sick,lame and sleazy MSM will not show them,but not to worry POWELL they will be all over the world impressing the other parts of the world on what a world class leader Canada has.Photo op ,I think not,unless Jacko shows up with the demonstrators,or Iggy gets some more CBC coverage to spew his venom about THAT GUY (yes that is how he calls our PM)Not an ounce of brain ,between the two of them.Oh Powell,can you get me a photo of the PM ,i would be honored.And what information do you want Powell??

The_Iceman said...

The Liberals won't abdicate leadership to the NDP. The Liberals are entitled to power.

Alex said...

Calm yourself there Bertie. Powell has his view and he makes it politely. He's a better man than you in that respect and I suspect in others as well. Don't be telling your fellow conservatives to STFU or you'll have me to deal with. No two of us has the exact same mind and we are all in this together. I know this is the Internet and all but try to have some civility and disagree like a gentlemen.