Monday, March 14, 2011

Hypocrisy Rampant in the Left: Dictators & UN inaction

Action or Inaction on Global stage against Dictators?
I am not shocked to see some left leaning Liberals call to action to save the citizen from the suffering in Libya from the depostic regime. Where were they for the people in Iraq? Herbivores don't make for good leaders when unilateral action is required. Some of the Liberal-left anti-war coalition have mocked our efforts for years and suggested our military and the leadership were complicit in covering up war crimes in Afghanistan after they left office. Now they are demanding we use military force unilaterally to stop the dictator in Libya?

Eight years ago, on Feb. 15, 2003, protesters in as many as 60 countries took to the streets to oppose the then-imminent Iraq War. Total crowd estimates range as high as 30 million. In Rome alone, turnout was three million strong, making it the biggest anti-war rally in history. -Revisiting 'unilateralism'

As the world economy continues to struggle and many right-wing governments like Stephen Harper’s prefer to concentrate on domestic politics than on getting R2P right, the world is slowly moving away from an era where more liberal administrations sought to make the defense of human rights a vital part of diplomatic architecture.- Glen Pearson Liberal MP
2008 Peggy Nash NDP anti-war protest
Glen might have cognitive dissonance  with regards to the sacrifice and the charges being levelled by his fellow MPs against our military and government for their mission in Afghanistan.
George W. Bush, as we all know, was a trigger-happy cowboy who went riding off to Iraq to learn them terrorists some lessons they wouldn’t soon forget. - Bush Doctrine vs Obama retreat

Perhaps the Liberals should have not allowed Dictators to the UN table? We saw the Liberal party split with rest of Canada with need for conscription during our World Wars. The Liberal-left coalition in Quebec like to talk about sacrifice and willingness to protect the most vulnerable. Their track record tells a much different story. The hypocrisy is impressive.  The hypocrisy of the Liberal anti-war movement has come home to roost and the real suffering of millions will continue.

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