Thursday, May 27, 2010

Will Layton repeat Lewis 1972 mistake?

David Lewis saved Trudeau. Lewis used the phrase 'making parliament work'. Trudeau did NOT share the credit for the policies passed for NDP support.

Voters punished the NDP including Lewis two years later. Will Layton ignore the lesson of history and repeat it?

If you examine David Lewis, he understood the threat to Canada by the separatists in Quebec, what does Jack know that we don't?


Bec said...

"Over four year, program spending increased 68.5%, from $11.5 billion in 1968-69 to $19.4 billion in 1972-73. The annual deficit nearly tripled. Unemployment was up sharply over 1968."
PAge 168 "Blue Thunder"
Bob Plamondon

"The country paid dearly for the marriage of convenience. Government financed programs; which had cost $16.8 billion in 1971-73,rose to $29 billion in 1974-75- a stunning 72.7 percent.
Page 289 "Blue Thunder"
Bob Plamondon

"The NDP was was not rewarded for helping Trudeau. It's seat total was nearly halved."
Page 290 "Blue Thunder"
Bob Plamondon wasn't Mulroney's deficit (but we knew that already...more media enabling) IT WAS TRUDEAU'S and his COALITION!

Bec said...

"PAge 168'
Typo apologies

Page 286 "Blue Thunder"

hunter said...

Layton wants that limo so bad he can taste it. If he was willing to make Dion the Prime Minister, he should have no problem making Iggy the PM.

Won't work with Canadians but the one worrying example of it working is in Edmonton, where the Liberals, Greens, and NDP hooked up to get econut Duncan elected. I felt bad for the Liberal candidate because it was obvious to everyone what was happening.

Ardvark said...

The take over of the Liberal Party of Canada by the NDP is almost complete.

It is easy when you have a couple of people on the inside.

CanadianSense said...

History shows voters have not been grateful towards the NDP in seats as a result of 'making parliament work'.

The NDP lose seats and popular support when the Liberals are given time to recover.

In 1984 Canada dumped the Liberals who ran Canada from 1963-1984 (21 years, left with 40 seats.

Quebec dumped the Trudeau Liberals.

In 1988 Broadbent only gained 13 seats, John Turner gained 43 seats.

CBC led with a campaign by JC to undermine John Turner in the campaign. Did this affect how many seats the Liberals could have won if they were not fighting amongst themselves?

Crap too many thoughts should make a blogpost.

Patrick Ross said...

One thing Jack knows that we don't is what his party and the Liberals offered the Bloc Quebecois to secure their cooperation in that coalition they dreamed up.

And they still won't tell Canadians.