Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Real Deal: PM Stephen Harper

Through Canada's Economic Action Plan, the Government of Canada has committed $400 million over the next two years to help First Nation communities build needed new housing, repair and remediate existing non-profit housing for their members, and complement housing programs offered by CMHC. This investment will also provide an economic stimulus for many First Nations and surrounding areas by creating jobs. -Canadians Newswire 12/13/09

Can we do more, yes but are we making progress?

Canada's economic success has always depended on our ability to export our goods and services to other nations. Today, with the crisis in global financial markets and the economies of our major trading partners in steep decline, we face extraordinary difficulties, the likes of which have not been seen since the end of the Second World War. EAP Government Website

Will some of these projects be a waste of taxpayers money? Yes, but again have we made progress in bringing all levels of government together to spend on helping deal with a global recession?

Some politicians love to teardown this country at home, abroad and will focus on the negative to score cheapshots to advance their political party.  Some will travel to Copenhagen this week and join David Miller and declare they are embarrassed for Canada. How does Jack Layton  justify in slamming Canada's environmental record by targeting Alberta's oilsands? Carbon Emmission from automobiles accounts for 27% in Canada and Oilsands for 5%.  Why is Jack not calling for an automobile ban in every major urban centre where mass transit is currently available? In Brazil they have adopted tougher restrictions to reduce automobile pollution. Is it fashionable to attack Canada or Alberta?

A great post from Lib Blogs about the truth something that should be noted.

Canadian Sovereignty Must Be Maintained

While I am all in favour of taking steps to reduce Canada's carbon footprint, we should not be be bullied into doing things which would hurt the long term economic fortunes of this country.-Aaron Ginsberg

Canada accounts for 2-3% of the Global Carbon emmissions. Why are the opposition parties not  supporting our government in demanding the largest emitters China, US, India make the necessary investments to lower the Carbon emmissions?
Harper told the crowd that next year "is going to be a nation-defining year for this great country Canada. Two months from today, the eyes of the world will turn to Canada as we host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games."- CBC News12/12/09

Harper "Skips" Canada-Chuckercanuck

In 2006 Premier Dalton McGuinty made some comments that may have upset Conservative, Ndp, Green voters. Ontario's premier has thrown support behind Liberal Leader Paul Martin in what Dalton McGuinty called the toughest campaign he has ever seen.-CTV Jan 26, 2006  We know how that turned out!


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