Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Parliament: Rewriting History Canadian Media on Hiatus

Perception vs Reality
Our media is failing to dig for substance, they have become part of the larger problem. How many stories on the Prime Minister arriving late for a photo? Anyone see a Canadian media outlet challenge the opposition party on the facts and fairy tales in Question Period?
The purpose of Question Period is to ask the Government questions about issues that are important, topical and to hold the government to account for decision taken or not taken. Is the Canadian media covering the events in Question Period in a neutral fashion or do they have their own agenda?
We have forty-nine Separatists demand their voice be heard. These Separatists demand Canada respect their demands of allowing Quebec to secede by playing the victim card. These forty-nine separatist ignore the results of two referendums. The Separatists earned 65% of the seats  in 2008 with only 38.1% the popular support in Quebec. The Separatists have no problem in demanding their minority voice represents the majority interest in retaining an imbalance of seats in the federal parliament. The Separatists have no difficulty in demanding the majority of Canadians stop progress, plans to adopt a national regulator or balance their books if it impacts on their interests. These Separatists have NEVER won the support of the majority in Quebec voters but they regularly stand up and accuse the federalist Members of Parliament in Quebec as voting against the best interest of Quebec. How does our Canadian media refer to the 38% popular vote in Quebec for the Separatists? Can you find an analysis of these riding and Bloc support? Where do the Separatists have the most of their support and seats? The Bloc with 87% are the most dependent on the political party subsidy welfare from the taxpayer compliments of the Chretien Liberal majority. The Liberals are next in reliance of the welfare from taxpayers.
Quebec is the largest beneficiary of the Federalist welfare. The majority of the federal government welfare has been on backs Ontario and Alberta. If you are paying the bills to keep the lights on in Quebec, are you not entitled to make the decision? The Separatists don't think so, they believe they are entitled to more money and powers. The population of Quebec is not growing as fast as Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia. Instead of allowing the other provinces to add seats the Separatists have chosen to play the victim. Quebec has been a taken the lion-share of equalization payments since the program was developed.
  • In November 2008 the Lib-Dem formed a coalition signed the Accord. It agreed to give these Separatists a veto, balance of power during the worst global recession as the total number of Lib-Dem MPs were not greater than the six week old government. The deal was to last until June 2011.
  • Brian Topp author, ex-NDP strategist explained how this secret deal was in place months ago and was not the same as alleged by coalition leaders.
  • Brian Topp has not been sued by the opposition leaders to correct his statements on the details.
  • Anyone from the media inquire with this revelation the secret deal was in place months before the election?
The NDP earn more votes than the Separatists but send less MPs to parliament. The NDP have agreed with the Separatists giving Quebec an unfair representation against Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. The Democrats hold one seat, they have never been a credible force in Quebec. The Democrats are the closest in ideology with the separatists on social issues. The Democrats regularly vote against expanding global free trade, combat missions. They look to the Robin Hood School of economics theory.  The NDP seem to get alot of support from Public Unions. These Unions will be asked to make some freeze or reduce their entitlements in dealing with the deficit. Can you guess how much energy the NDP will expend in defending these Public Unions?
The Liberals have had the biggest hill to climb in regaining credibility since their loss of power under Martin in 2006. They have failed to make significant inroads with the grassroots to open their wallets, key demographics, winning support outside their pockets in three of the largest cities. In 2008 the Liberal support in Ontario retreated again. This was a historic low that was not seen since confederation. The problems of the Liberal Party , fall from grace as the natural governing party has many theories. The Big Tent Party are polling 1-3% above their historic 2008 collapse. Is this the new normal?
  • Inter-cine: Trudeau-Turner-Chretien-Martin-Dion-Ignatieff
  • Nasty Television Ads
  • RCMP investigation on Income Trusts
  • Financial Strength, Organization discipline
  • Platform, Vision, Trust
  • Roman Catholic, Female, Visible minorities, Rural voters
It is not difficult to understand the lack of success from the official opposition Liberals since losing power in 2006. The executive rejected the risk of the grassroots upsetting their an appointment of a leader who was defeated by Dion. The current leader did not win a democratic race in his own riding. Ignatieff was parachuted into a safe Liberal seat, his opportunism pushed the female Liberal MP out. They have not chosen to listen, represent the interest of regular voters. They have chosen along with the fringe parties to play political games with a cultural war in pitting region against region.
The world is moving ahead, Spanish PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero announced a 5% cut to public sector salaries, as well as reductions to pensions and regional government funding.-BBC News
Have the opposition parties united behind opening their expenses to the public? Have they participated in calls for restraint in growth of government programs?
Stockwell Day has been put in charge to find savings in every department including Parliament. Are the opposition parties interested in following the example of other governments?
Treasury Board President Stockwell Day announced Monday that Industry Canada and regional development agencies for Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the West will be among 13 departments required to shave 5 per cent from their budgets this year. -G&M
Will the opposition continue to frame these re-balancing of priorities as radical, ideological as part of the cultural war narrative? What part is the Canadian media playing?
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NB Tory Gal said...

Yes, you are right...they need to dig deeper...and they are not...they pick and choose what to follow and between them and their editor...they try to influence Canadians and gloss over much that is important.
No wonder the Tories have quite a media is not so much so that they can compete..but probably to give exposure to things they want the public to know...mostly organized because of the media lack.

CanadianSense said...

I understand cutbacks, smaller newsrooms exist and groupthink exists more.
The danger is a Free Press that is not critical or biased for an agenda.
A free press needs to hold all the political parties to the same scrutiny.

bertie said...

Has anyone asked WHY do the Conservatives answer these phony questions.Why do they keep up with this charade of question period?Do they not have a say in what is crap and what is real.