Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Canada Stands Tall

2010 was a great year for Canada at home with the rise of our nationalism through the Torch Relay, successful  Winter Games with the fourteen gold medals. Canada a bright light in year of global gloom.
The games started slow but our female athletes did us very proud. Our opponents could not catch a break. Today they are polling in fourth place in Quebec.

Canada stood tall on the International stage and raised its voice against antisemitism, brutality in Iran and China. For the first time in a very long time Canada has put the world on notice as we become an Energy Super power. 
Tom Brokaw explains Canada to the Americans.

Don Cherry Laurie Hawn with Troops
Our trust, support of the military has improved as a result of a sustained effort to rebuild our armed forces and their capability. From flood relief in Newfoundland, extraction on the 402 our sons and daughters are making a difference. The Highway of Heroes as reported in the United States.

Have a  Happy and Healthy New Year.

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