Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Throne Speech: Analysis outside the Ottawa Bubble

Our GG is expected to deliver the Government's Broadstrokes in 6,000 words during her ninety minute monologue. What is more depressing our kids thinking about returning to school after summer break or adults realizing our Parliament is Open for 'politics' again?

Do any of us believe the games in Ottawa will change?

Sour Grapes from three opposition leaders first:
  • Expect Jack Layton to rush out and denounce something, Bank Profits are proof for raising taxes.
  • Follow up with Liberals calling the CPC mean, right wing idealogical agenda is too little too late.
  • The Bloc will again remind us why Quebec is the victim, the annual $ 8 Billion in equalization is too low.
  • Economy - domestic, international lower barriers, costs
  • Jobs - continue with support, retraining,
  • Measures to support families - more credits
  • Hold line on taxes, look for efficiency, spending cuts, restrain growth of programs
  • Measures to leverage growth in private investment and reduction of public money
  • Crime Social Justice Agenda
  • Immigration Agenda include skills training and certification
  • Regional Economic Development Partnership
  • Protect Territory with regulation, investments in border surveillance

 Our media will provide superficial coverage, biased reporting and NOT follow up informing us about the details Throne Speech and how it impacts our lives.

Our MSM:
  • Reduce ninety minute Throne Speech to 45 secs soundbite for TV.
  • Invite experts who will attack or praise broadstrokes for what is included or missing
  • Ask critics from the opposition if they will trigger an election after their criticism of the TS
  • Ask government spokespersons if Throne Speech/Budget will repair the "damage" they caused.

Canadians won't be watching or paying attention to the political games in Ottawa. We already had our Games last week. The politicians games in Ottawa are NOT ours.
Sunday’s gold-medal Olympic men’s hockey game became the most-watched TV broadcast in Canadian history, with an average audience of 16.6 million viewers.
The peak viewership was estimated at 22 million people — or two-thirds of Canada’s population — who watched when Sidney Crosby scored in overtime as Canada beat the United States 3-2.
Nearly half the Canadian population watched the entire game on average, while 80 per cent of Canadians watched some part of the game (26.5 million).
Beyond Canadian households, the ratings also factored in Canadians who watched the game in bars, according to CTV. - Vancouver Sun


Jen said...

If half the country watched the 'hockey' mostly likely they saw the prime minister for the first time since the average national media have a tendency of eliminating him from the public's view.

What is the percentage mark of those across this nation viewing the national media and PP and CBC.

CanadianSense said...

Jen a website has the top 30 weekly shows available here

The News programs are a sinkhole for wasted money. I am unhappy use taxpayers dollars for American Programming already available on American Cable.

You will notice for CBC
(5)Dragon's Den
(22)Wheel of Fortune
(30)Cornation Street

Not a single CBC news program!

The_Iceman said...

I just listened to Bob Rae tell me how we are supposed to get out of recession. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go have a shower and wash myself off.

CanadianSense said...

I am watching the Opening of Parliament and imagine as many others where we can get those "Long John Silver" hats our Speaker is wearing.

Where are those flying moose and giant beavers?

Ice, you listened to Bob Rae, did you lose a bet?

Jen said...

Iceman, Rae? the man who bankrupt ontario and who prorogued his parliament? well wonders never cease.

If the opposition parties prefer their own style of governing-defeat the government.
The problem the liberals would not do so; is because there is so many unfinished business that the conservative government have to do or attend too, left undone by the liberals, for the liberals, before the liberals bring them, conservatives, down.