Wednesday, March 02, 2011

43% Ispos-Reid Poll: Conservative Majority?

Canadians don't believe the manufactured scandals?
The Liberal-NDP-Bloc-MSM attacks on the Federal Government is failing miserably if you were to accept the latest polling results from Ispos-Reid. The month of February according to the pollsters (minus an Ekos outlier that invoked Bev Oda?) points to a significant shift for the Conservatives.

In every region but Quebec, the Tories are leading in public opinion.
In Ontario, the Tories stand at 45%, compared to 33% for the Liberals, 14% for the NDP, and 4% for the Green party.
In Quebec, the Bloc is supported by 41% of decided voters, with the Liberals at 27%, the Tories at 19%, the NDP at 6%, and the Green party at 4%.
In B.C., the Tories have 48% of the vote, compared to 22% for the NDP, 21% for the Liberals and 8% for the Green party.
In Alberta, the Tories stand at 68% support, while the Liberals have 17%, the NDP have 10% and the Green party has 4%.
In Saskatchewan/Manitoba, the Tories are ahead at 59%, while the Liberals and NDP both have 17% and the Green party has 7%.
In the Atlantic region, the Tories are at 52%, followed by the Liberals at 33%, the NDP at 12% and the Green party at 4%.

The Liberals, NDP, Green support level are at the general election results from October 14, 2008 or worse. Why would they risk a general election and permit the Bloc to gain  in Quebec?

Are voters rewarding the Conservatives for their track record? Are voters punishing the opposition parties for their failures to make parliament work and wait until 2012? Are those contacted in these polls not buying the fake scandal and personal attacks from the media outlets? Are Canadians too busy with the real issues that affect them?

Price at the pumps if oil stays at $ 100 will affect our economy as we are an export nation. Provincial and local issues may be more pressing than worrying about than the return of Omar Khadr or prisoner comforts in Afghanistan.

Most pollsters have noted the manufactured scandals being pushed as news has not lifted the opposition parties as the staying power for outrage has a shelf life. |Can the MSM keep up pressure and free publicity on behalf of the opposition parties?

I suspect most of us don't have the golden parachute of the Federal politicians or the perks of the public unions that seem to be the focus for the opposition. It is a shame when they claim to represent the family and middle class values, what they actually mean is their own little collective of special interests groups that make up their core support. We are witnessing the Democrats rush to the aid of large public unions to protect their donor base in the United States.

Our media is asleep or choosing to not investigate the costs to taxpayers for unfunded pensions and benefits. 

The Mayor Rob Ford was elected by 47% to bring some sanity back to City Hall. He is more popular than ever as the latest poll shows him at 60%. Tackling the Unions and getting the costs under control will be his major test in the upcoming budget. Nearly $ 800 million in savings will have to be found. Article is here.

Some in the political left will argue and try to shut down the progress to balance our books. They are the minority.

We have seen the same in Canada as public unions have rallied around the opposition parties. Large parts of the media is failing to report the influence of the public unions in the fundraising, protests produced for television in Canada and the United States. The MSM had no problem promoting a hidden agenda by Christians participating in the public square in 2010, when will the media provide a balanced report of lobbying by the public unions?

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