Sunday, March 14, 2010

Angelo Perischilli: Confirms Liberal Party Stuck in 90's

I admire the liberal bloggers, friends in media that pretend the Liberal Party of Canada is capable of holding an adult conversation with Canadians.

Donolo knows that in order to get the NDP vote, the Liberals have to polarize the electorate by demonizing the right, portraying the Liberal party as the only barrier against the "right-wing ideologues." That's why they talk about Afghanistan and not the economy, and about Rahim Jaffer and not about their plan to eliminate the deficit and create jobs. When the right is demonized, it's always the NDP that pays the price. In Ontario, at the time of the battle against Mike Harris, it was the NDP that lost party status in the Legislature.Angelo Perischilli
Road Trip to Montreal 150 for March Break , or as Rick Mercer alluded to a night out with the boys.

The problem the Liberals is that they struggle to define their core principles beyond broad, well-meaning aspirations. They favour peace, fairness, equality,  social justice and protection of human rights. So who doesn't? Hands up, everyone who's against social justice. The problem is in developing policies that promote and defend those beliefs and are identifiable as uniquely Liberal. To do that, you have to know what Liberalism stands for. And, at the moment, Liberals don't have a clue.- Kelly McParland


The_Iceman said...

I am going to start calling Iggy's "Listening Tour" this week the Hooked on Phonics Tour. Say is parliament in session this week? Boy it would be a shame if Ignatieff missed any days at work...

The_Iceman said...

I just recieved a Tweet from Kady O'Malley about my question is parliament in session this week.

kady @pragmatictory alas, it is. Somehow, we'll just have to muddle through without him. (Agreed, btw, that it's an inexplicably stupid move.)

CanadianSense said...

It does not take 77 Liberals to ask the same questions all week.

Will Michael Ignatieff allow Bob Rae to shine this week in Question Period? Or will he keep Bob on a short leash, in front of him for the party in Montreal?

I miss Montreal, I practically lived in Reuben's on St. Catharines.

Hand shaved montreal smoked meat....

I need a road trip now!

Calgary Junkie said...

In the last three elections, there were intense battles and strategizing, to get the voters on (what Kady calls), "the Red/Orange divide".

And so again, Donolo is positioning the Liberals for that same campaign end-game. But there's (at least) two big differences this time:

1. Layton is more popular than Iggy.

2. There is no Buzz Hargrove, ready to throw his support to the Lib leader.

Dipper Pat Martin, in his recent press conference, was talking tough about standing behind the public sector unions.
I can't see Iggy ever getting presented a union jacket by, say that Georgetti dude, the way Martin was by Buzz.

wilson said...

Haha, they made Dion go on a tour too, then Iffy took over in QP....

Maybe they are shipping Iffy out so he doesn't have to find the Govt in contempt of Parliament.

No way Derek Lee will table his motion if Iffy is touring the country looking for 'the most vulnerable' Canadians to speak to.

Jack has threatened to table a contempt motion this week,
maybe Iffy is going to force his hand to do so...will Jack back down?

wilson said...

(Agreed, btw, that it's an inexplicably stupid move.)

kady wrote that Iceman?

CanadianSense said...


I hold the Liberals in contempt of Parliament for not showing to vote on a budget they don't support.

It is undemocratic to only criticize the gov't agenda without offering/debating alternatives inside Parliament.
It is the duty and responsibility to have the opposition to challenge and keep the gov't accountable. By skipping town for a party in Montreal, 29 skip the budget they have damaged our democratic traditions.

Why elect Liberal MP's who don't bother the show for work and vote?

Anonymous said...

Does this tour mean more visits to high schools, day cares and colleges? Yawn...

Jen said...

"Angelo Perischilli: Confirms Liberal Party Stuck in 90's"

And so are most reporters, CBC, CTV.

Question is: what is Perischilli plans to do about it other than write about the story.
Does he not know that other reporters seen on television like Mansbridge, Tabers, Olivers, FIFE bureau chief fool are making a mockery of journalism, reporting; Until Perischilli and other good reporters say something publicily to defend his reporting as valid and true to a point; accusations against reporters will not stop.

Does he not know that it is through reporting either in newspapers and on television has kept the liberals and corruption alive throughout the years.

Jen said...

Iceman, when Ignatieff goes on his 'listening tours' Jack Layton takes over as leader of the liberal party as you have noticed lately Layton has taken over the LPOC to a point. Even the media treats him as a liberal.

The media, not only likes what the liberals did to canada(corruption etc) they now like Jack's idea as well. HUGE TAXES, SUPPORT EVERY UNION,scared every business out of town and so on.