Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh No You Didn't

NDP membership has just increased by two today. Banks must pay! Anyone believe the Banks won't pass the tax to the consumer?

Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy: banks should pay for climate change.

 In a joint statement, they declared: "To ensure predictable and additional finance in the medium term to 2020 and beyond, we should make use of innovative financing mechanisms, such as the use of revenues from a global financial transactions tax and the reduction of aviation and maritime emissions and the auctioning of national emissions permits. We will work together on this." Oh No You Didn't

Apparently the $7 Billion Payola from Europe falls short!

’Your prime minister has chosen to protect the rich countries, and that’s not ok,’ referring to Denmark’s Lars L√łkke Rasmussen.

I want to thank the outgoing Mayor of Toronto for killing a few more polar bears by flying to Copenhagen in person to pick up our Awards. Thanks.

This grandstanding better not affect our success in winning more Fossil Awards- Oh No You Didn't

Brian Tobin may be interested  in a name change, the Tobin Tax will not go down well.

I am looking forward to Canada winning the most Fossil Awards in Cop 15. Let's go Canada! 

Is their a Toll Free number to call to help win more?




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