Monday, December 14, 2009

Canada Requires The Americans To Get Serious

Good News: This Government has not succumbed to transferring billions to the developing world in the pursuit for photo-ops. The liberal media has downplayed the cost to the Canadian taxpayer if the government signed an agreement that would unfairly harm our exports based economy.

Our energy consumption across all types has declined a table below lists the  2004-2008 time period. and ignored by the liberal media.

Our position has been consistent in requiring the US to get on board with a Contintental PLAN with their largest trading partner. It requires a fair and equal treatment of our industries. The American account for 20% vs our 1.9% of Carbon emmissions. Here is a list of the countries by carbon emmissions.

Our Oil Sands account for only 5% of our own emmission and Ontario and Quebec emit more Carbon than Alberta. Will Ontario and Quebec ban the automobile in their province to help reduce the 27% Carbon emitted from use of automobiles? A Liberal provincial minister has been consistent in his criticism of the Federal Government. It may be hard for governments in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Manitoba to remain chummy with oil-rich provinces if they feel they're taking a hit for a tarsands boom. "Whether or not it's going to be the next national unity issue, I'll leave that to the columnists," Gerretsen said.-Allan Woods Toronto Star 12/14/09

As a voter of Ontario the idea of increasing the cost on the taxpayers based on Junk Science by a small number of people who prevented a proper peer review is a vote loser for ANY government. I look forward to the coalition suggesting the TOBIN tax, Green Shift is a vote winner. The recent HST Polls, election wins in October 2008 by the CPC eliminate a credible level of support for "green" taxes.

The Liberal media has ignored key facts that the US under Clinton/Gore did not ratify Kyoto. Bush/Cheney has also refused to ratify Kyoto. In Copenhagen Obama/Biden administration have REFUSED to ratify the Kyoto agreement. Where is the outrage by the Liberal media on the classifying Co2 by the EPA last week as harmful and than an unwillingness to ratify an agreement that Clinton/Gore signed? Has the LPOC promised to ratify Kyoto if re-elected within the next century?

Where is the Liberal media in justifying  if "Co2" is the real threat and must be curbed why are the largest emitters given a free get out of jail card and Canada being singled out? Are none of these journalists capable of an examination of the facts about the largest emitters of Co2?

Great sites for additional reading on the double standard from our Liberal media:

Celestial Junk
When a reporter get’s too cozy with sources, calling them by their first names, with no hint of professional formality, it raises questions of integrity.

Dr. Roy Thoughts

I am always impressed with the sycophantic nature of the msm, most of whom never took a science course in their lives and barely passed their high school algebra courses. Lorrie Goldstein describes them perfectly.

Thank goodness we have leaders like Jim Prentice and Stephen Harper- Russ Campbell's Blog.

I find this video so funny it is a trying to be critical of our record with humour. Canadian Tourism Federation.
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