Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Canadian Media Failing : International News does better

PORT OF SPAIN: Ending months of complex negotiations, India and Canada on Saturday announced the conclusion of a civil nuclear deal that will enable New Delhi to access Canadian nuclear technology and uranium after a gap of 34 years.- A India News

"The civil nuclear agreement is a very important step forward, a milestone for the development of our relationship," Singh said.  - Indian Express

“And Prime Minister Harper has proved to be absolutely true to his word. He told me that he would have this matter looked into.  [That this] exercise has been completed in a short period of eight to ten days is a tribute to Prime Minister Harper's great leadership and the way the civil service functions in Canada. -PR Singh. -Press Release

China had lifted import bans on pork products from the United States, Canada and Mexico, country's top quarantine authorities said Tuesday. 12-01-09

China is an important market for Canadian exporters and Chinese importers of pork and live swine, with pork exports valued at $47 million in 2008.12-01-09

Leaders of both countries will have wide-ranging and in-depth discussion on strengthening trade relations and international issues of common concern, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said Tuesday when asked to comment on the visit.

Qin said China expected and believed Harper's visit would "deliver positive results and boost bilateral relations." 12-02-09

Building the biliateral ties
The successful meeting between Chinese President Hu Jintao and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in July 2008 on the sidelines of the outreach session of the Group of Eight (G8) summit added more vigor in the enhancement of Sino-Canadian relations, Yang added. 06-23-09

Trade has NEVER been bigger between Canada and the US.

In 2008, 73% of Canada's exports were directed at the U.S. market, figures from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade show.

The volume of bilateral trade between China and Canada reached 34.52 billion U.S. dollars in 2008, an increase of 13.8 percent year-on-year according to statistics from China's General Administration of Customs. 05-12-09

Exports to China increased by more than 9% last year*, but accounted for a less than 2% of overall exports. Financial Post October 20, 2009 (did the Global Recession slow affect trade?)

The visit comes after China-Canada trade reached a historic high of 50.3 billion U.S. dollars last year. China is now Canada's second-largest merchandise trading partner and is expected to become Canada's second-largest merchandise export market this year.12-02-09

 Canada’s Trade with China

Canada has benefited both from the direct effect of higher exports to China and indirectly from the upward pressure on commodity prices from China’s rapid industrialization. Meanwhile, our imports from China have shifted from toys and trinkets to productivity-enhancing goods.3

Share of Exports by Economic Use

Is the mainstream media in Canada reporting the success of our bilateral trade or are they pointing out the negative and downplaying the growth in the relationship in the ASIAN outreach to India and China?

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