Sunday, May 02, 2010

Liberals Face Political Extinction: All bets off?

Why have the Liberals refused to hold an "adult conversation" and provide Canadians with an alternative to the current government with their promised platform in May, June 2009?

Why were Liberals in a rush to avoid a democratic contest to elect their new leader? Dion was to remain leader until May 2009 giving each nominee an opportunity to discuss ideas and a reason to vote Liberal again. Did the back-room strategists boys in Toronto realize the grassroots were not returning?

How else would you explain in appointing the alleged "smartest guy in the room" with no connection to Adscam  having been away for 34 years by muzzling him on policy?

Did those staff layoffs in November 2009 foretell of serious financial problems?

Are these the policies politics of division the Liberals going to the Polls on in the next election?
  • 45 Day EI. (Never introduced in Parliament)
  • Daycare Ver. 13.0
  • Tax funded abortions for the Congo. (Failed Liberal can't count)
  • The NDP Economic Policy: Blame it on the Banks.
  • French-English language requirement Supreme Court. (Bloc motion)
  • Politicize GG selection (Dare you to count the Liberal cultural labels)
  • Italian Reparations 70 years later.

Mr. Ignatieff was consulted by the Canadian Secretary to the Queen at the request of the Prime Minister for suggestions on a successor to Ms. Jean. The Usher of the Black Rod carries out a 600 year old Parliamentary tradition as the personal attendant and messenger of the Sovereign or her representative.

Is this what saving the furniture looks like before the writ is dropped?

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Can't he get anything right?


The_Iceman said...

Can you confirm that the maximum an individual can contribute to a political party annually is $1100, and if so how long has this been so? If Graves donated $11,000 over 10 years, does that mean that he donated the maximum amount every year for a decade?

CanadianSense said...

The rules were changed after the race began and loans taken out by the LPOC, and leadership races allows for loans.

Elections Canada Website is a great place to get the regulations.
As of January 1, 2007, new rules for political contributions under the Canada Elections Act come into force:
You can make a political donation to registered political entities only if you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

You can give no more than $1,100* in each calendar year to each registered political party.

fernstalbert said...

I really don't know why the Liberals bother being a party - they would be better off to quietly morph into the NDP. At least you know what the NDP stand for. Cheers.