Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Money, Money: Return First Quarter

We – politicians and citizens – have bonded ourselves to our fantasies. For average Canadians, it is that we can get by fine without government. And for politicians? It’s that we can bludgeon one another and still think we are serving the public. Party against party. Region against region, Citizen against citizen.- Liberal MP Glen Pearson August 4, 2009

This fight is about Money, who gets to control it and how can we divide it up for our own interests. Each political party needs money to fight a national campaign. Rules are being changed by parties in power to advance their agenda. It has always been done in this manner. The Liberals have used their majorities to benefit their political dynasty. The CPC with support of at least one party have made changes. When the CPC get a majority other changes may take place.

Political Party Fundraising First Quarter 2010

For an unbiased, well written post on this subject please visit The Pundits Guide. It is one of the few sites that deliver so much detail in an uncluttered fashion.

Another great site for detail and perspective  Crunching the fourth quarter party finance numbers from Elections Canada discusses financial numbers comparing 2008. 

A Liberal partisan blogger  Calgary Grit posts on his perspective of the fundraising data. Here is a quick link on the tags on fundraising   First Quarter from Blogging Tories.

The Liberals took a drubbing in four federal by-elections in November, finishing third in all four of them, among both English and French-speaking Canadians, on both coasts and in urban as well as in rural Canada. Since Michael Ignatieff promised to bring down the minority government, his poll numbers have plunged. His office, in need of “adult supervision,” according to Robin Sears, is being revamped under the leadership of Peter Donolo. But it’s the leader himself who hired the old staff, and who has underperformed, in both the House and the country.- Iggy's Path To Power - Robin V. Sears Policy Options December 2009-January 2010

Robin V. Sears notes that the NDP, Conservatives have seasoned veteran leaders with their bases to draw strength from, his view might be characterized as picking the low hanging fruit.  ...have one in four voters — especially in Ontario and Quebec — with uncertain loyalties to play for. Many of them have voted Liberal in the recent past.

Canuck Politics has a great video.

On November 27, 2008 the shit hit the fan with the announcement of ending the "free ride" for political parties. The Finance Minister announced we would work with the G 20 and those actions may drive us in deficit. The opposition demanded massive spending or risk being replaced with a coalition six weeks after the General Election? Brian Topp wrote a book, we learned the Plan was much more sinister. Blogging Tories Tag here


In my opinion each political party is too fond of their entitlements, they want more money, do we make it easier for all of them to take it?  Should we require them to earn it and disclose how they spend our money?
All parties are NOT interested in having their books audited and how they spend through the The Board of Internal Economy. MPs seek $550 million worth of blind faith

Let's try no audit on your expenses, no political party funding for you! Any bets how fast each party changes their mind and allows the auditor general to review the The Board of Internal Economy?

Here is my Culture of Entitlement post here. (April 25, 2010)   The Liberal Party of Canada Disconnect here. (September 28, 2009)


The_Iceman said...

I'd like to see MP expenses made public. I'm sure it will embarass both parties, but you know if the Libs thought they could come out of that on top, they would be demanding it right now. That they aren't crying wolf on this suggests guilt. If government MPs won't disclose everything when they are hiding something, then the Liberals must be hiding something. That is the same kind of logic that the Liblogs applied to the early stages of detaineegate.

CanadianSense said...

100% true. Why should taxpayer accept redacted expenses?

Without full disclosure they are all guilty, each party must be hiding some evidence of "tirture". We need an open and third party audit. A Royal Commission on those packages of gum abuses!