Thursday, March 04, 2010

Canada's National Anthem: Pandora's Box

When I read our politicans have been thinking about making changes to our anthem since 1993, the first thing comes to my mind is their "retirement."

What is the preoccupation for political, gender correctness in sanitizing our traditions? The Olympics have just completed and Canada has broken several records. Why take this Spirit and increased level of patriotism and make it an excercise into self-immolation?

Is a political fringe group feeling unhappy with some "verse" repeatedly at our Games?

Can we get the names of those politicans who feel sanitizing our National Anthem is a priority?

 Focus on larger priorities: the economy, Budget, EAP, reducing waste and improving efficiency.

What is NEXT on the Agenda of those Politicians who want to sanitize our cultural history (national anthem) for gender inequality?


Anonymous said...

oh place in the north, our sometimes cold and hot and wet and snowy land. something bless our land and may all our many peoples be free. you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

Liberals want changes;

instead of
" all thy sons command.."

" ..abortions on demand.."

Anonymous said...

Instead of quibbling over any number of more contentious issues, they're dangling out a littler morsel for the pundits, plaudits, and crank politicians to fuss over.

It looks more like a distractive move to me, on a mostly harmless issue.

Curbing the huge deficit / reining in spending before government is utterly insolvent would be a bit higher on the list of priorities, in my view.

CanadianSense said...

Oh no you didn't suggest the CPC put out a red herring for our Media and opposition to blow their brains out on the throne speech.

Are you suggesting the CPC have figured out how to play the media and opp MP's?

Chess Players vs Checkers....