Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ekos Poll: Liberal Party Imploder Continues

Ekos Poll has conducted a Poll between March 17-23, 2010. Another bad out come for the Liberal Party of Canada.

The economic recovery continues without much help from the opposition parties.

Note: A single Poll or series of good results means little if your organization is unprepared to capitalize and deliver results through a GOTV ballot endgame.

Key Findings

  • Nearly a 6% gap between the Conservative and 2nd place Liberals.
  • Support for the Liberals has double dipped again, they are within 2% from the lowest popular support in over 150 years. (10/14/08)

The lead in Ontario for the Liberals has vanished. Ontario is a key battleground.

Conservatives lead EVERY demographic except two: University Educated, Francophone. That means the Female +5.5%, Male, <25 through 65+, Less than HS through to College and English. (Ouch!)

Q. All things considered, would you say the Government is moving in the right or wrong direction?

Right Direction
  • 46.9% National 
  • 86.5% CPC 
  • 32.8% LIB 
  • 28.5% NDP 
  • 26.4% GRN
  • 19.4% BQ
  • 24% Other

 The CPC base has improved in support for right direction. The base is the least unhappy about the direction being taken.

All things considered, would you say the Government is moving in the right or wrong direction? Quebec is the only province or region that does not say Government is moving in the right direction.


Who exactly is out of tune again?


The_Iceman said...

Is that what Iggy meant when he said he could sing as well as the Prime Minister?

CanadianSense said...

I admit it was a cheapshot to include this video response to the PMO beatles show.

It reminds me how out of touch with the theatre of politics he truly is.

Layton gave Harper props in public and was probably crying in private.

Instead of showing class, praising the PR stunt that worked he reinforced his crass and inept handling of politics.

Rookie mistakes.

Patrick Ross said...

Whatever one may have to say about the government, it's clear that the opposition is moving in the wrong direction.

If you're going to use abortion as a wedge issue, you have to be able to win the vote.

To lose, and then threaten any dissident MPs with "consequences" afterward is poor form -- to put it lightly.

CanadianSense said...

Patrick, the opposition have failed to provide the voters with a credible alternative.

The issue of abortion in Canada is not going to be raised by this government.

The opposition tried and failed to divide the CPC.

Why are we being attacked if our priorities are not the same?

I say provide clean water, fix local pollution, I am a denier.

I say food safety, clean water for women and children in Africa I am labelled a right wing neo-con religious nut responsible for killing women and children.

I say let Anne Coulter talk about anything she wants and let our system and laws deal with her and I am labelled the fascist.

From my vantage point the opposition don't allow a reasonable debate in civil society. It is simply their idealogy and we are framed as stupid and evil.