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Liberal Party: Failure To Make Priorties

Was Robert Fowler fair in Montreal condemning every political party pandering to the ethnic vote or special interest?
In my opinion a private members Bill introduced by two Liberals Bill C-302 Italian-Canadian Recognition and Restitution Act is just another example of the weakness of the Liberal party. Is this pandering to ethnic vote a desperation to save their seats because they believe they can't win in 2010? The  Liberals waited until the dying days of the Martin led-Liberals to offer $ 12.5 million regarding Italian-Canadian Recognition. They did the same with the Kelowna Accord and National Daycare.
Why did it take seven Liberal Prime Ministers to bring this matter forward?
Canada resorted to the War Measures Act during and after three periods of its history – World War I, World War II, and the October 1970 crisis.  The Act was in force between 4 August 1914 and 10 January 1920, the date of the end of the war with Germany, as declared by Imperial Order-in-Council.  The occasion of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 was the cause of the passage of a number of regulations and orders under which membership in certain organizations was proscribed and individuals were interned.  The Act was next in force from 25 August 1939 until 1945, after which the National Emergency Transitional Powers Act was in force until 31 March 1947.  In 1947, the Constitution of Transitional Measures Act was enacted, maintaining certain wartime orders and regulations, and stayed in place until 30 April 1951.  Although the War Measures Act was not invoked during the Korean War, certain more limited powers were granted to Cabinet under the Emergency Powers Act between March 1951 and May 1954. - Government of Canada
Key Facts:
  • Liberal PM Mackenzie King 1940 ordered the arrest hundreds of Canadians citizens of Italian origin.
  • No charges laid and communication was restricted including family.
  • Loss of reputation, property, careers in their community.
  • Liberal 1935-1957
  • PC's 1957- 1962
  • Liberal 1963-1979
  • Joe Clark (lasted less than 9 months)
  • Liberal  1980-1984
  • PC's 1984-1993
  • Liberals 1993-2006
For almost 30 years the issue was forgotten but it resurfaced in the 1970s when some Italian Canadian community leaders started talking about an apology and financial compensation. But prime minister Pierre Trudeau, another Liberal, said the issue was closed. He told the House Commons that he didn't believe "in attempting to rewrite history in this way."
At that point, while they were in opposition, we saw the first Liberal flip-flop. They criticized the Mulroney government, saying it had not offered enough. "We want an apology in the Parliament, not in a banquet hall," said then Liberal MP Sergio Marchi. Marchi also intervened in Ottawa by asking the Conservative government to deal "urgently and efficiently" with this "injustice" and give financial compensation, as it had in the case of Japanese Canadians.
There was another flip-flop when the Liberals were back in power. The new minister of multiculturalism, Sheila Finestone, replying to the demands of the Chinese, Italian, Ukrainian, Jewish and German Canadian communities, said on Dec. 14, 1994, that "we wish we could rewrite history. We wish we could relive the past. We cannot ... Therefore, the government will not grant financial compensation for the requests made."
The Liberals maintained this position all the time that they were in government. In 1997, they said "the issue is closed." I don't even want to talk about the farce performed by Paul Martin when, a few weeks before the 2006 federal election which it was clear the Liberals were going to lose, he agreed to requests for money and an apology, once again trying to buy votes.- Shameless Liberals Shop Ethnic Vote January 31, 2010, The Toronto Star
This story has been ignored for decades. Do we have the political will to treat this matter in an adult manner.
Haunted by history: Ukrainians, Italians and Chinese seek redress for historical ill-treatment by Ottawa Written by Tom Philip  Alberta Report
17 December 1990 After years of inaction, recent weeks have seen a marked change in the government's attitude towards righting historical wrongs. Speaking in Toronto in November, Prime Minister Mulroney offered an "unqualified" apology to Italian Canadians interned during the Second World War. Two weeks ago Mr. Weiner met with representatives of the Chinese Canadian National Council, which is seeking compensation for $23 million in "head taxes" paid by Chinese immigrants to Canada in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. And on November 13 the prime minister met in Edmonton with UCC president Dmytro Cipywnyk and other members of the Ukrainian community.
Reports of what was agreed upon at the meeting conflict. UCC officials claim that the prime minister pledged support in principle for a Ukrainian cultural endowment fund; Mr. Mulroney said later that compensation was not discussed. But, at the very least, the government appears prepared to acknowledge that a wrong was done, not only in the case of the Ukrainians, but to other groups as well. "There's two schools of thought," said Mr. Mulroney. "You ignore these things and say they never happened because if you acknowledge one then you have to deal with another. Or you deal with them in the belief that a strong nation is capable of looking at its past and resolving injustices when they occur, and that's what we're in the process of doing."

To say there are "two schools of thought" on the issue of acknowledgement and redress for Ukrainian Canadians and others is something of an understatement. By all accounts, Mr. Mulroney's government is deeply divided on the issue. "This whole redress thing is most unpopular in the caucus," says Douglas Fisher, a columnist for the Toronto Sun newspaper group and a former New Democratic Party MP. "They blame it on the fact that the PM is a small-l liberal and is trying to win the ethnic vote." Among those opposed to compensation for Ukrainian Canadians is Don Blenkarn, Tory MP for Mississauga South. "An acknowledgement would be one thing," says Mr. Blenkarn. "But to tie a dollar figure to it - no bloody way. Claims that go back to the Dark Ages are just unacceptable."
Where were the Liberals and their passion to redress the loss of respect, careers, property? Why did they wait until the dying days of Paul Martin's government to raise this issue?
Is this another highly divisive debate that will be used to create wedges in our parliament?
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NDP & Bloc: In need of Math Lesson

Bill C-2
In Parliament the Bloc and NDP hold 85 seats. I can't remember any Free Trade Bill they have ever supported.  If you watch these two parties in Question Period they will suggest the environment, protecting Unions, union leaders, creating protectionist labour practices is the best method to advance protection including social justice.

Canada is a trading nation and it's 2/3 of it's GDP is based on that activity.

The NDP are repeatedly asked for a ANY free trade deal they have supported since the inception of Canada.

A worst offenders human rights index: Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Algeria, Sierra Leone, Eygpt, North Korea, Sudan, Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Pakistan, China, Libya, Burma, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Chad courtesty of The Guardian 

The New Democrats cite support of PSAC, The United Church, Canadian auto workers, B.C. Teachers Union. Why are these special interest groups demanding 85 seats hold up the C-2 Free Trade deal?

Do you hear these parties consistently attack human rights abuses we suspend trade with China? Those 123 miners and their families could sure use some socialist support from our those 85 members of parliament over unsafe mining practices for labour or use of coal production increasing carbon emmissions. Compare the Oilsands exports to the U.S. vs Coal production and imports to China. Which is worse?

When I watch the NDP and Bloc attack Columbia, Oilsands production I ask myself why single out such a small country, Alberta when we have much bigger polluters and human right offenders. Why the selective outrage?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Liberals GPS Goes Orange Again: Peter Donolo

It is interesting reading about the horse-trading that takes place in American Politics. The Obamacare Bill would have not passed without the support of pro-life democrats securing an executive order making it illegal to fund  abortion with the funds allocated to this Bill.
People from all sides are very unhappy with the passing of the Bill, citing the horse trading that took place for passage.
Horse-trading is commonly referred to as concessions in Canada.
In Canada the NDP were able to secure a $ 4.6 Billion spending increase and a delay in tax cuts from the Martin led Liberals. That horse-trading did not buy the Liberals a great deal of time from the NDP.
Some Liberals like blame Jack Layton's NDP for the election defeat and loss of  a National Daycare, Kelowna deal. Voters on the other hand rewared the NDP with more seats and more popular support in 2006 and 2008.
Will Jack Layton risk those gains in 2010-2011 with the Liberals once again tacking left?
The media narrative is fun to watch as they twist themselves into knots criticizing the Harper led government. A favourite of mine, is he is not partial to making concessions with any party. He is too rigid and inflexible.
If you look at the same pundits they routinely ignore the largest spending increases in spending were in transfers to provinces for Education, Health and Social Services. The CPC did not institute a wholesale cancellation of Liberal policies they supported in opposition.
A small but vocal minority of conservatives are unhappy with the pace and depth of spending cuts. Some have argued it is better to have kept to a rigid set of promises and remain in opposition with your principles intact.
The majority of us are fluid and can move between the Liberals or Conservatives parties when a time out is necessary to punish the guests we vote in parliament. The Parliament is the house of the people for the people and not the house of the politicians.
The silly games in Ottawa always take place and our media has only added to the problem.
Demonization takes place in framing each other camp as a radical element
  • right wing, neo-con evangelical christian republican
  • socialist-Marxist Gaea followers
The Harper led government has been the longest serving minority government in Canadian history with
The Glory Days are back, with Peter Donolo at the helm. If you can't run on substantive ideas take an idealogical position and talk about a kinder, a smarter Canada. Talk about how every child should have the best education and grand parents the best medical treatment.
A small number of people participated in a three day conference in Montreal with invited guests from the Millionaire's club and the Ivory Tower. Are these the people needed to provide leadership for the Liberals?
The biggest problem with socialist policy idealogy of transferring the wealth is they suggest we are all equal and moving money to the less fortunate will lift all boats. History demonstrates otherwise.

Many of these people believe governments are better at growing our own money by taxing us and providing the necessary services.
Did it work for the Soviet Union or the socialist economies in Eastern Europe? How are the Western European countries with the socialist leaning policies faring today?
Do we trust the Liberals to lift all boats in pursuit of social justice, or do we take a different approach and encourage personal responsibility, effective regulation in order to advance personal freedoms?

Who will lead this merry band of brothers for a national campaign in uniting Canadians, Michael Ignatieff: Lost in translation.
It is also funny watching the socialists talk about the "common sense" revolution with Mike Harris in Ontario. Apparently many of them were also out of country with Ignatieff during that period.
Canadians remember what was promised by Liberals and actually delivered during those years. Our media forgets to paint the downloading of the Federal Liberals in excess of $ 25 Billion in Education, Healthcare, Social Services.
Leaders make priorities and tough decisions. Some are unpopular.
Ontario (deficits)/surplus:
June 1995 (11.1) Billion (Harris gov't took over in 1995)
95-96 (8.8)
96-97 (6.9)
97-98 (4.0)
98-99 (2.0)
99-00 0.7 Surplus
00-01 3.3 Surplus
Source:  You can see every budget document there from 1996 to the present.
If you review these documents, you will also see that, contrary to the common misconception, the Harris government increased spending on Health & Education significantly over its term.
Also, Ontario's accumulated debt as of fiscal year 2005-06 was 141 Billion, or $12,000 per capita, compared to $8 Billion, or about $16,000 per capita for Newfoundland. (Source:
h/t kshell@ Nik Nano comments
If we are honest with ourselves we can agree the CPC are not following a hidden agenda in lockstep with a right wing neo-con movement with evangelical christians demanding women lose their productive rights.
The opposition will have to introduce and present some real ideas, policies to win back support in parliament or on the six week campaign trail.  I have no problem with the parties asking for a mandate.
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Liberal Party 150 Montreal : Lacks Faith

This post is a note  to the importance of a step of faith,(conviction) in taking a course of action, making a decision.

The leadership of the Liberal Party initially decided against participation and attendence of their own senators, members of parliament. They folded days later.

Liberals, please think harder encapsulates the Montreal gabfest quite nicely. Jeff Jedras a Liberal blogger has many posts on the event. We should try to engage the other camp.

Scrap The Thinker's Conference 

The Liberal Party voted no-confidence once against the CPC Agenda in four years. They are avoiding triggering an election.

The Liberal Party refuses to introduce any motion that might trigger an election citing the long game but attack every idea being introduced by the government.

History has many examples of leaders who were able to take decisive action without having all their ducks in row.

Some may be unhappy with the progress in stopping the activities supporting AGW, deficit and policies not being "conservative" enough, let's keep talking about the viable alternatives.  We need to keep pushing for good policy without following into the trap of the left's arrogance and culture of entitlement of being the only acceptable solution.. A good idea, is a good idea regardless of what camp it originates.

Shelly Glover: CTV Question Period Updated: Jane Taber


I have been listening to her speaking, her voting record in Question Period and her media interviews. Take a few minutes and you will understand why she is gaining attention.
Please visit her site for more information.
Shelly Glover is the Member of Parliament for Saint Boniface in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she was first elected in 2008. She was appointed as Parliamentary Secretary for Official Languages by the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, on November 7, 2008. 

Until her election, Mrs. Glover served as a member of the Winnipeg Police Service for almost 19 years.  She had a diverse career in a variety of positions including but not limited to undercover work, child abuse investigations, youth crime and gang investigations, general patrol and she was the first ever female and bilingual spokesperson appointed by her department.  She is a patrol sergeant  presently on a leave of absence to pursue positive change in politics.

Mrs. Glover is an Anglophone who participated in the very first French Immersion program west of Ontario and graduated with a high level of proficiency in the French language.  She continued her education at the University of Winnipeg where she studied Justice and Law Enforcement until she began her employment with the Winnipeg Police Service. 

 Mrs. Glover is a proud Métis woman who has been a very active community member with affiliations to several non-profit organizations such as:  Big Sisters, Pregnancy Distress, Habitat for Humanity Women Build,  the Business and Professional Women`s Association, the University Women’s Club of Winnipeg, the International Association of Women Police, the Francophone Chamber of Commerce, the Manitoba Metis Federation , Conseil Elzear Goulet and the Beausejour New Arena Planning Committee.  She is also a dedicated advocate for victims of crime, women and children. -
Glover has become a go-to-woman on law-and-order issues when a bilingual speaker is in demand, and when someone is needed to crack some opposition heads on TV or in committee.
Few women in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet have earned the trust to carry the party's ball in public so quickly.- CP

CTV airs a political show on Sunday, it is called Question Period. Shelly Glover was repeatedly interrupted, talked over by a Liberal MP Justin Trudeau. We saw this in similar fashion as adoptedby the small numbers of students at the University of Ottawa.

When did the Liberal Party authoritze the decision to muzzle, shout over female conservatives in Canada? Will the leader demand an apology from Justin Trudeau?

The intolerance on display was offensive, Justin Trudeau should apologize immediately for his behaviour for his treatment of a member of parliament, a person that does not share his politicial idealogy.

Did the moderator Jane Taber act fast enough to admonish the Liberal MP Justin Trudeau behaviour?

Update: Rookie MP's say Parliament needs to change.
"The more we ... try to shout louder than everyone so someone will notice, the more people will turn down the volume and tune us out completely. ... They won't listen when you're shouting loud anymore – so let's speak softer."- Justin Trudeau June 29, 2009 Canadian  Press
 Justin Trudeau, Shelly Glover, Meghan Leslie all agreed things needed to change eight months ago.

 Update II -Jane Taber responds Justin Trudeau's exuberance lands him in trouble

This did not play well with some viewers – many of whom wrote emails expressing their dissatisfaction with the way in which the panel was moderated (by me) and with Mr. Trudeau’s constant interruptions. 
Immediately after the show, he tweeted his regrets: “OK, there seems a consensus: no matter how frustrated I get, I will not be interrupting on panels in the future. I’m learning...”
And today, he said he wants to continue to bring that passion but will “wait for my turn.”
Jane we only expect a fair and balanced opportunity to hear everyone's view. I would imagine many of your viewers have learned the importance of civility and manners in public discourse. Apparently J.T.  needs a refresher course.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prohibitive Fees From Liberal Lobbyist $ 350k

Some of us remember the scathing reports, the difficulties faced by the Auditor General Sheila Fraser had with securing cooperation from the previous  governments'  budgets and activities. Many of us are looking forward to line by line reviews of programs and policies. Let's hope the opposition parties in parliament find some common ground in joining the government in helping reduce waste and excess.

Will the opposition label every reduction or defunding move as an attack from an "extreme right wing republican idealogy" or will they join the government as a responsible loyal opposition with serious ideas in eliminating waste and rebalancing priorities?

Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose said Friday that Wallding International, a consulting firm headed by former Liberal cabinet minister David Dingwall, received a contingency fee from Shire BioChem to secure a 10-year contract to be the only supplier of Canada’s pandemic flu vaccine. The terms of the contract, Ms. Ambrose said, stipulated there would be no fees paid, and if there was a breach, the minister could recover the fees from the company. G&M

This is a good sign if the government includes in their program review, audits to eliminate waste in all levels from all departments. Chop, Chop!

Under the Liberals 2005

Friday, March 26, 2010

Parliament: Taxpayers 0 Political Games 1

I don't buy for one second politicians care one fig about parliamentary supremacy regarding the right to view documents in protecting our freedom. This is another example crass politics again.

Are these Politicians from the opposition demanding all documents pertaining to their personal, riding, office expenses and spending be made available to the taxpayer? The opposition members of parliament are in a majority and can remove their confidence of this government if they don't trust them. We have repeatedly been told by leaders of the opposition they don't have confidence in this government in regards to the economy, healthcare, family planning, environment but they keep voting for those policies.

Selective redacting you say? Is a Minister applying the censorship to said documents? No, an experienced non partisan civil service is entrusted for all Federal Governments? The opposition continue to suggest "foul play" without directly implicating our Civil Servants or our Military in a massive conspiracy to protect this government. Simply pathetic!

Here is a great article from a life long liberal.

The End Game

Do you find the news today on television consists more of one anchor pontificating to another rather than reporting on the actual “news?” CBC and CTV are masters at this, bringing us a myriad of mind-numbing opinions from the same “media” people on multiple issues every day. A good example of this is the coverage of the Afghan detainee issue. The thrust of the media coverage seems to coalesce around the idea that the Canadian Forces deliberately, in a planned and premeditated manner, colluded with Afghan authorities in the torturing of detainees in Afghanistan. The national media are beside themselves frothing, spewing and spanking with joy as they report this as if it were true. They provide magnified coverage to Richard Colvin and present his assertions as fact and suggest there is a cover-up at the highest levels. What is the end game? To whom would the Official Opposition suggest the military turn over its military detainees? The Taliban? Al Qaeda? Perhaps a Canadian prison should be opened with all the trimmings provided by Correctional Services Canada? -Dan Donovan, OLM Publisher

Sadly this is just another stunt, another game in Parliament in gotcha politics and our lazy media is along for the ride.

The opposition are hoping to go to the next campaign with "contempt of parliament" on the campaign literature aided by our lazy media.

A recent Angus Poll found 49% of Canadians are not following the debate at all. The opposition are busy ignoring the issues that matter  only 11% believe problem began after 2006. Canadian soldiers actively participated in the torture of Afghan detainees is supported by a very small minority in Quebec, Ontario, Atlantic Provinces. (14%)

It is time we move to limit the damage of lazy reporting, bias by allowing deregulation in our print and television.

Why continue to provide taxpayer funding for this poor quality product, the CRTC should recommend we allow unrestricted Global access to our telephone, internet, television viewing by increasing competition and choice for the consumers.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Government of Canada: Welcomes Kongsberg

Source Sun Medi
  Federal Industry Minister Tony Clement, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and London Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best applaud as London West MP Ed Holder presents a welcome mat to president of Kongsberg Protech Systems Egil Haugsdal during a press conference announcing that Norwegian company Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace is opening a facility in London.

"Our government''s number one priority is growth in jobs," said Harper. "Kongsberg brings . . . knowledge intensive jobs on which the economy of the future will be built."
Kongsberg Defence Corporate will employ about 30 people when it opens in the first quarter of 2011 and that will ramp up to abut 100 people, supplying military contractors, including General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada, with support systems for weapon turrets found on its armoured vehicles.
Its local suppliers will employ another 500 workers. It plans on leasing a 50,000-square-foot space near London International Airport.
"There is serious, worldwide competition to attract companies like Kongsberg," said Harper.
The Norwegian firm did not receive any federal or provincial incentives to locate here.
Roald Theisen, vice-president business development for Kongsberg, said the company was surprised to see Harper in London for the announcement.
"I feel extremely honoured. To be frank I was surprised the Prime Minister was coming. We are not used to getting the attention at the executive office of most countries where we are," said Theisen.

Ekos Poll: Liberal Party Imploder Continues

Ekos Poll has conducted a Poll between March 17-23, 2010. Another bad out come for the Liberal Party of Canada.

The economic recovery continues without much help from the opposition parties.

Note: A single Poll or series of good results means little if your organization is unprepared to capitalize and deliver results through a GOTV ballot endgame.

Key Findings

  • Nearly a 6% gap between the Conservative and 2nd place Liberals.
  • Support for the Liberals has double dipped again, they are within 2% from the lowest popular support in over 150 years. (10/14/08)

The lead in Ontario for the Liberals has vanished. Ontario is a key battleground.

Conservatives lead EVERY demographic except two: University Educated, Francophone. That means the Female +5.5%, Male, <25 through 65+, Less than HS through to College and English. (Ouch!)

Q. All things considered, would you say the Government is moving in the right or wrong direction?

Right Direction
  • 46.9% National 
  • 86.5% CPC 
  • 32.8% LIB 
  • 28.5% NDP 
  • 26.4% GRN
  • 19.4% BQ
  • 24% Other

 The CPC base has improved in support for right direction. The base is the least unhappy about the direction being taken.

All things considered, would you say the Government is moving in the right or wrong direction? Quebec is the only province or region that does not say Government is moving in the right direction.


Who exactly is out of tune again?

Global Warming: Who will fund a study on snowblowers sales?

Remember this:

The David Suzuki Foundation says global warming and climate change are in part responsible for what's happening to a key Olympic venue.- CBC
Will shareholders be hearing global warming and climate change is responsible for missing sales this quarter?
"One of the categories that dropped was seasonal and outdoor goods, and I think that's a function of the weather," he said. "We had a very balmy winter across Canada so people weren't spending the money on snowblowers and shovels. Also, the [Home Renovation Tax Credit] is over so our home renovation spending dropped again...because people aren't spending to get the credit." -Vision Critical
For many of us not buying new winter tires, a new Snowblower, annual visit to the doctor for a strained back in shoveling this winter was a nice respite.

Liberal Party of Canada: Political Games

In honour of the failed stunt in Question Period to divide Canadians and push abortion, here's a reminder of why the Polls show popular support for the Liberals is only a few points above the worst showing in 150 years..

The Pile on:
 "We look like fools," one Liberal MP said privately. Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett, a doctor who argued vigourously in favour of the motion, had, earlier in the week labelled the vote a "day of reckoning" on the issue. It was indeed a day of reckoning -- for her own party. -David Akin
It was a gong show last night in the Commons for Michael Ignatieff and his Liberals; one Liberal MP is even calling it “clown city.”
First, the Liberal motion on the Harper government’s maternal health initiative, aimed at stirring up the Tory bench over reproductive issues, such as abortion, failed. The Grits lost the vote after three of their own MPs opposed it; others abstained and some Liberal MPs, who are pro-life, were told to stay away from the Commons, according to sources.- Jane Taber
"The motion did not specifically talk about abortion, but there was sufficient inference," said Albina Guarnieri, who opposes abortion and skipped the vote. "That's why some people stayed away, myself included."
MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj, who is also opposed to abortion and missed the vote, said he, too, was uncomfortable with the motion's wording. He said he had permission to stay away from the vote and continued with committee work. CBC
If this sort of sloppy behaviour continues, they'll be dreaming up a 2017 vision for an even smaller Liberal opposition that will be staring across the aisle at a Conservative government dynasty. Don Martin
I really don't get the apparent determination of the Liberals to identify themselves as the party of Big Abortion. They've been on this kick for weeks now, culminating in Tuesday's revolt by Liberal MPs against the party leadership. When Michael Ignatieff first suggested the Tories were slagging off women by not energetically encouraging abortion in developing countries, I figured it was just another misstep by a surprisingly accident-prone leader. I thought he'd quickly be apprised of his mistake, and shut up about it. But no. He kept it up, apparently convinced there are votes to be had by raising the one issue guaranteed to make a large segment of the population decidedly uncomfortable. Kelly McParland

 March for Life 
OTTAWA - Campaign Life Coalition is hoping this year’s National March for Life will draw 20,000 people to Parliament Hill on May 13 with help from Ottawa area Catholic schools.
Last year’s march drew more than 12,000 people, the largest crowd in the event’s 12 years. About half of the marchers were young people. But many of these were bused in from other cities around Ontario.  -Catholic Register
Talk to Liberals – office holders, party organizers, fundraisers – around the country and you will tap into a malaise that a good pollster could rout out with a single question: “What's happening?” “Nothin',” the vast majority would respond, with a margin of error of plus or minus very little.
“There is no Liberal Party,” says one lifelong card carrier who has sat at cabinet tables.
“It died a long time ago. It's not completely extinct yet, but there's no there there.” In this lifelong Liberal's eyes, the party has been stalled for years. No new energy, no new ideas, no vision of what it might like to do. The singular advantage of proroguing, this Liberal would say, is that it has put an end to the squirming every time the opposition pounces.
“The ‘gotcha' stuff is out of control,” says the Liberal. “They bring in all these nerdy keener kids from campus and it's some kind of game to them. They're turning politics into pro wrestling.” The media concentrates on the top, Ignatieff, and on the Hill, but disenchanted Liberals say there is a story to be told far from the now-silenced sound bites of the Centre Block.- Globe & Mail
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Actions of Radical Youth: Limit Charter Rights & Freedoms

Mr. Levant called the cancellation a sad commentary on the state of free speech in Canada. “When you start to intimidate and pose as security threat, there is no longer free speech.”

Ezra Levant, lawyer and former publisher of the Western Standard magazine, spoke before Coulter on Monday and called Houle’s letter a “veiled threat.”

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association. 
Last night a small number of people decided what was appropriate thought, opinion and expression and prevented another group of people from participating in a peaceful assembly.
 Coulter 1 - Intolerant Left - 0
Ann won last night exposing the intolerant left in subverting freedom of assemby and free speech. History has many examples, groups of young adults being manipulated to silence and attack dissenting views. The letter from the provost was a mistake and should be investigated if this was the only time admininstration sent a warning letter to a conservative female presenter. The Human Rights Tribunal should investigate the administration on the percieved double standard after no action on Aparthied Week.
Nazi's Germany brown shirts Mussolini Black shirts China's cultural revolution.
The publicity from the protestors will only help her increase her draw, fees, more dates for speaking engagements.   (Updated Edited ) Controversy SELL$
 24 March, 2010 07:41
Here is a sample  of some discourse
Eric, you are avoiding the historical references to the mob rule and goons who break up dissenting speech, freedom of assembly. You are proving my point by arguing in favour of limiting my rights as you feel necessary to protect yours. Liberty is not for all? 1) Recourse is using our Rule of Law, and charging her with contravention of our laws. 2) That did not take place. Do you agree to limit rights based on a very small number of people making decisions what qualifies as acceptable speech or assembly? The example of Aparthied Week demostrates a bias on what is being allowed for public discourse?
24 March, 2010 08:46

Blogger CanadianSense said...
Eric, You skipped the question. You support a small group of people to shut down free speech, freedom of assembly including "shouting down" dissenting views? I accept "roll eyes" as refusal to compare radicalization of youth in subversion of democracy.
24 March, 2010 08:59

The bloggers on this thread don't not lay blame on the students. My question remains unanswered.

Do you agree to limit rights based on a very small number of people making decisions what qualifies as acceptable speech or assembly?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maternal Health: Abortion Stunt Fails

Two liberal MP's showed up to vote against their party. Some were missing. How did they vote link here.

The debate had many opposition MP's talking about the importance of funding abortion for the third world.

Michael Ignatieff, Peter Donolo : Are right to exclude Liberal Party from Canada150

For the record I agree with Michael Ignatieff and Peter Donolo in banning the Liberal MP's and Senators from attending the Canada 150 meeting in Montreal.

Michael Ignatieff is the leader and is responsible for the delivering the party back to power.It has taken him a year to come to the conclusion the current Liberal members of parliament don't have the right stuff.

  • Public Opinion Polls
  • Financials
  • Policy Formulation
  • Question Period 

Best of luck with cleaning up the party with some fresh ideas to help Canadians. Nanos Research has some insight on key issues.

Nik Nanos Poll: Confirm Out of Touch Coalition Parties

The latest national review from Nik Nanos Research from March 6 - 12, 2010. I have included a few details including an article from a Bloomberg Article and the Nik Nanos review.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has warned that a global economic recovery could falter, saying Group of 20 nations need to press ahead with stimulus measures. While recent data have shown Canada’s economy is recovering, unemployment hasn’t declined much from the highest in more than a decade and exporters are still struggling with a strong currency and weak U.S. orders. - Bloomberg

The Government has been busy talking up the good economic news, pushing back on countries who are creating barriers to global trade. The Government has been reminding Canadians of importance to continue with the stimulus spending for 2010. In 2009 the opposition attacked the government for being too slow in delivering the stimulus.

Canadian Economy
  • 82% stronger or no change
Real Estate
  • 85.3% increase value or stay the same
Personal Finances
  • 69% better off or no change

Wedge Issues for the opposition?

Canadian Economy views, Real Estate largest investment for most Canadians , Personal Finances (Net worth)

Opposition Campaign to be finalized:

  • Lower Credit Card Bank Fees.
  • Bank Executive Pay.
  • Taliban rights for a comfortable detention.
  • Funding for 3rd World Abortion.
  • State run daycare because "stay at home parents need a real job".
  • Job Security Pension for Public Private Unions.
  • Quebec's HST Forestry Payoff
  • Carbon Tax
  • Increase G.S.T.
  • Flyers 10%'s only from your MP.
  • Extra Funding for CBC Programming  
What exactly are the opposition going to campaign on?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Youtube PM Stephen Harper 1 - Coalition Parties 0

An Angus Poll results are in and reinforce why the Government is on the right direction.

A blogpost for viewing the Youtube video is here.

Minimum Sentences for violent offences

87% think it is appropriate that very serious or repeat crimes would be subject to at least some kind of minimum penalty.


75% believe dealing with climate change requires a continental approach and an effective international treaty.

Separtism is at an all time low with the Harper led government.

Two-thirds of Canadians agree with the statement: “There should not be another referendum on Quebec sovereignty.” Respondents over the age of 55 are particularly supportive of this notion. In Quebec, 56 per cent of respondents voice agreement.

Liberal Party of Canada: Improving The Art of Losing

Nov 2009 Liberal fundraising took a nose-dive in the third quarter after a near invisible summer for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and after threats that he would force an election battered the Liberal brand.- Sun Media
March 2010 The federal Conservative Party has re-established a clear, statistically significant lead over the second-place Liberals. This follows a six-month period during which the governing party fell from majority-government territory into a virtual tie with the opposition Liberals. -Ekos

Liberal Party, NDP, Bloc have been busy of late
  • Allege serious crimes, cover up
  • Undemocratic despotic rule by government
  • Right wing neo-conservative idealogy
  • Unwilling to pull the plug on the Government Policy/Agenda at the same time.
Let review an example of the Liberal majority and criticsm.

 Source:  Rights & Democracy

S&P/TSX Composite index (Official) ($CA:OSPTX)

As of July 26, 2000, when Nortel was trading at $124.50 a share on the TSX, it represented 36.5 per cent of the TSE 300 index; the other 299 companies accounted for the rest. It had a market capitalization (number of shares times stock price) of almost $400 billion.

Without any evidence of a ballot box floor for the Liberal Party in Canada a visit to the official Poll may be necessary to test the dustbin prediction by Janine Krieber.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Liberals Games Continue Flip Flop on Exporting Asbestos To Third World.

The NDP take a position and stick to it?  Some call them core values, others opportunism.

Pat Martin has been fighting for years on this file and I don't think it reeks of opportunism. The NDP do not have any seat to lose or gain in the ridings that would be affected by the decision to cut this line item or exports.

Liberal candidates and lies on asbestos-Great expose on Liberals playing games on Asbestos files.

Bloc, CPC, Liberals MP's leave committee to eliminate quorum ending the speech of Pat Martin. Is this how we expect the MP's to act when listening to information they don't like?
Liberal natural resources critic Geoff Regan said even with Liberal support, the motion would die because the Bloc won't support it. Besides, he said, even if the budget committee removed the line item, the government could put it back in, and call for a confidence vote on the budget, which could lead to an election, something Liberals clearly do not want right now.
"We don't want to play those games," Regan said.
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has made it clear that "he believes chrysotile asbestos poses serious health risks." He said Liberals would rather see the $250,000 go toward economic diversification in asbestos mining towns like Asbestos and Thetford Mines, and toward retraining asbestos miners for other jobs. Montreal Gazette
Michael Ignatieff is for asbestos when he's not against it

The Liberals continue to play games in Ottawa, as they did on support for the HST, fearmongering on H1N1, Isotopes, anti-American sentiments , citing "brown skinned" Canadians have less protection now, Carbon Tax for Global Warming,  Employment Insurance in September 2009.

Michael Ignatieff citing "idealogy" and politics of division. What are they doing?

“We believe that this measure falls radically short of serious employment insurance reform.  “Let’s get it through and get to the motion of non-confidence which we will bring forward in due time.”-Michael Ignatieff
And that was exactly my point Jonathan. Michael Ignatieff only offered to support a Bill he doesn’t approve of, and not only support it, but fast-track it so that it won’t be an interfering influence when he decides to call his no-confidence motion in October. And by saying “interfering influence” I mean he’s trying to ensure that Jack Layton has no grounds to stand on when he votes to avoid an election.
He is aiming to make Jack Layton and the NDP look bad for supporting the government while having no reason to do so, and he want’s to have that ammunition to use against them. As such, he is trying to orchestrate a situation where he can have that. It has nothing to do with honestly supporting the Bill, because he already said he doesn’t.
To me, that’s game playing, and when the issue and time is as critical as it is, and being in the position of trying to call an unpopular election, Michael Ignatieff is either clearly insane, or out to punish the NDP. - Sean Calder

 The Liberals refuse to introduce any alternatives in parliament that might lead to an election.  Liberals did NOT follow their September declaration, in October, November, December. In March 4, 2010, 29 Liberal MP's refused to return to work and defeat the government.

The Liberals are back to playing games of dividing Canadians and demanding the government provide funding in the third world for Abortions. Is this the job and duty of a loyal opposition?

I Recommend you read this post. It is a balanced post.

Long gone are the days of anyone believing the Liberal lies and scare tactics about the Conservatives seeking to outlaw abortion, so, now, desperate to try and find something to create relevance for the Liberal Party of Canada, Michael Ignatieff continues to make a fool of himself and betray the complete absense of any Liberal "plan" to try and play on his apparent belief that Canadians are truly stupid. 
Send a message, please.
We aren't that stupid, Michael, and, frankly, you are scum. - R.G. Harvie

I could not agree more. Send a message.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Review: Home Renovation Tax Credit vs Political Games on Hill

A last minute rush to qualify for the Home Renovation Tax Credit pushed retail sales up 0.7% in January, according to government data released Friday.
Home improvement stores were the largest contributor to the month’s $35.7 billion in retail sales, Statistics Canada said. The deadline to qualify for a maximum HRTC rebate of $1,350 was Feb. 1. The popular temporary program was part of the federal government’s Economic Action Plan designed to boost spending.
Sales at building and outdoor home suppliers were up 7.4% marking the highest monthly growth rate for this retail segment since Aug. 2003. Meanwhile sales growth at furniture and home furnishing stores topped previous records set back in the early 1990s. - Toronto Sun

In September 2009 when the Liberals were interested in moving a non-confidence vote, the NDP did not join the Liberals and Bloc.

How did the Liberals treat the Bloc and the NDP?

The NDP voted against EVERYTHING presented in the Budget.
The Bloc also voted against the Budget.

In March 2010 when the Liberals did not want to fight an election on the government handling of the Economy,  29 Liberal MP did not show up to vote.


The NDP took the position in attacking the Liberals in January 2009 for not supporting the coalition and supporting the budget. In the Fall of 2009 the NDP reversed and attacked the Liberals for not supporting the Home Renovation Credit. Today we hear the NDP again voting against everything in March 2010 budget.

Are the NDP prepared to replace the Liberal Party as the official opposition, is the party of "social conscience" just playing games when the Liberals prop up the government?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coalition Party: Smoke & Mirrors: Can't Win Through An Election

Photo Credit St.Vas-Empty Suit Reuters Ognen Teofilovski
The opposition parties are passing motions that are NOT binding or can be used by the Government to declare a loss of confidence. Why? Will the opposition parties use their numerical majority to engineer another "crisis" over the continued use of the 10% by introducing Question of Privilege and Contempt of Parliament?
Why won't the opposition members of parliament remove their continued support of the government through a vote of non-confidence? We hear from the opposition benches the members of parliament we don't trust the government. Really?
The opposition members of parliament are not interested in seeking support in the peoples' house from the people, through an election and continue to vote for the government in power they don't trust.
Will NDP flip-flop on their vote in Parliament behind close doors?.
"There were some (measures in the motion) where we would have done it slightly differently and so we'll have to take those issues up at the Board of Internal Economy," Layton said when pressed on the ban.
His party House leader, Libby Davies, indicated the ten-percenter vote may be the jumping-off point for a negotiation over bulk mail.
What the  ^#$%^%^$^&%^&%^&
The administrative matters of the House of Commons have been the responsibility of BOIE since 1868.
Will the opposition create another publicity stunt around the use of flyers by the government and rise on a question of privilege or contempt?

Mandate and Authority

The Board:
When Parliament is prorogued or dissolved, members of the Board retain their functions until they are replaced.
 Smoke and mirrors is a metaphor for a deceptive, fraudulent or insubstantial explanation or description. The source of the name is based on magicians' illusions, where magicians make objects appear or disappear by extending or retracting mirrors amid a confusing burst of smoke. The expression may have a connotation of virtuosity or cleverness in carrying out such a deception.
More generally, "smoke and mirrors" may refer to any sort of presentation by which the audience is intended to be deceived, such as an attempt to fool a prospective client into thinking that one has capabilities necessary to deliver a product in question. - Wikipedia
Source: EKOS 


Highlights on demographics that reinforce long game excuse for the Liberals.
  • Male vote  (CPC)
  • Female vote within M.O.E
  • 25 advantage (LPOC)11.2% (M.O.E 7.52)
  • 25-44 vote within M.O.E.
  • 45-64 advantage (CPC) 9.8%
  • 65+ advantage (CPC) 16.9%   
    Do the strategists behind Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe believe they can beat Stephen Harper?
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