Friday, March 05, 2010

Liberal Party of Canada: Obsolete

The Liberals spent thousands of taxpayers dollars to produce a photo op for the MSM decrying how democracy was in danger by delaying the return of Parliament for five weeks on January 25, 2010.

March 04, 2010 - Action: Restrict Liberal MP's in voting against the budget inside Parliament.

Accountability: Liberals at Work

Report Cards, Prohabaition, delays in Senate, in-camera committee meetings, failing to show up to vote against Government.
Jan 2009 Budget Liberals
Ignatieff called Tuesday's budget a "flawed" document because, among other things, it fails to extend EI eligibility, attaches strings to infrastructure dollars that may delay projects and jobs, and lacks a credible plan to get out of the deficit situation.-CTV
The duty of all political parties is to vote for or against the business being proposed in Parliament. Each MP has one vote to support, criticize the budget, action, inaction, challenge and offer alternatives to the budget, polices of our Government in Question Period.

March 2010 Liberals
“This is not a budget that looks ahead to the challenges of our times – and it’s not a budget we can support,” Mr. Ignatieff continued.  “We will vote against it, but we’re not going to cause an election. Since Canadians don’t want an election and it’s not in the national interest, we’ll register our opposition responsibly.” -LPOC

Why bother sending ANY Liberal MP's to represent Canadians when they REFUSE to act responsibly as the loyal opposition and hold the Government accountable in providing an alternative government?

Parliament exists not only to transact the business of state, but to provide a forum in which all legitimate points of view can be expressed. The government has a right and duty to govern. The opposition’s right and duty, if it believes the public interest is at stake, is to oppose the government’s policies and actions by every legitimate parliamentary means. In so doing, oppositions try to convince the electorate that they should change places with the government. Because of this continuous contest, parliamentary democracy is always a more or less trying affair, but politics, not mere administration, is what representative, alternative government is all about. -Gov't Website

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Michael Harkov said...

".....we’ll register our opposition responsibly."

Bwahahahahahah!!!! Like all the other dozens of times you thought this government was destroying democracy and Canada but voting to support it anyway. Hypocrites. Liberals give up their "principles" for convenience - again, like usual.

Ignatieff gives the term "paper tiger" a bad name.

wilson said...

Rick Mercer, the Liberal Song,
still true today:

Anonymous said...

I loved that presser
while all standing in front of the open doors IGGY says
"Mr. Harper unlock theese doors"

that's how smart this genius is

CanadianSense said...

Agreed the Liberals are simply pathetic. Janine Krieber was correct about the dustbin of history.

They stand up allege war crimes,torture, rant about this do nothing budget than roll over and refuse to seek a mandate from the people.

At least Jack and Gilles are consistent NDP blame Banks and Alberta, Quebec is the perpetual victim of Alberta Oil companies and our republican President-PM right wing's idealogy.

Calgary Junkie said...

Iggy is obviously hugely compromised by his "election un-preparedness".

Far be it for me, to second guess the great Donolo. But a case can be made that Iggy et al should have made better use of their time leading up to the budget.

For a (kind of loose) comparison, take a look at what Paul Martin did, leading up to the LPC bi-annual convention, scheduled for Nov. 2002 (which was cancelled when Chretien "stepped down", in Aug 2002). Martin knew there HAD to be a vote on Chretien's leadership (part of the LPC constitution), and that a vote of less than 50 % meant that there HAD to be a leadership race.

So what did Martin do, in the two years or so leading up to that defining moment ? He travelled the country, raising money for local Lib MPs, making sure he had Martin-friendly delegates in just about every riding association.

Bottom line: all that hard, smart work by Martin eventually paid off. Donolo's photo-ops and roundtables produced ... what ? Certainly they gave Iggy next to zero leverage in what he could squeeze out of Harper in the way of budget concessions.

CanadianSense said...


I agree it is fair to allege gross incompetence, infighting alluded by J.K. inside the Liberal party.

She noted the impatience or unwillingness of camps within the party throwing JC, Dion out without a clear plan.

Ontario delivered the big shift to the CPC and the Liberals are unprepared to hold onto the remaining 905 seats so they must avoid an election.

In the Fall Layton's NDP did the same thing and propped up the Federal gov't rather than risk losing 10 seats to the Liberals and his leadership..

Christian Conservative said...

LOL... Rick Mercer. His comedy is either timeless, or the patheticness of the Liberal Party of Canada has now become a constant.

The_Iceman said...

I love the Mercer Liberal song! I was thinking about it yesterday when I watched Iggy's reponse to the budget. You have to love Donolo dusting off Dion tactics.

Anonymous said...

Don't the members of Iggy's caucus look like they're suffering from a severe case of indigestion listing to their leader? Not a pleasant expression on anyone's face, but I guess I'd be pissed if I had to be trained to pretend to be interested in what he had to say.

Brian Busby said...

"The Liberals spent thousands of taxpayers dollars to produce a photo op for the MSM decrying how democracy was in danger by delaying the return of Parliament for five weeks on January 25, 2010", you say. I look forward to reading your source.

CanadianSense said...

Brian Busby,

are you suggesting taxpayers did NOT pay for the flights, meals on those Liberal MP's in photos to produce the photo?

maryT said...

Where were all those liberal mps today and yesterday when debate was going on in the HofC. MIA, most of them. But,they managed to show up for QP, then disappear. One should watch cpac to see how many of them manage to show up to earn their paycheques.

Brian Busby said...

CanadianSense, am I "suggesting taxpayers did NOT pay for the flights, meals on [sic] those Liberal MP's [sic] in photos to produce the photo"?


Indeed, I challenge your assertion that the MPs in the photo you present were not in Ottawa to take their respective seats in the House of Commons. Where is the evidence to support your assertion that they were flown in and fed specifically to create this photograph.

Please present your source.

CanadianSense said...

Brian Busby,

I included a clip of the failed publicity stunt, it is one of many.

Is this a rhetorical question? Can you provide the reason for the photograph in front of the Parliament Doors?

The NDP took their photograph earlier in the day, and the door were locked.

The cleaning staff later in the day unlocked the "doors" and it was REALLY funny he states in a video clip to Harper to unlock the opened doors.

Can you justify the reason of returning on January 25, 2009 for the photo op in front of those doors?

Brian Busby said...


You ask me for "the reason for the photograph in front of the Parliament Doors", yet I'm not a member of the Opposition or even the Liberal Party.

I make no claims about the photo in question, while you clearly state: "The Liberals spent thousands of taxpayers dollars to produce a photo op for the MSM decrying how democracy was in danger by delaying the return of Parliament for five weeks on January 25, 2010."

For a third time, please provide your source.

maryT said...

Parliament was scheduled to return Jan 25, and iggy had all his mps return on that day. So, yes,the taxpayers paid to get them all back to Ottawa. He was going to show Canadians that liberals were ready to work. Funny, after all that rhetoric, they have failed to show up in the HofC for anything but QP. If you doubt that, watch cpac in the morning. Very few libs there today to hear iggy's reply to the budget. And, he will order his -want to get to work- mps to miss a vote on the budget. I would laugh very loudly is this ploy backfires and they all are cured of the lib flu and show up and defeat the government. Unless they vote against the budget and leave Layton and Gilles to backdown and vote in favor. I think the only thing holding the coalition down is that Layton is more popular than iggy, and would demand to be the PM.

gimbol said...

I think that its been stated by the FM that a nonconfidence vote will mean an election, sort of letting the coalition know in advance that a vote against means a one way trip to the polls.
I think the PM should be repeating this at least once a day so it gets through to the opps.
If you say you won't support the budget but won't force an election, it is not going to be an opportunity to get the government side of the house without an election.

CanadianSense said...

Brian Busby,

You are free to demand a source repeatedly besides the photos and videos already linked.

It is not my responsibility to provide you with satisfaction beyond what I have already forwarded.

You are free to disagree with my opinion of the actions of the Liberal Party.

This photo reminds me of the another failed publicity stunt already linked.

Mayor Cam Jackson was thankful for the funding and CHCH TV noted the Liberals went to the wrong field.

Brian Busby said...


I do appreciate the recognition of my right to ask questions... really, I do.

You've made a claim. I've asked for a reference to back up same. None has been forthcoming.

You're free to ignore my requests... repeatedly.

Enjoy your weekend.

CanadianSense said...

Brian Busby,

I have not ignored your requests, I simply are not obligated to do your research.

If you don't accept my evidence as fact, it is NOT my problem.

If you are NOT satisfied with the pictures of videos as proof of a publicity stunt, both of us can agree to disagree.

I hope you have a great weekend as well.

TS said...

Just wondering...Is Brian Busby and Gayle who posts on a lot of these forums the same person? They both have the same twisted logic and abilty to shut down any rational debate with a "my point is proven" or "have a nice day"

TS said...

It doesn't take much thought to know that the Liberal MPs were home in their riding for Christmas, knew that parliament was prorogued, and still flew into Ottawa at Iggy's request to show up on the 25th for that photo op. While I have no problem with MPs flying into Ottawa for personal reasons, I do have a problem if they did it on the tax payers dime...Will Iggy produce invoices clearly showing that they payed for their own flights, food, and accommodations while they were in Ottawa for personal or party reasons? The public and the media should demand it.

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about the MSM, at least they provide sources.

CanadianSense said...


MSM provide many "unnamed" sources in stories nice try.

I am not a tax funded Liberal media pundit working to cite Liberal experts and unnamed sources to attack the government of Canada.

TS said...

I personally saw the CBC quote an unnamed source a few days ago, in regards to the Muslim slaughter of Christians in Africe. I am paraphrasing, but the story said "Muslim militants attacked and killed Christians. SOME say that this attack was in retalitation to an earlier attack by Christians..."

I found it to be extremely sloppy journalism, to use 'some say' in a story.Who are these "some" they speak of?