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Liberals GPS Goes Orange Again: Peter Donolo

It is interesting reading about the horse-trading that takes place in American Politics. The Obamacare Bill would have not passed without the support of pro-life democrats securing an executive order making it illegal to fund  abortion with the funds allocated to this Bill.
People from all sides are very unhappy with the passing of the Bill, citing the horse trading that took place for passage.
Horse-trading is commonly referred to as concessions in Canada.
In Canada the NDP were able to secure a $ 4.6 Billion spending increase and a delay in tax cuts from the Martin led Liberals. That horse-trading did not buy the Liberals a great deal of time from the NDP.
Some Liberals like blame Jack Layton's NDP for the election defeat and loss of  a National Daycare, Kelowna deal. Voters on the other hand rewared the NDP with more seats and more popular support in 2006 and 2008.
Will Jack Layton risk those gains in 2010-2011 with the Liberals once again tacking left?
The media narrative is fun to watch as they twist themselves into knots criticizing the Harper led government. A favourite of mine, is he is not partial to making concessions with any party. He is too rigid and inflexible.
If you look at the same pundits they routinely ignore the largest spending increases in spending were in transfers to provinces for Education, Health and Social Services. The CPC did not institute a wholesale cancellation of Liberal policies they supported in opposition.
A small but vocal minority of conservatives are unhappy with the pace and depth of spending cuts. Some have argued it is better to have kept to a rigid set of promises and remain in opposition with your principles intact.
The majority of us are fluid and can move between the Liberals or Conservatives parties when a time out is necessary to punish the guests we vote in parliament. The Parliament is the house of the people for the people and not the house of the politicians.
The silly games in Ottawa always take place and our media has only added to the problem.
Demonization takes place in framing each other camp as a radical element
  • right wing, neo-con evangelical christian republican
  • socialist-Marxist Gaea followers
The Harper led government has been the longest serving minority government in Canadian history with
The Glory Days are back, with Peter Donolo at the helm. If you can't run on substantive ideas take an idealogical position and talk about a kinder, a smarter Canada. Talk about how every child should have the best education and grand parents the best medical treatment.
A small number of people participated in a three day conference in Montreal with invited guests from the Millionaire's club and the Ivory Tower. Are these the people needed to provide leadership for the Liberals?
The biggest problem with socialist policy idealogy of transferring the wealth is they suggest we are all equal and moving money to the less fortunate will lift all boats. History demonstrates otherwise.

Many of these people believe governments are better at growing our own money by taxing us and providing the necessary services.
Did it work for the Soviet Union or the socialist economies in Eastern Europe? How are the Western European countries with the socialist leaning policies faring today?
Do we trust the Liberals to lift all boats in pursuit of social justice, or do we take a different approach and encourage personal responsibility, effective regulation in order to advance personal freedoms?

Who will lead this merry band of brothers for a national campaign in uniting Canadians, Michael Ignatieff: Lost in translation.
It is also funny watching the socialists talk about the "common sense" revolution with Mike Harris in Ontario. Apparently many of them were also out of country with Ignatieff during that period.
Canadians remember what was promised by Liberals and actually delivered during those years. Our media forgets to paint the downloading of the Federal Liberals in excess of $ 25 Billion in Education, Healthcare, Social Services.
Leaders make priorities and tough decisions. Some are unpopular.
Ontario (deficits)/surplus:
June 1995 (11.1) Billion (Harris gov't took over in 1995)
95-96 (8.8)
96-97 (6.9)
97-98 (4.0)
98-99 (2.0)
99-00 0.7 Surplus
00-01 3.3 Surplus
Source:  You can see every budget document there from 1996 to the present.
If you review these documents, you will also see that, contrary to the common misconception, the Harris government increased spending on Health & Education significantly over its term.
Also, Ontario's accumulated debt as of fiscal year 2005-06 was 141 Billion, or $12,000 per capita, compared to $8 Billion, or about $16,000 per capita for Newfoundland. (Source:
h/t kshell@ Nik Nano comments
If we are honest with ourselves we can agree the CPC are not following a hidden agenda in lockstep with a right wing neo-con movement with evangelical christians demanding women lose their productive rights.
The opposition will have to introduce and present some real ideas, policies to win back support in parliament or on the six week campaign trail.  I have no problem with the parties asking for a mandate.
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The_Iceman said...

Ahhh, Prophet Milton. Nicely done!

CanadianSense said...

Thank you.

I thought it was necessary for context regarding the socialist transfer the wealth BS coming from Montreal.

Most of us are not impressed with LPOC tacking left again, many of us have predicted it and the rout will force a rationalization of split "social justice" votes after the next election.

If NDP play this well they will pick up the leftovers from the LPOC.

"Tax it...and they will come..." - Canada 150 Dreams

Spin Assassin said...

Liberals aren't left or right they are nothing. What looks like a tack to the left is really just an uncontrolled drift.

love the videos.

CanadianSense said...


Thank you.

Agreed the Liberals have no real idealogy, they roll out "just society" as needed.

Cheque to follow.

Prior to Ignatieff becoming a Liberal he was able to make a forceful argument for a robust internationalism.
He was cheerleader for the Americans empire lite.
Now he has been reduced to soundbites.