Sunday, May 09, 2010

Jane, Interrupted

Jane Taber interrupted the female Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner guest four times? How many times did she interrupt,  inject a counter talking point against the Liberal or NDP guest, zero?

Your admission you're rudeness in a tribute to the Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth did not work for many reasons. Sorry Jane you have a track record as well.

Jane you failed in your duties towards having the appearance of being balanced or fair of your treatment in all the guests again.

Nancy Ruth has a track record as an advocate on women's issues.

This is not the first time a Conservative MP get interrupted or Jane's failure to manage her guests.

Fortunately this time the Liberal MP was not repeatedly interrupting the female conservative guest with opposition talking points.

This time, Jane Taber stepped up to play the role. Kudos again.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Great title!

Hoarfrost said...

I seldom watch Question Period anymore but I caught it today.It appeared as though Jane was enabling a pile on to that Conservative MP from Manitoba. It was just par for the course.

The thing that annoyed me more than anything was the smug look she had during the wrap up.

Alberta Girl said...

I just wish that our Conservatives would start fighting back against these rude "personalities"....something like...

"excuse me for talking while you are interrupting would put her in her place"

robins111 said...

I refuse to warch that cackling hag.

CanadianSense said...

Thankfully this is not a publicly tax funded broadcaster costing billions.

I suspect our concerns are for bias or balance. When a moderator is unable to deliver both, a question about the agenda rises to the front.

Many of us have no problem nailing every MP for their refusal to provide an audit on the annual $ 500 million+ expenses by MP and senators.

Why is the media refusing to hammer away the fact the last audit was 1991. When they ask about Taliban documents why not hammer them you hypocritical S.O.B. you won't release your own expenses!

Can you imagine working for an employer and suggesting you own internal review of your expenses is enough!

Are the media benefiting from the Parliament expense trough?

wilson said...

Candice Hoeppner is a fantastic Conservative representative. Well informed, well spoken and respectfull.
Ms Taber acted very unprofessional, like a bully panelist rather than a moderator.
Not one of her finest hours.
Same can be said for Tom Clark.

Fred said...

Jane is a very skanky little gossip mongerer.

Very skanky.