Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Coalition Part II: Path to Power

Are the opposition MP's defending "IED" farmers?

A recent Angus Poll has confirmed several ideas from the Throne Speech and Budget have wide support and the opposition are unwilling to oppose the CPC agenda with ideas. Some have alluded this is an election budget.

The Toronto Star has been busy suggesting the Liberal Party of Canada as a result of prorogue held some adult conversations.Is the Report of seven pages, the proof of the adult conversation we can expect from the Liberal Party? Does adult supervision not extend to Question Period? Are the seven pages the mini-platform of the Liberal Party for the upcoming campaign?
Some left leaning pundits and Liberal MP's believe it was the long list of numerous scandals that sunk the Liberal Party. Some of us believe the shift was gradual in key voting groups including key demographics, the result of failed policy and inaction by the Liberals to adapt.
The fortunes of the Liberal Party greatly benefited from the misfortune of other political parties and Jean Chretien was able to exploit those weaknesses on several occasions for success at the ballot box.
In late 2009, yesterday a few pollsters and left leaning pundits suggest repeating publicity stunts and uttering scandals is the shortest road for the Liberals to return back to power. I hope to dispel that myth with some screen shots and links to the shift.
Some believe a coalition redux may take place to return the Liberals to power in a two stage election in 2010.
  • Campaign against prorogue (limit PMO/GG powers to stop coup)
  • No photo ops with Bloc this time
  • Push Scandals instead of alternative policies in the minority parliament
The screen captures are from Pundits' Guide, I recommend if you are serious about Canadians Politics this is one of the best non partisan sites for information.
  • Liberal Party won 51.5% =100 seats
  • NDP 8.3% = 1 seat
  • Canadian Alliance 23.6% = 2 seats
  • PC 14.4% = ZERO seats
  • Green 0.9% =Zero seats
  • Liberal Party won 44.7% =75 seats
  • NDP 18.1% = 7 seat
  • CPC 31.5% = 24 seats
  • PC 0.2% = ZERO seats
  • Green 4.4% =Zero seats
  • Liberal Party won 39.9% =54 seats
  • NDP 19.4% = 12 seat
  • CPC 35.1% = 40 seats
  • PC 0.2% = ZERO seats
  • Green 4.7% =Zero seats
  • Liberal Party won 33.8% = 38 seats
  • NDP 18.2% = 17 seat
  • CPC 39.2% = 51 seats
  • PC 0.1% = ZERO seats
  • Green 8.0% =Zero seats
Ontario led by Dalton McGuinty's Liberals have been onside with the Federal CPC government for several years. Ontario was NOT a substantial shift as a result of a RCMP investigation into leaked information from the Liberals. or Ad scam. The shift in popular vote and seats that saw continuation took place around the Thanksgiving table. Not in front of the TV or the result from the friendly articles in the Toronto Star on behalf of the Liberal Party. 

Reality vs Perception (Liberal track record is real and CBC pundits can't salvage Liberal Party fortunes.)
  • The Auditor General Issued Numerous Scathing Reports (HR, Isotopes, Accountability)
  • The Supreme Court Ruled 7-0 Against the Liberal Government over taxes
  • Liberals shut down parliament over Somalia Inquiry, Ad scam, APEC
Liberals are lacking situational awareness in talking down the economy and blaming our government. Voters continue to punish the Liberals at the Ballot box regardless of consumer confidence.
Canadians remain three times more likely to see good times financially for themselves a year from now than bad. 31% of respondents anticipate they’ll be better off financially a year from now than they are now, while 9% say they’ll be worse off. This split has remained almost unchanged for 3 waves now, dating back to August 2009. Harris Decima Poll March 2010
Publicity Stunts: Coalition, PSAC, Anti War Groups on Hill

The Liberals led by Ignatieff failed to win a single seat in 2009 in four contests. The support from the 30's evaporated in the Fall of 2009 and has slowly recovered. The stunts and repeated games on the Hill by the special interest groups and opposition parties keep making the mistake that WE are paying attention or care.
I suspect some of the 77 Liberal MP's will not continue to remain on the sidelines, participate in the games in 2010 to disparage our troops, civil service to embarrass the government and gain power.

Many men and women entered politics to make things better and help their constituents, I don't believe many Liberals are satisfied with the current leadership and back office. Who will be the first to break from this destructive politics first?
 1) Denis Coderre, NFLD MP's who broke on budget, Pro-life Liberals, 905 riding Liberals, future leadership candidates.
Groundhog Day for the Liberal MP's AGAIN? Examine this story written in December 15, 2008.
Uncomfortable with Stephane Dion’s leadership, the executive committee of the Liberal Party had a decision to make. After the October 2008, election, Dion agreed to resign as the Liberal leader pending the selection of a new leader at its next national convention scheduled for May 2009. Continuing to remain the head of any coalition or the Party represented “bad optics”.- Canadian Politics
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Spin Assassin said...

Very excellent post.

The_Iceman said...

I am starting to believe that Iggy and his handlers are willing to push forward on the detainee issue despite Liberal negligence leading to the flawed transfer agreement, meaning that they may have to throw Paul Martin and Bill Graham under the bus.

How the hell does the Martin cabinet, aware of torture allegations, not put a monitoring mechanism into the original transfer agreement? It is borderline negligent. Meanwhile the Tories fixed the whole mess after a year in power.

Oh, and our CSIS officers that were sent by the Martin Administration into Afghanistan to collect battlefield intelligence from POWs completely lacked proper training for the theatre.

CanadianSense said...

Update added Consumer confidence Survey 2005 - 2009 destroying any credibility for the talking heads about the economy punishing the CPC.

If Tory times are "tough times", why do voters send more of them to Ottawa?

Because they know Liberals can't be trusted to fix anything?

CanadianSense said...


the photo I used show in 2002 JT2 were rounding up, handing over these alleged"farmers" for the Americans.

The opposition MP's, media are also smearing our American, British Nato troops in the field for their efforts to eliminate high value targets.

Who is funding the smears on behalf of the IED farmers?

Anonymous said...

Rumours of Iggy/Layton/Duceppe
top level meeting.

Plan to defeat government in works.

Expect election April

Conservatives must be ready.

Trying to confirm

Almost certain high level top secret meeting to topple government.