Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Canadian Politics: Tastes Like Chicken

Ispos Reid Poll conducted before the medal sweep in the second half is crushing the dreams of our chicken littles in the opposition benches. Layton benefitted the most according to the latest leadership from Ispos Reid Poll. Jack has been playing smarter politics after his convention. They did not join the Liberals in September 2009 ill fated "Time Is Up" debacle. Will Jack outsmart the Liberals again by not demanding unrealistic spending or restrictions on the power of the government?

Jack Layton : Playing Smart Politics?

Who will blink first and prop up the CPC budget? Will Jack repeat his September speeches about heating bills for the little old lady , while demanding protection from cuts for large unions?

Will Michael repeat his talking points about Canadians dreaming of national daycare, abortion on demand for the third world?

The Bloc are predictable and will demand the $ 8 billion on an annual basis is simply not enough money for Quebec's standard of living. The decades of sending money from Albertans is just not large enough.

Why do Politicians in Ottawa prefer to play games with the electorate?

Our Opposition like to talk, will they go to the polls? I included a game on the RIGHT =====>

STEADY AS SHE GOES (Economic Signs before Olympics)


The country's prospects are actually brighter than they were in the summer. China's economy is growing faster than the Bank of Canada thought it would, lifting global growth and boosting commodity prices. Canada's labour and housing markets also continue to surprise analysts with their resilience.

 Many Canadians are feeling confident, the Olympic Gold, our economy have shown positive signs, who will be the political leader who pops the balloon and risk our wrath?

I expect our opposition to NOT to stand up to the Government Throne Speech, Budget and risk giving Harper his well deserved majority. Even chickens can read the tea leaves.


Ardvark said...

I agree. The throne speech and budget pass with Liberal support, or the Liberal fever strikes again and they don't show up, either way they pass and we will not being fighting an election anytime soon.

The_Iceman said...

Do you think that Frank Graves has convinced the Liberals to go for it now?

CanadianSense said...

I see a highly fractured divided opposition including within parties.
Some in safe seats have ZERO problem going back to the Polls. No risk of Pension or re-election.

Others 20-30 MP's know they barely held onto their seats last time and the 3% lift from the 2008 may not hold, including new MP's who won against the Liberals.

Bob Rae supporters want Iffy to pull the plug so they can put Bob in place before he qualifies for CPP.

The MSM invested a great deal of money in pushing the Colvin /Perogie stories for the last few months.

AA has a valid point Iffy may ask some of his supporters to forget to show up on time.

If the CPC suspect a double dip vs a sharp V recovery it may be in their interest to let the opposition pull the plug now.

Everyone is feeling good except the angry left, who fear a majority. The economy and Signs are going up everywhere for EAP. This is ideal Go Time, after Go Canada Go!

The real ballot question: to avoid another coalition threat give us a majority.