Friday, May 07, 2010

Green Party Leader : Caroline Lucas Plays Robin Hood

Caroline Lucas should be the luckiest woman in politics. More than 20 years ago she joined a minor, leftfield party: today its defining issue has become the biggest political issue in the world. Bingo! Only politics, of course, is not that simple. As Winston Churchill famously pointed out, democracy has been described as "the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried", and if you really want to see what he meant, spend an hour with the leader of the Green party. May 18, 2009 Guardian

It is not difficult to play the part of Robin Hood in politics. Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party follows the tradition of blaming the "robber barons" (BP, Shell, Centrica) for making "grotesque profits". She suggests they are to blame for the rising costs of heating your home. She also like to throw in her clip it is they are run by mostly men.
Does she think students, seniors are driving around in Hummers, private jets heating the 5,000 square foot mansions consuming and feeding the profits of these evil robber barons? I am under the impression these groups have very little impact in polluting or wasting energy. Caroline can you contact those wealthy friends in the Green Lobby to stop sending profits.(here)

The delegates to the Copenhagen climate summit will produce enough carbon emissions to fill 10,000 Olympic swimming pools, according to figures commissioned by the host Denmark. Reuters is reporting that the massive carbon footprint is equivalent to the impact generated by half a million Ethiopians in a single year Did you attend, how did you get there again?

The socialist parties in Canada do the same thing.  They promised an organic chicken in every pot and to make those rich bad people pay for the inequities of society. The Bloc, NDP regularly like blame the banks, big corporations, oil companies for "grotesque profits".

Poverty, unemployment exists and will always be a part of every society. How we choose to deal with has been an ideological battle for decades.Where do the NDP, Bloc and Liberals turn to for economic models of successful socialism? What countries do the cite as role models?

The Liberals, NDP , Bloc have been fans of "wealth redistribution" for a very long time. They propose to tax the middle, upper income earners to provide a higher standard of living for the less fortunate. The disconnect for the coalition parties is how much more in taxes can the middle class afford to give?

Do any of us believe they can create a "windfall tax", "Tobin Bank tax", "Carbon Tax", promising to targeting only the most wealthy, banks, oil companies system will work to help the poor?

HST is a bad tax according to the socialists NDP, they even had fun at the expense of their coalition leader here. Some Liberals like the HST, some Liberals are against the long gun registry but threats by the Liberal party whip can eliminate those individual thoughts. Can a socialist explain a good tax vs a bad tax? The middle class wallet can't discriminate based on political ideology. It sucks when the right or left take our money.

If so where are those economic socialist government models? Let's compare.

If a large population of poorer Canadians are not paying income taxes today how do you help them by increasing their expenses on food, energy, shelter through adding or increasing consumption taxes?

Who will ultimately be asked to pay for those new added taxes, families and the middle class.

Instead of looking at the problem in an objective fashion it is much easier to blame, label someone else for your misfortune. Is is possible a lack of jobs, education, willingness to relocate to regions where the economy and prospects are better?

If I build my mansion on the beachfront, or in the middle of a fire zone in the forest should the taxpayer be on the hook? Where does my personal responsibility measure up?

Can Caroline Lucas identify or enumerate how many of these MPs are in the House of Commons are on the payroll for these three energy (Robber Barons) companies?

The Labor Party has a majority and helped create a financial incentive for Carbon Trading. Billions have gone missing, organized crime and governments are selling the same credits twice. Do you see a problem with giving government more taxation powers?

What other types of taxes, subsidies are given by governments can she find as wasteful? Can we review and eliminate wasteful spending and non essential priorities and allow the poorer and middle class to keep their earnings?

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The_Iceman said...

"Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff"

-Frank Zappa

CanadianSense said...

It is unfortunate when the 'intolerant left' are asked for their socialist economic utopia on earth they can't name it. You would think after hundreds of failed attempts someone would have figured it out.

Frank Zappa is honest about the reality. Too bad the Robin Hood school of economics is still being taught by the left.