Monday, May 24, 2010

Eyes Wide Shut: Activists, Environmentalists, Media

Good Americans vs. Bad Americans

Where did all those anti-american activists go in Canada? Actions against Imperialist War and Aggression. The communist-marxist in 2008 were getting some great press coverage in rallying against the "evil American Empire" a few years ago did they retire to Boca-Raton?
"It is against the will (of Canadians) that the government has decided to extend the military presence (in Afghanistan) until 2011," said Raymond Legault, a spokesman for the anti-war group Collectif Echec a la Guerre.

Mission Accomplished, the two conflicts are over. Did I miss the memo?
George Bush was in power in the U.S. for eight years. He was framed an oppressor, climate denier by American, International and our own Canadian media. They had a passion for reporting and telling us how bad the Republican Executive Branch in the United States was on a regular basis. The Democrats had majority of seats in the Senate and Congrees for the last few years of his presidency. Very few Democrats opposed military action in Afghanistan.

Winds of Change in 2010

What has changed for these environmental activists, anti-war protestors in the U.S. or Canada? Is this Democratic President bad for business?

The Canadian government led by Stephen Harper has aligned himself with the Democrats in adopting a North American solution. The Obama administration has been reluctant along with China to sign onto the COP treaty.

We have the largest spill in history, larger than the Exxon Valdez currently taking place. We have BP contract employees with U.S. Coast Guard banning the free press on public beaches trying to report on the oil spill.

We still have two active conflicts in Iraq , Afghanistan and the anti-war protests gone.


Media concentration to Green, social justice stories a potential for a blind spot.

Do we have secret deals being negotiated in Ontario with large Energy Companies, foreign countries in Ontario by a Liberal Premier with his majority? Some think so but coverage is limited to almost non-existent. Is the Canadian media blind to the warning signs in Europe around the Green Jobs Myth?

Canada accounts for 2.3% of the contribution of Carbon emissions worldwide. If you watch our Canadian media you would be unlikely to find a story that reinforces that fact. In 2008 the majority of Canadians did not support the Green Tax Agenda of the Liberals, NDP, Bloc or Green. The second place party Liberals had over 75% voters reject their platform. The NDP had 82% reject them. In Quebec over 62% rejected the Separatist party but through our system were able to capture 65% of the seats in Quebec. The Green Party with more votes than the separtists were unable to win a single seat.

Europeans are starting to push back on spending and in the cases of General elections many socialist parties and liberals have seen their votes and seats shrink for the last few years. The Global recession has increased tension and nationalism in protecting jobs at home.

Poland is threatening to veto a new EU climate-change accord unless restrictions on its coal use are eased.. WSJ December 10, 2010.

Three months later: President Lech Kaczynski and scores of other senior Polish figures have been killed in a plane crash in Russia

Activists, environmentalists, anti-war protesters, competing media outlets were united in their criticisms against "FOX" being biased in the reporting of the G.W.B administration. Oil soaked seabird washed up on May 21, 2010 on Grand Isle in Louisana.

How does this compare with today with the Obama administration: how does the American, Canadian, International media in reporting or examining the war, lives lost, environmental actions by the Democratic majority in Congress, Senate and executive branch today?
Has anyone seen a scathing report from the CBC, CTV, Global regarding the inaction on the Carbon Emissions, the environment, war mongering from our American neighbour to the south?

I remember the blame being squarely put on the Executive branch in delaying progessive legislation when a Republican President was in charge. Today the criticism is to lay blame on a minority of Republicans who won't get along with the democratic majority.

What party is delaying the progressive legislation to fix it, are they also in the pocket of Big Oil, the Defense Industry?

Wildlife being killed by Windmills is under reported or ignored by the media, but if a bird is covered in oil it newsworthy for weeks. Is just me that notices the blind spot for the environmentalists, news media from the U.S., International, and Canada in being critical and reporting with the exception Fox News?
Do you think the bird really cares how it is killed?


Big Red Magnum said...

Environmentalists are just Communists in green clothing, as long as the destruction of the free market is underway they will remain quiet.
It never was about the environment, that was just a tool(agenda 21) to destroy the free market.
Harper is not behaving as smartly as he's made out to be, his marching in step with a Marxist Obama is downright foolish, what if he loses the next election or only retains a minority?, then we are stuck with socialist nonsense the Liberals/NDP/BLOC would never rescind, nor is he seemingly cognizant of what is transpiring in the USA and that when the USA repeals the retarded co2 emission controls after Nov or 2012 we will be stuck with them to our disadvantage.
He plays a dangerous game with our future IMO by dabbling in nonsense both environmental (co2 controls) and economic(voicing support for the Keynesian stimulus's supposed benefits LOL)
Makes me wonder if he's been bought, blackmailed or threatened quite frankly.

Alex said...

Here's a thought experiment: Some one invents gasoline fueled environment fixer. Do the eco-nuts rejoice, or mourn the loss of the global socialism?

The_Iceman said...

I still hear George Bush being blamed for a lot. I heard that Stephen Harper idolizes George Bush and wants to become him. In Bob Rae's failed abortion motion, he even referenced George Bush.

Hoarfrost said...

I am not an Economist but I do have an observation about an aspect of Kenesian economics as I understood it. I stand to be corrected here on my statement.

Wasn't Keynesian economics designed to save during the boom cycles in order to pay our debts during the down cycles.

To me that implies classic fiscal conservatism. Don't overspend during the boom cycles so that we can survive without too much debt during the down cycles.

Our governments have been too profligate when times are good. McGuinty please listen. Now those profligate governments must "pay the piper" at the polls. Maybe the people are paying attention despite the bread and circuses presented.