Saturday, March 13, 2010

Liberal Party of Canada: Soundbites

These are soundbites you will never hear from the Liberal Party without breaking out in laughter. Less talk and more action is needed from the official opposition. Liberals were busy reminding us with photos (see below), they were back to work and demanded the government unlock the doors.

What did 40% or 29 Liberal MP's do, when these doors were opened?

They turned tail and ran by avoiding their duty to vote, the government has been given a FREE PASS. This not not how to keep our government accountable. Where is the outrage from the perogie academics who wrote many articles on the threat to our democracy? Their silence is deafening.

Why do the Liberals as the official opposition refuse to stand up on a Point of Privilege and order the documents, are they passing the ball to the NDP again?

When will the Liberals end the theatre in Question Period and hold the government to account?

On Vision, the Liberals will use the limited number of opposition days to debate the partisan use of flyers, waste to taxpayers that represent less than twenty million on an annual basis. Is this why Liberals demanded the government unlock those doors?  So Liberals can get more photos and press coverage for publicity stunts?

Hey Michael don't sweat the small things, we have much bigger priorities.
  • Exit strategy Afghanistan
  • Negotiating Economic Trade Deals with European Union
  • Removing interprovincial trade barriers including labour mobility
  • Maintaining a clean safe supply of water that is affordable for the next generation.

Look! I am back at work, no really this time I mean it!                Photo Credit: Ardvark

By being absent, these 29 Liberals allowed this motion: "That this House approve in general the budgetary policy of the government. (Ways and Means No. 1)" to pass 142-132 even though Michael Ignateff and the Liberals have stated that the budget is bad for Canada and they disagree with it. The Liberals are again playing games rather than doing their jobs or providing a real alternative. - Alberta Ardvark

The budget is hands down the most important piece of legislation affecting the greatest number of Canadians that they could possibly vote on. If ever there was a day to show up to vote on behalf of the people you represent, it is budget day. Not only did they skip an afternoon of work, it was the most important afternoon of 2010! - The Iceman
Impressive list, a mix of back and front benches, but now with one thing in common: they’ve disqualified themselves from talking about this budget.
Remember their names, folks. And, come the next election, whenever it may be, remember how they decided not to vote. - The Phantom Observer


Bec said...

Based on who they were, the riding votes etc I have this strange feeling that we are looking at 29 candidates that may not have any NDP competition and somewhere there are ridings that won't have Liberal competition in an election.

Nothing else makes any sense or this was a terrible Liberal strategy.

CanadianSense said...


several of the MP's are in safely held Liberals ridings with healthy margins.

I don't know how the short straws got picked.

You would think those vulnerable would not be asked not to vote, but if you won by 5% margin I would not call your seat safe. The Phantom Observer, has highlighted four but if we expand the margin to 5% I suspect at least 4 more would qualify as vulnerable.

I am workig on a counter speech to Harper from Iggy to make available for comparisons later today it is taking longer as edit and splicing.

I included some "easter eggs" to make the clips less painful to watch of Michael. said...

Some would find it ironic that you are criticizing others for mistakes when this blog post is plastered with them. There are numerous examples of erroneous capitalization, double negatives, and sentences that are missing words. I say some would find it ironic, though some should just find it humbling.

CanadianSense said...


thank for you pointing out grammar and spelling errors.

Fortunately, my error filled blog will have little impact on how voters will react when the ballot question is presented.

Scott thank you for visiting and posting. It is a shame we can't have an adult conversation in Question Period.

I wished the Liberals would have held their leaderhship convention. Ronald O'Dowd has many ideas on how to fix the LPOC. We have traded jabs at each other for over a year.

Scott both major parties are governing from the squishy centre. NGO's are getting their funding cut.

Growth in spending has NOT stopped with the CPC. The three biggest areas transfers to provinces beyond the rate of inflation.

Kevin Page confirms as we all have the CPC are spending like drunken sailors!

Liberals and Liberals lite to rule the world!

The CPC are pre-advancing the next round of cuts and the "real" battle will begin.

You may believe the Liberals offer an alternative and have earned a return to 24 Sussex.

I have a very different prediction shared with Janine Krieber.