Friday, March 12, 2010

Igatieff, Layton, Duceppe: Out of Touch With Budget Impact

Opposition leaders were busy in participating in publicity events as with special interest groups PSAC in attendance. The Liberal Party had 29 MP's not show up to vote against the budget. A facebook group has started to remind those 29 Liberal MP's to get back to work and vote.

 Out of touch with voters on Budget Impact

Ekos Poll confirms the Opposition Parties and leaders remain out of touch with most what most Canadians think about the impact of the overall budget introduce March 4, 2010.

On a National level no change or better 73% . Only 24% believe the impact will be worse off.

Only 19% share the worse off view of overall budget impact in Quebec.

Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff are out of touch with 73% of Ontario voters regarding the overall impact of the budget who think they will be no change or better off.

Source:  Ekos Poll


wilson said...

and another poll today

Canadian values shifting to the right,
poll suggests Conservatives now ‘own the centre,’ while the left ‘is a very lonely place to be’ in Canada, pollster

The_Iceman said...

It is not accurate to say that they voted against the budget when they allowed it to pass; especially when the method by which they are abstaining is completely contrary to the sovereign sanctity of Parliament that they were spewing just a few short weeks ago.

When the doors are shut, they want in. When the doors are open, they would rather take the afternoon off. It isn't easy to make priorities I suppose...

CanadianSense said...


I stated the Liberals had 29 MP's not show up. The Liberal Party is "officially" against the budget. Those 29 MP's will need to clarify if they were for the budget, they may have been busy, we don't know so many Liberals did not show to vote.

Are you suggesting the Liberal Party official position is not consistent with the action of the 29 Liberal MP's who did not show up to vote?

Several of those MP's were critical of the budget before and after.

We should call a Royal Commission to investigate if they were prevented from their duty.

The_Iceman said...

I demand a full public inquiry!

CanadianSense said...


I have read on the CBC other sources comments from socialists who don't like perogies.

The extreme right wing Emperor may have used giant mirror and created optical illusions to prevent or confuse those 29 Liberal MP whose party is against the budget.

We need an inquiry what prevented those Liberal MP from showing to vote.

Our democracy is under a serious threat of imploding unless we get the unredacted answers.

The_Iceman said...

What we need is a video montage of all the sound clips of MPs in front of the locked doors screaming about how important it is for them to be inside doing their job, getting to work, and then splice in shots of all those empty seats at the budget vote.

And let's be very clear, the budget is hands down the most important piece of legislation affecting the greatest number of Canadians that they could possibly vote on. If ever there was a day to show up to vote on behalf of the people you represent, it is budget day. Not only did they skip an afternoon of work, it was the most important afternoon of 2010!

CanadianSense said...

Iceman if you can link where I can find or download some videos I can try to splice some of them.

Ardvark said...

CS if you get a chance drop me an email albertaardvark(at)

The_Iceman said...

CS, you're the video guy. You find all this material, hence why I made the request! You post the best vids on the BT site, hands down.

CanadianSense said...


thank you but I am amateur hour, no experience in video editing.

Like most Canadians just sick of steady diet of crappy yellow journalism.

I have ZERO problem with our media hitting EVERY political party over the head with a 2 x 4 on their screw ups.

I think the media is too busy chasing the silly non issues and we are being taken to the cleaners by all political parties who REFUSE to make the cuts to spending, fight an election on issues that matter to most people.

I would like to see a 20% cut in spending across the board to encourage those "efficiencies" phased in over 4 years.

That is a 5% cut that it, not a single party has the stomach and the push back from the special interest groups would sink that party.

Never ending cycle of tax and spend!