Thursday, December 10, 2009

68.9% of Canadians give The Government and PM a passing grade

This is another example of a teaching moment from the Conservative Party of Canada to impart on the opposition and the liberal media bias exposed (here, here).  A majority of Canadians do not support wasting money on regulations that will not benefit Canada. The behaviour and handling the detainee issue by the opposition and the media has not been balanced. Those same fat, greasy politicians and lawyers who couldn't protect themselves from a charging chipmunk, go on the offensive. They fashion public opinion to assure that, in the hindsight of 20/20 vision, they strip away the reality of the extreme difficulty that soldiers and police find themselves in, and Monday morning quarterbacks that they are, they convince the public and those conducting the inquires that the solutions are simple. -Rob Harvie
The Politics in Canadian Political Landscape has changed and many still can't comprehend the results.

Sadly the opposition with the help of our liberal media instead have spent their energy from the cheap seats chasing the "tails" trying to suggest our government, military, government officials are involved in a conspiracy to "cover up" torture or it is widspread. Since 2006 winning a minority government and in 2008 winning a larger mandate the government has spent millions in cleaning up the mess left behind by the last government on so many files. The Bloc, NDP and majority of Liberals did NOT support the extension of the mission. If they allege some massive conspiracy of abuse they can withdraw their support for this government at their first opportunity.  They can also with their superior numbers pass legislation as per the parliamentary democracy with the help of the un-elected Liberal dominated Senate who recently gutted a crime bill.

About 98 per cent of Canadian water treatment plants had perfect compliance with federal guidelines for drinking water in 2007.-Canwest News Service

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. announced Thursday it will add a second shift at its Woodstock, Ont., facility to build its popular RAV4, which will create an additional 800 jobs at the site.

All the Polls have reflected that Canadians have not accepted the version of the Liberal media or the opposition to blame the government with the Global recession, stock market crash or H1N1.

The Government has in fact found 37-38% is the same level of support they were last year. The opposition has failed to introduce alternative policies to the government agenda. The coalition parties in opposition have been busy fighting with each other trying to grab the most media and painting the current government as some sinister force trying to destroy Canada.

The current government leads almost every METRIC in the latest EKOS Poll. They have a substantial lead in the 45-65+ demographic (highest voter turnout). Quebec is the only province that does give the current government a clear lead. A regional leger poll shows the CPC and the Liberals are tied and the Quebec City beachead is within General Election results of 2008.

The Liberals, NDP have just voted for another Way & Means Bill on December 10, 2009 continuing to demostrate their confidence on the CPC led government. The Supplementary Supply Motion was only opposed by the Bloc. Apparently the coalition is not interested in seeking a mandate from the voters at this time.

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