Sunday, May 02, 2010

Oh Snap: Canadian Pro-abortion lobbyists lose another battle.

Great news on for those interested in the business of actually saving lives. Canada's partners in the G8 have endorsed Prime Minister Stephen Harper's plan to focus the foreign aid of rich nations on saving the lives of new mothers and their young children in the developing world.

Foreign aid to poor countries has come under fire from a range of academics and economists in recent years who say too much aid is wasted by humanitarian bureaucracies, misused by corrupt local governments, and funnelled into ineffective programs.- The Vancouver Sun April 28, 2010

Demand better accountability for the money sent overseas is a change from previous governments . Canadians have demostrated a willingness to help.

Many of us understood the political games in Ottawa were not about saving lives, it was about dividing parliament and destructive politics. A large number of us have been calling for a priority on real measurable targets. Will the opposition continue to play games or will they help in resolving issues around maternal health.
Clean drinking water, food security. CanadianSense April 14, 2010.


hunter said...

It just shows the ignorance of Iggy and his cultural warriors, no nation is going to support funding for abortions now that Iggy made it a hot potato issue. Oh, except Hillary, but she lost to Obama, so that says it all.

CanadianSense said...

The disconnect for many of us the 20 years of nothing to show for it from the West.

We need to discontinue the old ways of little or no improvement.

Let's pony up and make some progress with the Billions we have promised.

Let's kick the countries in the G8 that just talk but do not deliver the funds as promised.

Less talk more action.

Hoarfrost said...

Besides, abortion is anethema to the laws of the countries that need help.