Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Best Days are ahead: Canada is our Home!

Great Ad: h/t Sandy
Canada’s economy accelerated more than forecast from October to December on the biggest jump in exports since 2004 and faster consumer spending.
Gross domestic product in the world’s 10th-largest economy expanded at a 3.3 percent annual pace in the fourth quarter following a 1.8 percent expansion in the previous three months that was higher than initially estimated, Statistics Canada said today in Ottawa. Economists predicted a 3 percent fourth-quarter gain, according to the median of 23 estimates gathered by Bloomberg News.- Bloomberg
Citizenship swearing in ceremony
Canada is standing Taller. Many of us have had a tough time with the global recession and our federal government was there with programs and short term projects to help. The opposition voted against them  and wanted them to fail. They now want to return to the polls for political gain. I think they are out of touch with the majority  of Canadians who want the election in 2012. I anticipate will punish them accordingly for ignoring the big issues that matter. So let's clear the air and send the fringe parties back to the drawing board if they vote against the budget in March.

Liberals Tone Deaf: Americans want less Government

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 33% of Likely U.S. Voters would rather have Congress avoid a government shutdown by authorizing spending at the same levels as last year. Fifty-eight percent (58%) says it’s better to have a partial shutdown until Democrats and Republicans can agree on what spending to cut. (To see survey question wording, click here.)
The partisan differences are striking. Fifty-eight percent (58%) of Democrats prefer avoiding a shutdown by going with current spending levels. But 80% of Republicans -- and 59% of voters not affiliated with either major party -- think a shutdown is a better option until the two sides can agree on spending cuts. Report here

The United States are having a difficult time balancing their state and federal books. They are  looking for cooperation from their public unions to re-orient themselves with the new fiscal reality facing most Americans. The gravy train has ended and spending cuts are necessary. Will the public unions accept the democratic results of the mid-terms and the majority of the elected officials to govern?
Premier David Alward
Canadian provinces are in need of a dose of some fiscal restraint. We have seen Liberals demolished in New Brunswick in 2010. If this pattern hold until October, Ontario will be sending a message to the provincial Liberals. Any bets?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Book the Plane already: Ontario turns Blue!

Campaigns matter but only Ekos Research analysis decided the Bev Oda story might have legs on the CBC. Every other pollster has been clear the Liberals are tanking leading up to the budget vote. Ontario has crushed the Liberals dreams in Toronto by sending Rob Ford and  the GTA appears to be prepared to spank Dalton and Ignatieff into the dustbin of history. The track record of mismanagement and reckless social policy engineering is coming home to roost.

Regional Charts here
A Wilfrid Laurier study suggests Stephen Harper's Conservative government is within reach of a majority if an election were held now. An analysis by the Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Opinion and Policy shows the Conservatives would win 152 seats if the election were held today. That’s just three short of a majority.

Their last poll had the Conservatives with a six point lead and a statistical tie in Ontario. Does the Toronto Star refer to a poll in November 2010 to dampen the momentum of the massive swing in Ontario of 13 points in five weeks? A little bait and switch? The mass media buy from the widely funded Conservatives is working.

Angus was the most accurate in the general election October 14, 2008. Everyone under polled the CPC.
The biggest change has come in Ontario, where the 13-point Tory lead observed in December has become a statistical tie (Conservatives 38%, Liberals 36%) -January 12, 2011 Angus Reid 

The Conservatives have more donors than all of the opposition parties combined. The opposition parties have failed to provide Canadians with a reason to donate and close the gap. The message of a stable government led by our PM Stephen Harper vs Coalition has resonated. Sorry Jack those cabinet seats are fading fast. Ignatieff will have to decide if co-opting the NDP policies are responsible for his dismal standings. Their is always the option of another tour and a swing to the right pretending your are a centrist.

The Conservatives are at 39 per cent, the Liberals are at 26 per cent, the NDP is at 18 per cent and the Green Party is at 6 per cent, according to the latest polling by Angus Reid Public Opinion.
Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are knocking on the door of an elusive majority, helped in part by the growing support of Ontario voters, an exclusive Star poll of more than 6,000 Canadians reveals.
For the Conservatives it’s all good news in Ontario — a key battleground in the next election — where they enjoy a 13-point lead over the Liberals. That’s up five points from November.
The Conservatives’ road to a majority runs right through Ontario. The party is fighting hard to build on past gains in the 905 region, break into the Liberal bastion of Toronto and win seats in the corridor stretching to Windsor.
In Quebec, the Bloc Québécois holds a significant lead with 39 per cent, compared with 20 per cent for the Conservatives, 21 per cent for the Liberals and 14 per cent for the NDP.
Mukerji cautioned not to put too much stock in claims the Conservatives are badly wounded in Quebec, suggesting they are likely to retain the 11 seats they hold there now.
In Newfoundland, the Conservatives have bounced back from the 2008 election, when they faced the ire of then-premier Danny Williams who actively campaigned against the Tories. The party now stands at 42 per cent in the polls, up 28 per cent from the 2008 vote. That compares with the Liberals, which are down 11 points to 36 per cent, and the NDP, which is down 13 points to 21 per cent. - Conservative Majority vs Fringe Party Coalition

The MSM is free to engage in pushing the Bev Oda decision to defund Kairos. They are free to gloat about the difficulty in evacuating Canadians from Libya. They are free to recite the talking points from the war rooms of opposition parties masquerading as news. It has stopped working. Canadians can't afford the tax and spend Liberal NDP promises of the "free lunch". The media pundits have lost control of the narrative in shaping public opinion. Your moral compass is bankrupt and taxpayers are not interested in your priorities. If you want it, go fund it yourself with your own money.

It is time for the usual suspects in the MSM to grow up and return to a balanced role in reporting the news. Leave your personal opinions at the door.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Liberals drop to 23% in National Poll. Book the Plane!

Abacus says Conservatives now enjoy a 15-point lead over their closest rivals, the Liberals. The Conservatives have the support of 38% of decided voters while the Liberals have the support of just 23% - well below the popular vote of about 26% Stephane Dion won for his party in 2008.-Conservative support returns to 2008 levels

The numbers look good for the NDP and the Conservatives. Do they go for it and try to finish off the Liberals in 2011 or wait for 2012?

Keeping an eye on the Economy
The PM is playing tennis with his son Ben. We could have fun with a caption contest.

Atlantic MPs silent on Quebec's bullying on Hydro Project?

Where are those Liberal NDP MPs?
Why are the Federal Liberals in the Atlantic provinces silent on the treatment by the Provincial Liberals in Quebec regarding the fight to help lift Nova Scotia and Newfoundland out from the thumb of the Hydra of Quebec?

Where did those Atlantic Accord Liberals go? I remember an MP who resigned and became an independent because he felt his region was not treated fairly. Do the MPs in the Atlantic region think Quebec is treating them fairly over this mega project?

Nova Scotia would receive 170 megawatts of energy a year — about 10 per cent of the province's total power needs — for 35 years. Emera would also have an option on an additional 330 megawatts that could go to other provinces and New England.Dunderdale said Muskrat Falls would create a 98 per cent carbon-free power grid in Newfoundland and Labrador.At least 2,700 people would work on the project at peak construction, she said. Preference for those jobs would go to Labrador Innu and Labrador residents. -N.L. awaiting federal word on hydro support

Are the Federal MPs in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland afraid to defend their provinces against the interests of Quebec retaining their near monopoly of hydro exports to the United States?

Are the Atlantic Liberal and NDP MP's silent on Lower Churchhill mega project?
Perhaps it is time to send active Federal MPs to Ottawa that will speak up and defend against the Liberal-PQ coalition  in blocking energy independence for the Atlantic provinces.

Energy ministers from Newfoundland and Nova Scotia met Tuesday in Halifax where they agreed to intensify their lobbying efforts to convince Ottawa to participate in the project.
A spokesperson for the N.L. energy minister said Wednesday the loan guarantee would help reduce the interest rate for the project and lower the overall cost. -Lower Churchill vs Quebec Liberal PQ Hydro
Here is a large PDF file for more details
Newfoundland Liberals have no opinion on Lower Churchill?
It is a shame Ignatieff did not have time to take a public position and help the Premiers in the Atlantic provinces with assurances of a loan that would create hundreds of jobs and provide renewable energy that will displace oil and coal in Canada and the United States.  
Is bullying female Conservatives Rona Ambrose, Lisa Raitt, Leona Aglukkaq, and now Bev Oda a higher priority? Having your team refer to the PMO staff as terrorists? So much for the lack of civility and personal attacks instead of an adult conversation.
It is no wonder why none of the above score higher than Ignatieff for Best PM according to latest Nik Nanos Poll data. The Liberals are the lost generation.

Canadians Feeling better about this Government: Ekos Research

Canadians reward Conservative government with a 6.6% lift in right direction
“The cognoscenti watch the directional numbers and these don't look good at all for the government right now. Less than 4 in 10 Canadians think the government is moving in the right direction. Majority governments typically enjoy the confidence of about 60% on this right track/wrong track measure.” That was Frank Graves in June 10, 2010

It is hard to imagine who should be more distressed by the current patterns. The Liberals remain mired in unthinkable depths for Canada's erstwhile natural governing party. They are now clearly stuck in Dion levels and are attracting about half the vote that they routinely recorded in polls ten years ago. It is little wonder that heightened talks of alliances and leadership continue to circulate.
Yet the poll may be even gloomier for the ruling Conservative Party. While they still cling to a declining lead, they are in danger of falling below the 30 point-ceiling. The patterns show a clear decline which has seen a comfortable lead of nearly ten points dwindle to a downright uncomfortable 4-point margin over the past month. Their current vote intention is the lowest since they took office and the leading direction of federal government indicator is the lowest for any sitting Canadian government in the 11 years we have been tracking it. To be blunt, it is difficult to see how the Conservatives could form a legitimate government on the basis of these numbers. Frank Graves June 17, 2010

I am curious if the caretaker in Stornoway residence is trying to get himself fired nowadays. Every time he has asked the public to take a closer look they are turned off with his tenure as leader. In June 2009 his four ultimatums was followed up with line in the sand ($ 3 billion stimulus). He than proceeded with a "your time is up" in the Fall of 2009. For most of 2010 his party and their merry men have been playing peekaboo during critical votes ensuring the Conservatives would have no reason to ask for a dissolution. Is Ignatieff weighing down the Liberals or is the brand damaged beyond repair? -CanadianSense January 17, 2011

A large number of polls had a double digit lead last week and the Ekos poll released this week has determined the 12.5% gap last has evaporated. I don't believe the polling is being paid attention to other than the political junkies. This is fodder for the faithful to demoralize the opponents. Nothing more.

Mass advertising works. Financial fundraising metrics are being ignored as many other structural problems by our MSM.

Will Ignatieff show up for the budget vote with his MP's and stop propping up this government in 2011 as promised in December 2010?

I am hoping so, I look forward to being dazzled by the messaging of the MSM and Liberals why Canada sucks and we need to raise taxes. This should be fun watching the coalition itemize their priorities.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Liberals surge to nearly 28%: Calls to Mental Health professionals drop by 30%?

Let's give the Liberals a reason to celebrate. The have once again almost hit 30%. 2009 was a bad year with most of it being held to below thirty per cent. 2011 has not started off any better with being unable to break above the thirty per cent in popular support. It must be demoralizing for the  remaining supporters to keep reading how their current leader is a drag on the national numbers. Ekos full report here. This video is tribute to the hard working and perpetual man in motion known as Ignatieff. Alfred E. Neuman would be very proud.
It has been quite a ride for the remaining Liberal faithful since Ignatieff has taken over the natural governing party in December 2008.
A gain of one per cent since the worst showing in 150 years is reason to celebrate.
I can only hope this latest surge in Ekos polling from 24.8% to 27.3% ( +2.5%) gives the Liberal more reason to pull the plug and defeat the Conservative minority budget in March. It will be wonderful to hear the Liberals trash our military, our international reputation, our recovery and demand taxpayers pay more money for social engineering.
Canada News Desk last  Dec 9 2010 - Feb 11, 2011 Ekos Poll here

The push back has only begun on the unfunded Public Union pensions and benefits by the state governments in the United States. Our our Federal Budget needs to be balanced and blaming corporations won't work. Everyone is going to be asked to take a hair cut, including the largest public unions in Canada.

Canadians won't return to blaming job creators as greedy capitalists, we did not bailout our Banks or Bay Street. Canada has fared better than most in the developed economies. Canadians won't accept the "free lunch" or Robin Hood take from the rich to feed from the poor rhetoric anymore.

The gravy train for taxes by government appears to be coming to an end and this terrifies the central planners in our society. They can't find enough support to help them with their wealth redistribution schemes. Their ideology has failed everywhere it has been tried.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Canada is the superstar: Conservatives won't horse trade with NDP

 “Canada is the superstar this wave, showing the highest cumulative growth on all three measures,” states the Ipsos report on the survey. “After a dip in late 2010, Canada has rebounded to earlier 2010 levels by rising 6 points this wave to 68 per cent who give a positive assessment of the national economy. In fact, of all of the countries measured this time it’s Canada that manages to score a trifecta by rising substantially in current and future assessments.”-Superstar’ status in global economic poll strengthens Harper’s hand
 The Full Study is here

I hope the NDP and Liberals keep playing chicken with the voters and threaten to force an election by defeating the budget unless massive new spending policies are included.

Petro Business vs Human Rights?
The Liberal government knew Gaddafi was unhinged when it started playing footsy with him. In 1999, economic sanctions were lifted after Libya made two suspects of the Lockerbie bombing available for trial and agreed to pay compensation to the victims’ families. By 2004, prime minister Paul Martin was in Libya breaking bread with the old pariah in his tent in the desert, while two camels mated noisily outside.-Liberal foreign policy mistakes

Liberal MPs protesting PM welcoming Tim Horton's Head Office return and missing Gaddafi-Obama UN address
Ignatieff boasts about the Liberal record of balancing the books and their balanced foreign policy under Chretien and Martin. Perhaps Ignatieff would like to take a moment and revisit his latest ramblings about the  track record  and  the social welfare state policies he is lifting from the NDP on his latest meet the Canadians tour.  Canadians are not buying the "free lunch" from any level of government talking points. The Liberals and NDP are free to attack each other and complain  about the kitchen table or family values. Many of us won't forget their stunt in parliament for tax funded abortions in Africa and refusal to support a reduction in taxes.

Liberal lost generation?

Ignatieff Dion Dec 2006 Photo: Simon Hayter/Getty Images

In the last few years, the Liberals have had four leaders: the shrewd Jean Chrétien, the flashy Paul Martin, the intellectual environmentalist Stéphane Dion and (repatriated from the U.S.) Michael Ignatieff, who was supposed to be the next Pierre Trudeau.
But while the faces changed, the structure, mentality and apparatus with its backroom boys remained the same. This dichotomy goes back a few decades, but two specific events accelerated the fragmentation of the Liberal party between the leadership, the MPs and the grassroots. Angelo Perschilli Toronto Star

Who is next? Will the Liberal party survive if the political party subsidy is removed through a Conservative majority?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Conservative Mass Media Buy Working

Nik Nanos has an confirmed with another snapshot that is in line with other pollsters. The opposition parties are failing miserably to counter the message being provided by the Conservatives. Conservatives are in a double digit lead compliments of a media buy that has resonated with the public. 
The wake of the Conservative attack ads has resulted in a 13 point national advantage for the Tories over the Grits. Of note, Conservative support significantly increased in the Prairies (AB, SK, MB) which suggests that the ads served to ramp up Conservative support in areas where the Tories were already strong.-Nik Nanos

MSM and opposition mob avoiding facts for a good old witch hunt again
The MSM has decided to run with another navel gazing campaign by attacking another female Conservative minister for not having NOT provided satisfactory answers for the opposition MPs who have doubled down on another witch hunt.

The internal memo between CIDA and Bev Oda could have been handled better. as noted by a Liberal  insider. The communication of defunding Kairos could have been more smoother with a public campaign against the entitlement culture of funds for advocacy NGO's. The opposition will complain about the loss of funding for their friends, taxpayers won't care. If you turn on your television the people in Madison have had enough with special interests getting a free ride. The taxpayer gravy train is OVER.

Lollipop Guild: Public Unions, Advocacy Groups Entitlements
Public Unions, Advocacy groups will resist an end to perpetual entitlements and new reality to share some of the pain as a result of the global meltdown and re-balancing of the government balance sheets. The decade of low interest and easy money is coming to a close. It is time to pay the note and demand results for the investments and expenditures. It is only natural for those parties that have been at the trough for decades to not want to give them up.
First 2 months and Liberals can't hit 30%. February lift Conservatives media buy election threats?

Improving communication strategies bypassing the MSM and opposition MPs in the cheap seats that are avoiding the big issues for inside the beltway posturing. The Conservatives need to continue to reach out to the alternative media and hit the hustings in winnable ridings.
I suspect if the Government continues to communicate with many more Canadians their shift in direction to support direct aid in providing safe drinking water, vitamins, medicine vs Global alarmists advocacy : it will only boost their support level at home and abroad. Canadians want to see results of their spending in treasure blood on foreign soil.

I am proud of the maternal health initiative by this Federal government and the achievement to avoid the mistakes of the previous Liberal administration.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is Toronto up for grabs?

Somewhere a Liberal-NDP strategist is crying at the sight of this picture
Liberals and their supporters have been highly critical of the law and order agenda. The Bloc recently joined the Conservatives in passing a bill that eliminate criminals from serving only one-sixth of their sentence.

Many of the polls in the last few days have shown a widening gap for the Conservative government led by our PM. A recent poll confirms voters prefer a minority led by the Conservative versus the coalition. This can't be good news for those who believe in the keeping their coalition as a viable option. The Liberals and NDP are both running away from it as the Separatist party  in Quebec is the only partner publicly endorsing the plan in 2011.

For those true believers who say Toronto is not going to fall, look no further than our current Mayor Rob Ford. A message that resonates will work. The Liberal-NDP message has failed to ignite and stop the Conservatives since 2006 when Canadians decided to give them their first mandate.

Our PM has been very busy traveling to vulnerable ridings. I could only imagine the horror for the Liberals and NDP to realize how the photo with Chen, Fantino, Nicholson will be used to further advance the law and order agenda.

For the most part the opposition parties have been highly critical of the law and order agenda. They refer to the failures in the US as an example.  I don't think the average voter in Canada is spending much time  doing research/worrying about the failures  in California in addressing the penal system.  Do Canadians believe the  criminals in Canada are being treated too lightly? Will they reward the Conservatives are the only party standing up for the average law abiding citizen?
Many in the left will spend the next few days on another witch hunt targeting Bev Oda for her role in defunding Karios. I don't know how many people will actually pay attention to the noise from the MSM and the opposition. After five years of throwing feces the chimps in the cheap seats simply don't get it. The crap is not sticking.

Canadians are not interested in the personal attacks in Ottawa. The strength of  balance sheets since 2004 confirms the Conservatives are dominating the political landscape with their message without fear of the Liberals providing a credible alternative.

It is time for the adults to regain control of the political parties in the left and provide some adult conversation on the big challenges ahead. Attacking female conservatives seems to have become a sport for the progressives in lieu of serious policy debate.

Canadians deserves better and a rout in the cheap seats may provide the impetus for changing of the  old male guard in both parties. Ignatieff and Layton will likely  retire in disgrace or face an internal revolt when the Conservatives gain their majority in 2011-2012. A merger of some sorts with the remnants of the Liberals and NDP may be necessary. Is it possible for the Separatists to regain official opposition status again with the collapse of the Liberal ridings in Ontario?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shelf Life: Federal Liberals leader is two years?

Natural born leader?
It appears the loyal and supportive followers of the Federal Liberals have a limit on the shelf life of their Federal Liberal leaders. The numbers seem to hover around 25% popular support nationally or two years as seat warmer in the opposition seats.

Fighting for ideological left voters of big nanny state
Andrew Coyne appears to be unhappy with the Liberals in his scathing rebuke of the Liberals latest rhetoric to gain support. I understand the Liberals’ need to differentiate themselves from the Tories. But, really: what kind of chumps do they take us for?  I am curious why more of the mainstream media have failed to highlight the factual errors of the Liberal rhetoric? Why are the mainstream media outlets a vehicle for recycled talking points that don't add up?

Where was unbiased mainstream media in covering the Green Energy Act imposed by the Dalton Liberals?
Seven Years, Green Energy Act driving business and jobs out of Ontario
Patience appears to be a problem for the Liberals. Flip flopping on major planks seems to affect both Federal and Provincial Liberals. I refer to it as the weather vane strategy. When it is going to affect their hold or return to power any policy is expendable.

The Federal Liberals are trying to invoke the Red Book of 1993 with fear mongering of a Conservative majority. They have resorted to lifting the policies of the NDP in order to steal their votes. Faking left and governing in middle is the Liberal unwritten promise.

The Liberals and NDP are both fighting for bigger government and more control of our daily lives. They both feel Ottawa knows best. The statists don't respect the division of powers between the Federal and Provincial governments. The one size fits all did not work for the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe or Cuba but the liberal left in love with socialism and big government refuse to learn from history.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Karma: Shovel Justice American style

I find these kinds of stories hilarious, the video captures the bad neighbour and the reaction of to her act is priceless.  A must see.

There's something about winter storms that should bring out the best in Canadians and Americans - helping each other dig out and stay warm, but for a Chicago man, this was not the case.
David Welles caught a woman stealing his snow shovel recently on his surveillance cameras. The woman is seen walking her dog when she stops in front of Welles' gate, walks up to the porch and takes the shovel.
To make matters worse, her dog does his business in the yard during the theft.
She is then seen on another camera going to a car and digging it out of the snow.
Welles told CBS news Chicago he had no problem with her borrowing the shovel, but what bothered him was the fact she didn't return it.

Stephen Harper: NGC 157

He comes from another galaxy and is known for his super-human powers.
But it is doubtful if even Superman could fly as far as the distant galaxy NGC 157, although this image does appear to show the two have much in common.
The European Southern Observatory has released this distinctive picture in which the galaxy boasts a central sweep of stars in the shape of a giant 'S'.
Could the Big 'S' be our own Stephen Harper?

Stephen Harper and Laureen Harper
If you listen, watch the Liberal media in concert with the opposition parties talking points  it includes criticizing everything emanating from the Conservatives. This pattern reinforces how desperate and petty they have become as most of us have tuned out the political noise. I am confident that Canadians when an election is called will send a very clear message to the fear mongering by the Liberal MSM and their opposition parties.

A Conservative mandate is not in question, only the size remains to be determined.

Campaigns matter:
  • Ignatieff led Liberals are at 1/7 in by elections in two years.
  • Financial strength is marginally better than Dion?
  • Liberals have swung hard left, farther left than in 1993.
  • Liberals are not facing a divided right, an NDP at 8.5% with Greens at 0.5%
  • The Separatist leader is viewed more favourably than Ignatieff in Canada.
They are trying to rally the NDP-Bloc-Green voters again under their banner. The biggest problem is their own loyalists don't believe them and most importantly their leader is the biggest liability of any federal party. 
Voters will have a clear ballot question: A stable Conservative majority led by our PM Stephen Harper or a coalition led by Ignatieff with the Separatists being the kingmaker. The choice is yours.

Canadians will NOT give the opportunistic Liberals another opportunity to play bait and switch with the results of a general election. It will take 36 days after the writ is dropped to confirm the Teutonic shift.

To those in the Liberal fantasy land : Don't worry be happy.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Politics of Personal Destruction

It was about "politics", not policies
I am impressed with how the MSM ignore the pattern of personal attacks by Liberals when evidence is in plain sight. Liberals would have been happy to have Fantino and Rossi run under the Liberal banner . The vitriolic attacks from the Liberals illustrate the panic or desperation within the badly damaged brand. The balance sheet and seven by elections under Ignatieff has not been a pretty sight to behold for those in the Liberal camp. How much more time will they give him before revoke his membership?

Anyone remember Liberals trashing these ads?
Deciding to leave a political party that you’ve been part of for decades and joining another is a very difficult thing to do. One doesn’t make these decisions lightly or easily. The hard part was not to recognize that my beliefs had come to have more in common with the Progressive Conservatives — anyone who followed my mayoral campaign can attest to that — but having the courage to face the loss of some friendships and associations that have meant a great deal to me.
During my mayoral campaign, particularly as it came to an end, with some notable and much-appreciated exceptions, more and more of the Liberals among my active supporters fell away, some with extreme and very public prejudice, and no pretense was ever made that my policies had anything to do with it. It was about “politics,” not policies; about the party, not the people. It was a disheartening, and yes, profoundly disillusioning experience for me and those who stuck with me.
And then, at the end, I looked around my campaign table and realized that not one of my PC supporters had left me, nor would they until I released them by formally withdrawing from the race. They supported my ideas, my principles and my integrity with a staunch integrity of their own. Now it is my turn to support them, and continue to follow my drive towards public service with a party and leader, Tim Hudak, who I have more in common with than I ever realized possible.-Rocco Rossi National Post
 When did the praise for Rocco Rossi become immaterial? When he decided to run for Mayor? No  It appears his decision to not run under a Liberal banner is the litmus test. 
Federal Liberals are losing long time MPs to "other" activities.
Ignatieff said that under Rossi, who became national director less than a year ago, the party has "vastly improved" its dismal fundraising, more than tripled its membership and is now "in a solid position to fight the next election, whenever it comes."
He saluted Rossi's "dedication to serving the public good" and his decision to run for mayor.
"Torontonians should be proud to attract talented people such as yourself who want to lead. I wish you the best of luck."
Why are Liberals comfortable in dismissing the good work and track record  of Rocco Rossi in aiding the Liberal party so quickly? Is it just politics?

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Homeland Security: Lollipop Guild?

I am curious how the Department of Homeland Security came across my website without a referral and have found my posting of Liberals in the Lollipop Guild worthy of repeat traffic, could it be the image of Christina Hendricks?

Let's hope it was a coffee break and your admiration for my acerbic humour or appreciation for Christina Hendrick's acting assets.