Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Canada: The Destination Spot

Sheridan College Campus PM Economic Action Plan
Will Canada benefit from the luck of the Irish? Canada is starting to see the early signs of the low tax policy. Our PM and his team have been spreading the message at home and abroad. Canada is the place to invest and raise a family. Is it too much to ask the opposition parties that are so busy talking down our country and our government at every opportunity at home or over seas to give it a rest? It is a shame the opposition MPs appear to be in it for themselves.

Our state broadcaster believes they are reporting a balanced program
It is not enough for our MSM to air insignificant issues for weeks. Perhaps they feel it necessary to give the opposition parties free publicity to air their talking points as news to level the playing field. The ratings speaks volumes, we have tuned out the noise.
"Worldwide, [Canada] is looking like the superstar of how to manage your economy," said Eamonn O'Loghlin, executive director of the Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce. "So you have all these young, educated, highly skilled people in Ireland who are suddenly in a situation where there are very few jobs. They're looking around and they see how Canada has come through the recession and they see more opportunity here." - A new wave of young Irish workers head for Canada

Investment in capital construction and machinery and equipment is expected to rise 3.3% in 2011 to $349.1 billion.
Much of the recovery from the 2009 economic downturn occurred in 2010 due to strong growth on the part of both public (+17.5%) and private (+8.0%) investment. If intentions are realized, increases in 2011 will be led by private investment, which is expected to grow 3.8% to $261.3 billion.
Significant private capital spending intentions are anticipated from the mining and oil and gas extraction sector, which is expected to grow 11.4% to $53.0 billion. -Private and public investment

Industry Minister Tony Clement, PM Stephen Harper at Plant F35 jobs
...the federal corporate tax reduction is great policy. As I estimated last year, the three-point reduction in the corporate rate would lead to an increase in capital investment of about $50-billion within seven years. A $100-million annual revenue loss that can generate that much new capital expenditure is a slam-dunk in policy terms. Why Liberals are wrong on 6% tax hike to job creators

Will the media question the opposition MPs and pundits with facts about the global economy and how Canada is leading the G7? Will the media act in a non partisan manner and be skeptical again?

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