Monday, December 07, 2009

Squeeze Play : Bloc withdraw support for Bill 62 - HST Federal Liberals exposed

The "other" shoe has dropped on HST. Are the Bloc are going to withdraw support for Bill 62 to study the Bill because of compensation for Quebec has not been settled? They have also cited the use of closure motion is undermining democracy and the request to adopt a Bill they have not seen. Only 15 per cent of respondents support the establishment of the HST in Ontario, while 75 percent are opposed—including 57 per cent who
claim to be "strongly opposed."
-Angus Poll Ontario.
Are the Bloc using the Polls along with the NDP to help break the whipped Liberal leader position?

What will the Ontario and British Columbia MP's do? How many were absent on the last vote?

Very few (12%) British Columbians say they support the provincial government’s plan to harmonize the provincial and federal sales taxes. Most (85%) residents oppose the HST, including seven-in-ten (71%) who "strongly oppose" the HST. Opposition to the HST is universal across regional and demographic groups.-Ispos Reid Poll.

"One of those choices was how to modernize our tax system. ... It's not the easy thing to do."-Premier Dalton McGuinty

So the federal Liberals have been forced to choose between endorsing a measure that the public does not like, or inciting the wrath of two Liberal premiers.

How does the NDP stand up and cite hardship for the taxpayers and than vote against every other motion to reduce taxes? How much will it cost to play the Carbon Credit game in Copehagen?

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