Saturday, March 12, 2011

Queens University students move to impeach Nick Day?

A valuable lesson for Nick Day is fast approaching: Accountability. Nick Day used his position as the 32nd Rector to voice his personal opinions that are outside the mandate of his office. Elected student leaders  from the undergrads may have taken offense to his behaviour and negative publicity being generated for Queens University. 

Students are paying attention to issues that matter. A petition was quickly generated by them and the threshold has been met in order to have the AMS act on allowing a motion to be made.( A simple majority of fifty plus one per cent of the vote with no minimum will be necessary for the impeachment recommendation to be forwarded to the University Council.)

The graduate student union a member of CFS has voiced an objection to the undergraduate union use of language including the representation of the entire study body? Do they object to the removal of the Nick Day? The process undertaken against Mr. Day is an AMS process with neither the input nor the consent of graduate and professional students at Queen’s. Given the grave importance of this issue, the SGPS is carefully evaluating the options to determine the course of action that best reflects the interests of our members. Perhaps the President Jawad Qureshy, SGPS wants to be delay the process or protect the 32nd Rector from the referendum vote. In my limited understanding the AMS referendum on the impeachment of Nick Day it will not be binding on the University Council. This referendum is an opportunity to send a message from the student body on their  32nd Rector, Nick Day will become illegitimate in his role if the referendum passes regardless if University Council acts. I think it is a mistake for the SGPS to exclude themselves from this debate on the removal of the 32nd Rector. The elected student leaders should be polling their fellow members if their Rector did overstep his role and duty.

Is the  SGPS trying to negotiate some student-diplomatic immunity if he is a graduate union member? The SGPS boasts nearly 17% of the student enrollment, will they use their standing to protect Nick Day? ( Enrollment 22,477 vs 4,000 SGPS)

At a March 10 meeting of Queen’s University’s students’ society, a unanimous vote was passed to hold a referendum that will ask students to decide whether Day will continue to hold his position as rector.
Approximately 350 people were in attendance at the meeting, including Craig Draeger of Queen’s Campus Conservatives, who presented a petition with 2,200 signatures calling for Day’s impeachment. -Student Union and student body fed up with Nick Day? - Impeachment of Nick Day

A AMS Assembly records 35 in favour, 3 abstains, 0 against on holding a referendum at the 8:37-9.02 mark. Michael Coren has a few episodes this week in where they discuss the problems on campus.

I did a post on this a few days ago in defence of the Liberals and Ignatieff regarding the open letter from Nick Day.  I am not a fan of the Liberal party or their current leader. I don't support the radicalization on our campuses including IAW. I am glad to see the students are taking our campuses back from the radical groups in left. This is NOT about free speech or freedom of assembly. I believe this about the majority are tired of being intimidated by the most vocal minority. This is a great time for the moderates to step up and punish the radicals on either end of the spectrum. What do you think?

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