Friday, May 14, 2010

Media Coverage: Culture War Sells

Paranoia and Fearmongering about some vast rightwing Christian movement to strip away of Rights and Freedoms in Canada on sale? What media outlets will help promote this narrative as credible?

The progressive people in the industry of advocacy of lobbying, selling books, presenting their own ideology about some socialist utopia on earth have their version of history and role others are allowed to play. I have no problem with the Carbon Footprint or the financial interests of Al Gore in regards to the Global Warming Agenda. I think if the media wish to ignore the potential bias or conflicts it does a disservice to their credibility in the long run and will eventually destroy their product or public image.
Spot the "Religious Right-wing Christian Neo-con" leader: compare the actions, policy position of two American Presidents George Bush, Barrack Obama and the Canadian PM Stephen Harper. How are they compared by our Canadian media and opposition leaders? Do they share the same views of abortion, SSM at home and abroad? Is funding for abortion allowed by Federal Tax dollars in the United States? What groups of visible minorities overwhelmingly voted against SSM in California?

How do progressives view the socialist governments of Eastern Europe, Soviet Union during after WWII through to 1990's? How did they feel about the spreading of communism in Central America, Cuba and Asia? Did these progressives tell the truth about the mass starvation, loss of individual rights in those countries? Do they turn a blind eye to the atrocities under the ideology of collectivism vs capitalism?

Western Democracies: Rule of Law
We have regular elections, a free press, how do we compare with those who don't have a free press, equality, women's rights or a democratic government? Do these advocates speak up against the injustice in those countries and groups that turn a blind eye?

Joyce Arthur -I'm a political activist for abortion rights and women's rights.  I've written numerous articles and essays on abortion, feminism, sex work, evolution and atheism.

How Canada’s Christian right was built: Joyce Arthur on the “They’re more brazen and confident,” says Joyce Arthur, director of the Abortion Rights Coalition. “That’s the big change. Being in power has given them legitimacy.
Joyce, gets it WRONG WRONG WRONG. An individual or group that DOES NOT share your ideology does not need to be in power to have legitimacy. They have already have that right guaranteed and protected in Canada. They don't have it Saudia Arabia, Iran, Cuba, North Korea and Hamas controlled territories. How are those battles against those countries and regimes where those rights you advocate going?
Interviewed by Wendy Mesley on CBC's The National May 11, McDonald suggested the ultimate meaning of dominionist and similar concepts was that "it means governed only by born-again Christians, according to biblical precepts. And it is a very small subset of this larger conservative Christian movement. But they have a lot of power, and they are very noisy and very well organized." Canadian Christianity

Is this a book that is anti-Christian, anti-religious, anti-extremist, does the author dig into the problems of religious fanaticism in every religious group and provide examples of how each extremist group is a danger to society we cherish as liberal and tolerant? I have NOT read the book, I don't have an informed opinion, I can only ask questions and look at the articles and clips provided to help promote her book.

The publisher, Toronto Star fail to notice: One of CCF’s leading representatives and in-house lawyers is outspoken atheist libertarian, Karen Selick. The TSTAR has updated their post.
Will the CBC give an author equal time to sell books about the Rise of Radical Islam and the danger is poses in Canada and the world? Will some media outlets give this author more free promotion to sell her book and other less if her message is controversial or unbiased?

Time will tell, is their a bias and if we have a problem with right wing extremist Christian agenda.

Where are the opposition parties, Public Unions, advocacy groups calling for divestment in regimes that don't have equality for women?


The_Iceman said...

"Will Smith doesn't have to curse in his raps to sell records; but I do so f**k him and f**k you!"


CanadianSense said...

Charles Adler calls her a bigot and seems very upset with the CBC over not challenging her views.

I believe this will have a significant backlash against the political parties that attack Christians as some radical fringe group.