Monday, March 21, 2011

Nanos Poll: Conservative Lead Doubles in Ontario: 12%

Is the "W" for Ignatieff winning?
It is funny reading how a few media pundits provide spin about the drop in the leadership numbers of our PM  from last month. A drop would be significant if the gap was close, it's not. The gap is 43 points between our PM and Ignatieff. Ignatieff's score is only 39. Jack Layton has been in second place since Sept 2009 and has improved his LSI in comparison to Ignatieff. Dion also fared better in the two years he led the party.

Canadians believe political honesty should trump economic recovery as the main issue in the next election but — in a major blow to the Liberals — voters rank the Tories as the best party to deliver a government they can trust. -National Post

Nik Nanos Poll here
If Ontario is the key battleground for a Conservative breakthrough into majority territory why are the pundits they failing to report a double digit increase in Ontario from last month? The Conservative party of Canada has an eleven point lead against the Liberals nationally.

In the general elections results in October 2008 the Conservatives were able to secure a five point lead  in Ontario for the first time.

Which Liberal leader will be out of a job first?
The Liberals were behind 6.2% in the poll last month. The latest Nanos poll has the Liberals 12.3% behind the Conservatives in Ontario. Did any pundits talk about the drop for Ignatieff in Ontario or the doubling by the Conservatives? Michael Ignatieff, truly, is the George Costanza of Canadian Politics (keyboard beverage warning a funny photo-shop image of Iggy)

The news is just as bad for the provincial Liberals that are expected to lose in the fall. In another blow to the McGuinty regime, the pair were in a statistical dead heat when respondents were asked who they trusted most to manage the health-care and education files, traditionally safe Liberal ground. The Progressive Conservatives have a nine point lead.

The voters in Ontario are returning back to the Tory roots and the Liberals are going to be in a shock when the ballots are counted. The Federal Liberals were able to win one hundred seats in Ontario in 2000. They have been bleeding seats in every election to the Conservatives and NDP. They will be lucky if they can hold onto 30 seats in my opinion. I predict they will lose in the double digits in Ontario.


Dollops said...

This is good news unless, as I expect, Ontario sends a gaggle of PROGRESSIVE Conservatives to Ottawa. Wannabe Liberals will soil the Conservative nest as they have always done. The electorate prefers a Liberal liberal to a Prog-Con liberal because there is at least some respect due the shyster who is open about being one.

Roy Elsworth said...

of course this is good news.
it means that iggnatieff is not trusted. picking on a conservative woman for no reason att all for putting a not into a draft note makes him and the NDP look like Bullies. gee I wonder who the Bullies are now.