Monday, March 15, 2010

Stockwell Day - Exposed Intolerant Left

Divide & Conquer: Fanning the flames of Intolerance of your opponent has been used in politics to demonize and boost the morale of your partisans for hundreds of years. If we take a critical examination on how the Liberal Party campaigned against the Reform Party, Canadian Alliance with the support of the mainstream media in tow.
Have the "progressives" in the left changed their tactics since losing power? was a Liberal government that implemented the new conservative domestic agenda – lowering taxes on the wealthy, privatizing crown corporations, cutting social services to the poor, eliminating health and safety rules.

But as the Liberals moved farther to the right, they always exuded a slight sense of embarrassment. Rhetorically, the party insisted it hadn't changed even when the evidence showed otherwise

With Harper, there is less confusion. While he is not uniquely responsible for all the changes in Canadian political life, he articulates them better than his political opponents. - A Transformative Prime Minister Thomas Walkom The Toronto Star November 21, 2009
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What’s more, we have introduced a strategic review process whereby all federal programs must demonstrate that they are effective and efficient. They must show they are focused on Canadians’ priorities and meeting the changing needs of Canadians. The 2009 round of reviews reallocated up to $287-million to budget priorities. In 2010-11, about $33-billion will be reviewed and in all, we anticipate savings of close to $1.7-billion.
In addition, we will also conduct a comprehensive review of administrative functions and overhead costs. Our goal is to eliminate any redundant spending and find savings wherever they may exist. The review will look at external and internal service operations, business processes and administration.  - - Stockwell Day National Post March 14, 2010
 Evangelical support for the Liberals has dropped throughout the country in the last decade, according to a new study by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, which means more work for the Grits' outreach efforts on top of trying to turn around their sagging support in the polls. Liberals losing evangelical voters, says EFC study
-The Hill Times October 12, 2009
Political parties say nasty, torqued things about one another all the time. The only thing that’s unusual here is that this particular piece of nasty, torqued messaging targets a core Liberal constituency that has, for the first time in decades, suddenly become an object of real competition. And it is this that has the Liberals panicked. It was one thing for the Liberals to lose the West, the rural vote and much of Quebec. But now, their very survival is in question: If they lose their monopoly on ethnic Canada, their support level will begin falling into NDP territory. The New Ethno Politics Editorial The National Post November 23, 2009
Our American neighbour to the south. The Democratic Party's victories including Obama's has weakened the anti-American support in Canada in the progressive political parties. 
"It's disgusting in my own country, and I love my country, Canada, but they would rather bitch about their rich neighbour to the south than actually pay the note," he said, in response to a question about PEACEKEEPING. "To pay the bill to be an international citizen is not something that they want to do."  - Michael Ignatieff

The "Progressives" can't demonize our American neighbours to the south effectively with Obama - Harper providing cover for each other's inactivity on the Energy file. Anyone see a Carbon Tax motion?
This is why the Liberal Party is finished for good.  Unless it turns back to its Catholic roots, it will never be able to regain power.This report is very important because if the Liberal Party wants to regain power, it must start to cater more to social conservatives.  - Pacheco
The progressive parties in opposition are unable to attack on alternative policies regarding the economy, jobs and issues that matter to most Canadians. Instead they will attack with intolerance and suggest the government is a right wing neo-conservative party with a hidden agenda like they did with Stockwell Day and Preston Manning.
The progressive parties in the left are tired, listless and offer no vision for a better Canada. In Europe the retreat has been taking place for years. Instead of working in parliament they offer more distractions and personal attacks.
Canadians are much smarter than our politicians and the NDP, Bloc and Liberals have no interest in getting approval at the ballot box.  Where is your plan to cut spending, raise taxes and help Canadians?
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The_Iceman said...

I have never been comfortable with the demonization of the word "progressive". I understand that there is a specific historical political movement, but as a Progressive Conservative, I always associated the P-word with progress, or "forward thinking".

But that's just me. I would assume that there are ties between "progressive" and "protestant".

Anonymous said...

Heh. Funny, I never really understood "progressive conservatism." One step ahead and one step back essentially means going no where, no?

CanadianSense said...


"Progessive" has become tainted by political parties of all stripes.

Jen said...

On Power and Politics this topic came up

'Bristish Parliament has a legistation out to make a the House of Lords members elected'.

the lady taking the place of Evan Solomon show asked this question to canadians "should canadians have their senators elected."

CS, where was this woman when the prime minister made the very same suggestion to provinces before he was elected as prime minister.

BTW. Senate reform topic is on P&P

CanadianSense said...


I can't stomach the MSM, too much yellow journalism. Soundbites reduced to 15 seconds. I prefer to read print or via online my information from several sources.

TV clips dwell on negative behaviour too much and have little in perspective in covering the current issues in any balanced manner.

If you look at the TV shows being watched very few News programs make top 30. Nationally CTV is first and than Global.

The current affairs " News" shows like PP, QP, or anything on the CBC beyond Hockey, Dragon's Den, American Gameshows is not widely viewed. I also don't watch TMZ.

Canadian views don't watch or care to see cranky old people talk about other old cranky people in Ottawa who can't get along.

We already know most politicans stink and won't make a serious decision if they suspect it might backfire on getting them re-elected.

The self-interest (self preservation) rule is number one.

Most of us are too cynical to get caught up on the Vision chicken in every pot speeches.

dupmar said...

Anonymous misunderstood the footwork involved. Lenin expounded on the notion of "progressive conservatism" in his 1904 essay
" One Step Forward, Two Steps Back"...