Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Liberal Media and their Coalition despise our Military and love Taxes

"I spent a good part of 2006 in Kandahar - three tours of between four to six weeks each in about 10 months, with another tour in '07 - as an embedded reporter, which means I travelled with Canadian troops. I counted on them to keep my ass safe, and they did. I liked them hugely. The experience was one of the most significant of my life (if not on a par with the drama of being, say, in a budget lockup) and I treasure every minute of it. I made some lifelong friends, and I love some of these men."-Christie Blatchford

How many articles from the Liberal media on the welfare of the detainees murderers* vs other aspects of the mission?  How many questions in QP from the Coalition on the Detainees murderers vs other aspects of the mission? (Hint over 120 questions* in December 2009.)

The Federal Government has been consistent on this matter and have forced the coaltition to raise their baseless accusations to the next level. You have a hammer and can withdraw your confidence if you believe in the baseless allegations.

They have taken every opportunity to politicize every issue and to score cheap political points,' Baird says in press conference meant to highlight government accomplishments.

Judging by the Polls most Canadians would agree with Baird.  The current government continues to lead  in almost every METRIC in the latest EKOS Poll. They have a substantial lead in the 45-65+ demographic (highest voter turnout). Quebec is the only province that does give the current government a clear lead. A regional leger poll shows the CPC and the Liberals are tied and the Quebec City beachead is within General Election results of 2008.

  1. Civil Servants trained are responsible for redaction. Not any Federal Minister.
  2. Liberal led government had no detaine Policy for years 2001-2005 outside ISAF guidelines.
  3. The Liberal led government crafted a weak Detainee Policy near the end of 2005. 
  4. CPC led government made changes to Liberal Detainee Policy and made substantial investments.
  5. We have notes on a single incident demostrating our Military has done the right thing.
The Liberal media and opposition have chosen to spend all of December trying to create another scandal alleging a conspiracy and cover up by the current Federal Government and a failure in our Military protecting the Human Rights abuses of Detainess murderers and scumbags. From 2001-2005 where was the Liberal media and their concern for the murderers and scumbags?

When information is made know the Government and the Military have acted properly, to suggest otherwise is just plain silly. Are were revisiting the same issue again for what purpose?

“Canadian authorities were informed on November 5, 2007, by Canada’s monitoring team, of a credible allegation of mistreatment pertaining to one Canadian-transferred detainee held in an Afghan detention facility,” says the letter, dated Tuesday, and written by senior Justice Department lawyer J. Sanderson Graham.

“As a consequence there have been no transfers of detainees to Afghan authorities since that date. The allegation is under investigation by Afghan authorities. Canada will resume transferring detainees when it believes it can do so in accordance with its international legal obligations.”

Amensty International, BC Civil Liberties Association wants to extend the protection of the Charter of Rights & Freedom to the murderers and scumbags and our top court refused to hear their arguement in May 2007.
The Coalition and the Liberal media are free to try again to extend them more protection and freedom.

Where were the truth seeking moralist bloggers from 2001-2005 concerns about the treatment of these detainees murderers and scumbags?

Billions on a the New Tobin Tax (Global Carbon Scheme)

The same Liberal media and opposition has ignored to REPORT for two weeks, investigate the alleged illegal activity of the a small number of individuals who have tainted the peer review process, acted illegally on the freedom of information requests, deleted raw data, and evidence from a few in the emails to hide the decline, repeat a the trick. The BBC sat on the leaked emails for five weeks.

The UN has become complicit in Climategate by intimidating an accredited journalist from asking questions at a book release held at a UN Correction: COP 15 event.
Professor Stephen Schneider’s assistant requested armed UN security officers who held film maker Phelim McAleer, ordered him to stop filming and prevented further questioning after the press conference where the Stanford academic was launching a book.

Where is the neutrality of the Canadian media under reporting the first Global Tax and pushing an incident from three years ago?

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