Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coalition To Face Wrath: 1984 Blue Wave?

Liberals look to max-out the Canadian taxpayer credit card with billions while partner NDP leader suggests Canadians should have low-fee credit cards? Do the NDP strategist understand low interest credit cards already exist? “If we want Quebec to become a country we have to have a majority in Ottawa representing Quebecers and we also have to have a sovereignist government in Quebec,” Duceppe said. Any wonder why Canadians are turned off by the out of touch politicians?

A telltale sign the opposition parties are in trouble is where they are spending time and who they attack. The Liberals are visiting ridings they currently hold and lost in 2008. Are Liberals stuck in defending Toronto, Montreal and lower mainland in BC? The NDP and Bloc look to pick off the Liberals in the lower mainland BC and Montreal.
Big Red Machine: How the Liberal Party Dominates Canadian Politics 

Shrewd political judgment had not become endemic to the Martinites, as they showed the following October when they refused to make another deal with Jack Layton. Layton was pressing for more commitments on health care in return for helping the Liberals beat off another expected Conservative non-confi dence attack. It was not for lack of money, as Finance Minister Goodale demonstrated a few weeks later with the $39 billion in spending commitments that he announced in his Economic and Fiscal Update of November 14. Clearly the men and women running the Martin shop felt they could call Stephen Harper’s bluff and take to the hustings. This was not to be the only sign of the Martin group’s overconfi dence, but it was the crucial miscalculation that abandoned its much safer position in government and exposed it to the vicissitudes of electoral combat when the media would give as much coverage to the three opposition parties’ attacks on the governing party as to its pleas for continued public support.  

...under Michael Ignatieff, the Liberals are in even worse shape going into an election in Quebec than they were under Stéphane Dion in September 2008, when they were at 16 per cent.
The Liberals' 18 per cent score in the Léger poll would break down to about 14 per cent among francophones, still nothing to write home about, but twice their francophone score in the CROP.
But both polls tell essentially the same story - francophone Quebec determines outcomes in about 60 of Quebec's 75 seats, and with scores like these, the Liberals would lose every one of them.

The Conservatives unleash their own secret weapon against the Ignatieff led coalition in a Winnipeg rally. Are the conservatives having too much fun on this campaign? I have watched clips of our PM delivers take out some time to watch a cricket match, play ping pong and perform a duet with a Gaga superfan who has become a celebrity on Youtube and American talkshows. All this publicity can't be good for the strategists in the coalition. The coalition chatter continues as defections and endorsements are making their rounds in the Ontario battleground.  

Popular candidates are coming out for the Conservatives  in the 905 and 416,  Mississauga-Brampton. A game changer in Newfoundland as our PM delivers on the promise to provide loans for Lower Churchill Falls. the emergence of Loyola Sullivan, John Ottenheimer and, quite possibly, Trevor Taylor as federal Conservative candidates, we could see three of Williams' former cabinet ministers running on a Harper-led ticket. At least two possibly three seats are up for grabs? This project will assist the Atlantic provinces and the north eastern states lower their use of fossil fuel. Anyone expect May or Suzuki to heap praise?
In the past five days I have been watching our PM take time out  in his campaign to remind us about the Liberal coallition and their tax and spend partners much to the chagrin of the Liberal friendly media. They seem to have difficulty with the Conservative messaging and warning to Canadians about the failed coup in 2008. In December Ignatieff signalled he would not support any Conservative budget. The Bloc followed up with a five billion dollar pay-off to avoid an election. The NDP almost waited for the finance minister to read the budget before signalling they would not be able to support the additional spending of nearly two billion as not enough.

The media should be careful about picking their winners. Canadians expect unbiased coverage from the news outlets. The opinions shows should be clear about their partisan views.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Conservative Majority: Taxpayers Message

[1] Ekos Politics October 15, 2009 Tories Consolidate Lead

Angus Reid Strategies provided another marker that reinforced the Ekos Politics snapshot leading up to the rout of the Liberals in the four by elections a few weeks later. Angus was the most accurate pollster in predicting the results in the 40th general election.
Angus snapshot pointed to the fact 40 per of decided voters would cast a ballot for a Conservative candidate in their riding if a federal election took place today. The Liberals placed a distant second at 26 per cent.
On the Economy and trust the Liberals did not make the case for replacing the incumbent in 2009. Half of Canadians (50%) are satisfied with the reaction of the federal government to the economic crisis. Forty-four per cent either completely or moderately trust the PM Stephen Harper to do the right thing to help the economy recover.
Only 25% feel the same way about the Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. This is the second time the Conservatives hit the forty per cent threshold as the Liberals beat the election drums with the incredulous statement of Harper, your time is up threat

Are seventy-six questions on the Afghanistan prisoner treatment-transfer more pressing the our Economy and Jobs in December 2009?

A committee on the Afghanistan mission was hi-jacked to provide an opportunity for partisan positioning over the handling of captured prisoners. How many Canadians were being asked to subscribe without proof our government, civil servants, military were covering up war crimes?

Fast forward to another four by elections in 2010 did the Liberals or the left take any lessons from their failures in 2009? The Conservatives picked up another two seats including a long held Liberal riding just north of Toronto. The full court press failed and taxpayers rejected the Liberal brand.
Fantino, Taxpayers reject Liberals for Conservatives 
 Fantino is the celebrity choice. Many voters told the Star they feel comfortable with his name recognition, a plus for federal Conservatives, who could strip away this longtime Liberal riding and advance their march to the glittering Grit prize of Toronto.- Linda Diebel Toronto Star

We are now day four in a thirty-six day campaign with the opposition promising to spend more taxpayers money as if it will be a free lunch. Taxpayers have been firing the tax and spend Liberals in Europe, the United States, New Brunswick and most recently in Toronto with the election of Rob Ford as Mayor.

2011 Taxpayers Crush Liberal tax and spend brand
Kelly McParland wit on display:

For Toronto’s urban sophisticates, it was a wipe-out. Total repudiation. Worse than the time they ran out of well-oaked chardonnay at Vintages. What are they supposed to do now, move to Calgary? Buy a leaf blower, for Chrissake? Any day now they’ll be erecting barriers at Pusateri’s, checking IDs. No one gets in without a credit card from Home Depot.
Wearily they munched their almond biscottis and totted up the devastation. Someone would have to contact the holistic, non-profit communal bike-sharing project and warn them the grand opening, scheduled for January, would be delayed.- National Post
His message was widely panned by the traditional media outlets and the taxpayers ended the debate with eight minutes after the ballots were counted. Are the media outlets based in Toronto and Ottawa out of touch with the taxpayers? We already can see the opposition politicans are for returning to the polls for a fourth time in seven years. Why are the Liberals still not listening to the taxpayer?

Taxpayers across Canada are going to show up will Ignatieff's seat be in play?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Andrew Coyne's Leap of Faith?

Martin government to fall: Coalition Version 2004?
Andrew Coyne is trying to convince us, Stephen Harper leader of official opposition was in a similar arrangement  after a tweet summit with staff in Gilles Duceppe office. Andrew also asks us to take the word from David McGuinty that the Liberals won't re-enter in the coalition agreement that does not expire until 2011. Mr.  Coyne, for the sake of clarity, I suggest you arrange a video interview with the 2004 conspirators Gilles, Layton to answer a few basic questions. They can provide proof the letter sent to the GG in 2004 was similar.
In 2008 every MP in the proposed Lib-NDP coalition government was REQUIRED to sign onto the terms contained in the coalition accord and Ignatieff as deputy leader signed it last.  There was no effort by any leader in their party to have their MPs endorse the letter sent to the GG on the "alleged" coalition of the opposition parties in 2004.

Does this mean in 2004 Layton, Duceppe felt their MPs signatures were not necessary?
It might only be me but the Jean Chretien explanation of proof leaves me with several unanswered questions. I was able to find a picture of Harper, Duceppe, Layton next to each others cooperating for a photo op. Bonus:BBQ Martin to get grilled?

Can I expect our media provide actual proof before drawing conclusions or is creating controversy for your publication sufficient?
  • Telephone conversations from senior staff
  • Briefing notes draft letter about make up of coalition government
  • MPs signing off from each party
  • Mechanism for dispute resolution by this arrangement in 2004
  • Power sharing agreement to avoid a no confidence vote, a termination date, renewal clause
Is it possible Conservatives did enter or negotiate with the Bloc or NDP into setting up a coalition accord similar? Yes, but before I can be convinced Stephen Harper did agree to a coalition with the Bloc and NDP I need proof. Waving that signed letter sent to the GG by Gilles or Jack for the next 36 days does not meet my standard of proof.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ignatieff's Coalition Answer: Do-over

Ignatieff should stop using the phrase "Let's be clear" when starting to explain something because it has the opposite effect for those listening to his answer.
Ignatieff March 26, 2011

"We will not enter a coalition with other federalist parties," Ignatieff said in the statement. "In our system, coalitions are a legitimate constitutional option. However, I believe that issue-by-issue collaboration with other parties is the best way for minority Parliaments to function."
"We categorically rule out a coalition or formal arrangement with the Bloc Québécois."

Ignatieff March 25, 2011

The coalition do over is a response the absolute failure in being absolutely clear on his rhetoric regarding the coalition agreement signed in 2008 and his promise to lead if necessary.  The Liberal MPs found it appropriate to ridicule the parliamentary press in their asking for clarity on his commitment to not enter into a power sharing coalition with the NDP and coalition. A simple no under any circumstances would have worked in December 2008 but now Canadians are skeptical for good reason.

"The Liberal Party wants to talk about contempt," Conservative House Leader John Baird said in the Commons Friday. "It is the Liberal Party that is demonstrating contempt for the Canadian electorate.
"It has said that it will not accept the results of the next election and it wants to form a coalition government with the NDP and the Bloc. The worst part of that contempt is those members will not be open and honest and transparent with the Canadian people."
After leading a historic vote that pulled the plug on Harper's second minority government, Ignatieff was asked by journalists six times whether he would rule out forming a coalition government. Six times, he refused to answer. -March 25, 2011 Vancouver Sun

Ignatieff December 2008

Yet ambiguity remains. The release is very specific that the no-coalition commitment applies in the event the party that wins the most seats is called on to form the government. It is clear that, if the Liberals are first past the post and can’t gain the confidence of the House, then Mr. Harper would be called on to form the government.-National Post
Ignatieff in March 2009

Moreover, it would have been very difficult to assure the country of the certainty and stability it needed in a time of crisis “with three partners in a formal coalition,” he said, likening it, CP reports, to a rickety three-legged stool. “That was my first doubt. I couldn’t guarantee the long-term stability of the coalition.”
Especially when, as he told an interviewer back in March, one of the partners was a separatist party. “I could be sitting here as your prime minister, but . . . I didn’t think it was right for someone who believes in the national unity of my country to make a deal with people who want to split the country up.”
So let’s see: the coalition was divisive, illegitimate, unstable, and wrong—a formal pact with a separatist party that would have guaranteed them, in the words of the accord to which the three opposition leaders affixed their signatures, a “permanent consultation mechanism” in the government of Canada. Or pretty much what all of the coalition’s critics said at the time.- Ignatieff, from both sides of his mouth

Can we trust him? Which Iggy is behind what promise? Which Ignatieff statement do we trust?

Queen's Rector: Nick Day abuse of office?

Will Nick Day resign his position as Rector after the largest student body on campus held a referendum and found him to be illegitimate?

Undergraduates at Queen’s University have voted 72 per cent in favour of making a recommendation to the university to impeach rector Nick Day.- Students vote to impeach Rector

Yesterday Day continued his tradition of making Queen’s students face-palm hard in a letter responding to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s recent condemnation of Israeli Apartheid week. In the letter, which you can find written as a note on his Facebook profile, Day begins by raising a bunch of not-unreasonable points about Israel’s policies towards Palestinians and defending the legitimacy of Israeli Apartheid week. A few paragraphs into the letter, however, Day starts ladling on the kind of highly opinionated, provocative and toxic politicizing that got him into trouble last November.- Syrup Trap

Regarding the extent of student disgust at Day’s behaviour, the result of the vote speaks for itself. (It’s also impressive that 27% of eligible students bothered to vote — a bigger turnout than you get in a lot of municipal elections.-National Post

Mr. Day is, of course, perfectly free to express hatred toward Israel. He is also free to make up hysterical claims about the Jewish state -such as the notion that it is engaged in the deliberate extermination of Arabs (a claim that would be true if it were directed at Muammar Gaddafi in Libya or Basha Assad in Syria, whose crimes don’t seem to bother Mr. Day much). But he made a mistake when he signed his article as Queen’s Rector. Not unreasonably, many students felt he was misusing his title to promote his own narrow political opinions. And a group of activist students took it upon themselves to organize a petition to hold a referendum on Mr. Day’s fitness to hold office. In just a day or two, they got all the names they needed. -National Post

I am glad the students are taking back the campus from the vocal but small minority in the radicalized left.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Coalition Threat: Arrogant Liberal Party

Harper oversees the fastest growing economy with the lowest deficits among Group of Seven nations. The currency has been the strongest in the G-7 over the past two years. Government bonds has returned 5.1 percent over the past year as of March 24, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch index data, compared with a 2.8 percent average for the G-7. Canada’s benchmark S&P/TSX Composite Index has risen 17.3 percent over the past 12 months, compared with a 12.3 percent gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. - Liberal led coalition seek power

Lt.-Gen. Charles Bouchard of Canada will take over command of the NATO mission in Libya, Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Friday. International stage Canada is reclaiming robust role in defending people, the days of being a spectator is over. 

The coalition of Liberals, NDP and Separatists will create uncertainty and hurt our economy. A majority government led by our PM will continue to provide the leadership Canadians can trust. Let's get out and send a message to the tax and spend Liberals for this opportunistic election.

Liberal strategists are gambling that voters will be pleasantly surprised by Ignatieff once they start paying closer attention during the campaign.
"The more Canadians see of him, the more of a plus that will be," predicts Senator David Smith, national campaign co-chair. Why are Liberals asking taxpayers to spend $ 300 million to warm up to him?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Liberal MP Glen Pearson: You Don't Know Taxpayers

A little heavy on the rhetoric? This Conservative government has lasted for five years because each party rejected by the voters has taken turns in supporting the policies and agenda of this minority government.  Crying and complaining about the damage to the country and Parliament won't fly on the campaign trail.

Did the loss of the political party funding worth $ 7 million to the Liberals necessitate a failed coalition coup with Layton and Duceppe in the Economic Update in November 2008 six weeks after the general election? The worst showing in one hundred-fifty years by the Liberals. Did dumping Dion before the scheduled May leadership convention respect the democratic principles within the Liberal party? Bob Rae complained but admitted he could count. Liberals rejected Ignatieff in Montreal. The Liberal leader has the worst support within his own voting base according to every pollster. Nearly sixty per cent of people polled are for a full term before another election. Are Liberals too impatient, out of touch with issues beyond the Hill to recognize the public disdain for triggering an early election? It appears the Liberals are in it for themselves.

This is the longest serving minority in Canadian history. The Liberals have found many reasons to support and provide confidence of this minority government going on for five years. In 2006 the taxpayers rejected the Liberals and Paul Martin resigned. In 2008 the taxpayers again rejected the Dion led Liberals by rewarding the Conservative led minority and the NDP with more seats at the expense of the Liberal alternative.

Making parliament work or playing games?

Did the Liberals re-introduce abortion as a wedge issue during the Maternal health initiative proposal in order to help the taxpayers? This was a whipped Liberal motion, three Liberals stood up and voted against their party on the abortion stunt. Many Liberals skipped the whipped vote. Your whip was replaced shortly therafter. Ignatieff visited the CBC to apologize and admit he had a bad day at the office.
Glen we could discuss how the Liberals played games with the H1N1 crisis, the Olympic logo, attacks on Conservatives alleging a security breach at an airport. The loyal opposition is responsible to introduce alternatives to the policy decisions Parliament  they don't support. What did the Liberals introduce in parliament and win the support of  in the last five years and secure Royal Assent when they controlled the senate?

The contempt of the opposition parties to protect the political party subsidy and engineer a coup in November 2008 will now have the opportunity to be punished in a general election. You may call for taxpayers to ignore the track record for the last two years, the signatures and the antics by your party and other members within the coalition. The taxpayers will decide. I have the utmost confidence they will find the Liberals in contempt in London North Centre and in many ridings.

A $40 billion initiative on maternal and child health will create a “wave of hope” across the developing world, Prime Minister Stephen Harper predicted Wednesday as he opened a United Nations meeting.-UN, G8 adopt Canadian Maternal Health leadership

Susan Truppe Finance Minister Jim Flaherty
Susan Truppe has lived and worked in London for over 30 years. A former constituency assistant to a Conservative Member of Parliament, Susan is currently a successful business executive and a small business owner.

In spite of having a Liberal MP whining about damage to the country and Parliament what does the record show for the London area taxpayers? Here is a link to the Economic Action Plan Website.

High marks for economic stimulus

Aside from the helicopter deals, the report's findings in most other government departments probed were largely positive. On the subject of the roughly $61-billion economic stimulus plan, which the government unveiled in early 2009, adequate measures to speed the rollout of funds were taken, and adequate attention was paid to risk by implementing suitable controls, the report found.
"I think officials deserve congratulations for rolling out such a major program quickly, without resorting to throwing needed regulations and safeguards out the window," Fraser said in French at the news conference.

"Our government''s number one priority is growth in jobs," said Harper. "Kongsberg brings . . . knowledge intensive jobs on which the economy of the future will be built." Government welcomes Konsberg March 2010
The Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario today announced that the City of London is receiving more than $12.8 million for 73 projects to repair 5,062 existing social housing units through the Social Housing Renovation and Retrofit Program.- Social housing London

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today officially opened the new cargo terminal at London International Airport, which will create new jobs and provide lasting infrastructure for the region’s long-term growth. 

“This new cargo terminal will help the City become a leading transportation hub, and will be critical to London’s future as a major North American and international gateway,” Prime Minister Harper said.  “This project is a perfect example of how a well-timed investment can create construction jobs in the short-term while providing lasting infrastructure for longer-term prosperity and growth.”  - London International Airport

I am looking forward to the voters in London Centre in selecting a Conservative candidate Susan Truppe to replace you as their MP, they can expect less rhetoric and more action on the issues that matter.

Goodluck Susan!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Ignatieff Liberals Do Not Stand With Canada's Troops

How many of us remember the smears against our military in 2009-2010?

The Liberals won't trust our military on decisions and recommendation on the best plane, who are they listening to?

"Liberal societies," Ignatieff wrote in The Lesser Evil, "cannot be defended by herbivores. We need carnivores to save us." The image, self-evident to an American audience, doesn't fit with the Canadian Heritage Minute story of Canada.
Ever since Trudeau left office, Canadians -- or at least, Liberals -- have been moping around waiting for a replacement, for an inspirational leader who would join the twin virtues of reflection and action to a statesman-like and principled approach to government. Philosophers make bad kings Sept 10, 2009

Kevin Page has admitted the F35 is the only plane that meets the needs of our military but the Liberals and the coalition have promised to cancel any deal. As it is written, the F-35 is the only strike/fighter jet that can meet the specifications contained in the SOR.7

Can we trust the Liberals or their coalition partners?  Why have the Liberals failed to present their alternative Jet and the cost savings they allude to?

"If these documents were released [in full], what they will show is that Canada partnered deliberately with the torturers in Afghanistan for the interrogation of detainees," he said
Adrian MacNair has some interesting posts on the relationship between Amir and Ignatieff.
When did NHL Hockey Arenas become cultural centres? (When the coalition partner asked for it?)

Conservative Majority: End of Political Games?

I am going to provide a pre-writ projection with analysis. Campaigns matters and anything is possible! (DISCLAIMER).  I suggest the CPC will have 76 seats West+North a gain of three seats . In Ontario they will gain nine seats. Quebec and Atlantic will also see a pickup three seats. The Laurier Institute for the Studies of Public Opinion and Policy has their own forecast. As of March 14, 2011 they have been pegged at 152 seats.

I will post West + North as a Region of interest. Ontario separately. Quebec with Atlantic Canada. I have linked to Pundits Guide, I  recommend you visit this site for information on the upcoming election.


Western Arctic
  • @!@#$@# in Western Arctic to retire Denis Bevington-NDP. (Where is the candidate?)

Mass advertising works. Financial fundraising metrics are being ignored as many other structural problems by our MSM. I am confident the provincial Liberals track record in Ontario will hurt the Federal Liberals. The pushback against the Liberals in the United States was clear in the November mid-terms. Canadians will have an opportunity to send a message the Ontario provincial Liberals as well. Change course or else.

This is the fourth election in seven years and the public may decide a majority would provide some stability for the next four years. It makes little sense for the taxpayer to pay for changing the Liberal leaders every two years.

Thank you in advance if you catch a typo or an numerical mistake. I will correct it at my earliest convenience.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Go Time: Coalition United

It appears the budget is not acceptable. Here is the Budget Plan that the Coalition leaders feel are not rich enough. Here is the budget in brief here

The Next Phase of Canada's Economic Action Plan—A Low-Tax Plan for Jobs and Growth

Supporting Job Creation by helping businesses and entrepreneurs succeed, keeping taxes low, investing in projects of national importance, and maintaining Canada's brand as one of the best places to invest. Budget 2011 advances these priorities by:
  • Providing a temporary Hiring Credit for Small Business to encourage additional hiring by this vital sector.
  • Extending the work-sharing program and the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers to help Canadians in some of the hardest hit areas stay in the workforce.
  • Supporting the manufacturing and processing sector by extending the accelerated capital cost allowance treatment for investments in manufacturing and processing machinery and equipment for two years.
  • Renewing the Best 14 Weeks and Working While on Claim EI pilot projects for one year.
  • Extending the temporary 15-per-cent Mineral Exploration Tax Credit for an additional year (until March 31, 2012) to continue to help companies raise capital for mineral exploration.
  • Providing renewed funding of almost $100 million over two years for research, development and demonstrations of clean energy and energy efficiency.
  • Contributing $150 million toward the construction of an all-season road between Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk that completes the Dempster Highway, connecting Canadians from coast to coast to coast.
Supporting Families and Communities so that all Canadians enjoy a high standard of living and our communities stay vibrant and safe. Budget 2011 invests in these goals by:
  • Enhancing the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) for those seniors who rely almost exclusively on their Old Age Security and the GIS and may therefore be at risk of experiencing financial difficulties. This measure will provide a new top-up benefit of up to $600 annually for single seniors and $840 for couples. This measure represents an investment of more than $300 million per year, and will improve the financial security of more than 680,000 seniors across Canada.
  • Attracting more health care workers to underserved rural and remote communities by forgiving up to $40,000 of the federal component of Canada Student Loans for new family physicians and up to $20,000 for nurse practitioners and nurses.
  • Introducing a Family Caregiver Tax Credit and Children's Arts Tax Credit to support Canadian families.
  • Introducing a Volunteer Firefighters Tax Credit for volunteer firefighters who perform at least 200 hours of service in their communities.
  • Providing nearly $870 million over two years to address climate change and air quality, including the extension of the ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes program that will help homeowners make their homes more energy efficient and reduce the burden of high energy costs.
Investing in Innovation, Education and Training to promote research in leading-edge technologies and to provide Canadians with the opportunity and incentives to acquire the skills needed for jobs in today's labour market. Budget 2011 makes important progress on these priorities by:
  • Providing $80 million in new funding over three years through the Industrial Research Assistance Program to help small and medium-sized businesses accelerate their adoption of key information and communications technologies through collaborative projects with colleges.
  • Establishing 10 new Canada Excellence Research Chairs. Some of these new chairs will be active in fields relevant to Canada's Digital Economy Strategy.
  • Increasing the budgets of all three federal granting councils by $47 million annually, including support for indirect costs.
  • Improving commercialization and supporting demonstration of new technologies in the marketplace by supporting research links between colleges, universities and businesses.
  • Enhancing and expanding eligibility for the Canada Student Loan and Grant Program for part-time and full-time post-secondary students.
  • Helping apprentices in the skilled trades and workers in regulated professions by making occupational, trade and professional examination fees eligible for the Tuition Tax Credit.
Source here
Preserving Canada's Fiscal Advantage in order to be able to invest in the priorities of Canadians, to keep Canada's economy growing strongly, and to maintain low interest rates. Budget 2011 advances these objectives by:
  • Reaffirming the Government's plan to return to balanced budgets without raising taxes, cutting transfers to persons, including those for seniors, children and the unemployed, or cutting transfers to other levels of government that support health care and social services, Equalization, and the gas tax transfer to municipalities.
  • Identifying savings that reach over $500 million annually from the 2010 round of strategic reviews. Together with measures to restrain the growth of National Defence spending, the first cycle of strategic reviews has resulted in $11 billion in savings over seven years and more than $2.8 billion in ongoing savings.
  • Protecting the integrity and fairness of the Canadian tax system by closing tax loopholes.
The coalition will suggest their plan provide a better roadmap. Will they run on one platform and provide a full costed coalition agenda or will they wait until the Throne Speech if the Conservatives fail to secure a majority?

Ignatieff Liberals: NDP Surrender?

Ignatieff dumped the coalition in 2009 for self-interest
The Liberals are under a great deal of pressure to reform their coalition and defeat this minority government. They hoped the economy would tank and ended their coalition accord with the NDP in hopes of riding the anger from the public in January 2009. It did not work out that way for the Liberals. The honeymoon lasted less than six months for the newly appointed Ignatieff. His repeated threats in May 2009 backfired. The NDP and Bloc mocked them.

They tried again in September 2009 with the infamous Time is up rhetoric in Sudbury. They spent six months on that script to have the NDP step into the breach and pull the red carpet from under their feet. (That must have been painful for the Liberal strategists to realized they lost their time of choosing when an election is called.) The Liberals spent 2010 back pedaling and allowing the "Harper" government to survive for another twelve months.

Jack Layton NDP played a strategic role in not following the Liberals in defeating the minority parliament invoking making parliament work. In the months that followed that decision the numbers for the NDP have moved and moved down. What has not changed is the leader of the NDP has better leadership numbers than Ignatieff as a result. Jack with his party will decide what is in the best interests of the NDP.

The Liberal threat to be viewed as credible requires the Separatists and NDP to be in collusion with the timing of the Liberals. This minority government has spent months working on this budget but have made it clear for the NDP and Bloc several of their conditions are too expensive for inclusion in the budget. The Liberals have been on the record in attacking the government spending akin to drunken sailors. Will they return to calling each other chicken again?

Key issues at the ballot box: 

  • 28% of Canadians believe the Conservatives, if re-elected, would do the best job of “providing honest, open and trustworthy government.”
  • 22% believe the NDP would do the best job of this.
  • Just 15% say the Liberals would be best at providing honest, open and trustworthy government.

Liberals are a badly damaged brand in need of the NDP. What is the downside for the NDP in allowing the Liberals to sink further in the polls below 23% in the next six months?
  • Economy & Jobs: Conservatives by 17 points
  • Keeping taxes under control: Conservatives by 19 points
  • Spending taxpayers money wisely: 17 points
The NDP beat the Liberals on spending taxpayers money wisely. That's right!
Is it realistic for voters to expect the Liberals to ^not offer larger concessions to return to power? Does it make sense for the Bloc or NDP to let the Liberals twist in the wind for another six months with Ignatieff who's personal leadership numbers are worse than Dion?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nanos Poll: Conservative Lead Doubles in Ontario: 12%

Is the "W" for Ignatieff winning?
It is funny reading how a few media pundits provide spin about the drop in the leadership numbers of our PM  from last month. A drop would be significant if the gap was close, it's not. The gap is 43 points between our PM and Ignatieff. Ignatieff's score is only 39. Jack Layton has been in second place since Sept 2009 and has improved his LSI in comparison to Ignatieff. Dion also fared better in the two years he led the party.

Canadians believe political honesty should trump economic recovery as the main issue in the next election but — in a major blow to the Liberals — voters rank the Tories as the best party to deliver a government they can trust. -National Post

Nik Nanos Poll here
If Ontario is the key battleground for a Conservative breakthrough into majority territory why are the pundits they failing to report a double digit increase in Ontario from last month? The Conservative party of Canada has an eleven point lead against the Liberals nationally.

In the general elections results in October 2008 the Conservatives were able to secure a five point lead  in Ontario for the first time.

Which Liberal leader will be out of a job first?
The Liberals were behind 6.2% in the poll last month. The latest Nanos poll has the Liberals 12.3% behind the Conservatives in Ontario. Did any pundits talk about the drop for Ignatieff in Ontario or the doubling by the Conservatives? Michael Ignatieff, truly, is the George Costanza of Canadian Politics (keyboard beverage warning a funny photo-shop image of Iggy)

The news is just as bad for the provincial Liberals that are expected to lose in the fall. In another blow to the McGuinty regime, the pair were in a statistical dead heat when respondents were asked who they trusted most to manage the health-care and education files, traditionally safe Liberal ground. The Progressive Conservatives have a nine point lead.

The voters in Ontario are returning back to the Tory roots and the Liberals are going to be in a shock when the ballots are counted. The Federal Liberals were able to win one hundred seats in Ontario in 2000. They have been bleeding seats in every election to the Conservatives and NDP. They will be lucky if they can hold onto 30 seats in my opinion. I predict they will lose in the double digits in Ontario.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Fly Zone:French Air Force Attacks Ground Tanks?

PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 19:  Canadian Prime Mini...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Prime Minister Stephen Harper was the first leader to respond by announcing unequivocally that “Canadian armed forces will enforce this resolution.”

Canada is taking an active role in providing relief to the citizens of Libya. Our PM Stephen Harper has offered to debate the issue if it lasts longer than three months. Any idea if the opposition are interested in trouble brewing in Japan, our economy, the middle east? Based on the kangaroo court chasing silly scandals I don't think so. The worst thing for the opposition is to allow the real issues facing Canadians interfere with their agenda for an opportunistic election before 2012.
Those darn French fighters in their new shiny Jets must have thought those Tanks were about to launch into the no fly zone.... 

Perhaps the news media can explain how Libyans were able to develop flying tanks as third world country...

Prime minister visitImage by lafrancevi via Flickr

Thankfully the Libyan rebels won't have to rely on the German or Italian "air force" for any support. It appears they are sitting this one out. 

We have already dispatched a ship. Canada has followed up with six CF-18's and our PM is in France meeting with a few leaders who are not too busy sitting on the fence or attending to other priorities.

We can count on the opposition parties to deny the need for new aircraft. Canadians should be thankful we are facing only third world countries with equipment older than ours in Aghanistan and Libya.

I expect Canadians won't be thrilled with Liberal media and the opposition parties if our Jets are knocked out of the sky. It was noticeable how the media and opposition lept to report from Kevin Page for costs but ignored his comments on the F35 being the only plane.

As it is written, the F-35 is the only strike/fighter jet that can meet the specifications contained in the SOR.7

I don't expect anything to change as our Finance Minister presents his budget on Tuesday. The opposition and Liberals media have already decided what is newsworthy from our Federal government. Our PM and government are busy on files that matter and it a shame the opposition can't focus on real issues.