Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Fly Zone:French Air Force Attacks Ground Tanks?

PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 19:  Canadian Prime Mini...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Prime Minister Stephen Harper was the first leader to respond by announcing unequivocally that “Canadian armed forces will enforce this resolution.”

Canada is taking an active role in providing relief to the citizens of Libya. Our PM Stephen Harper has offered to debate the issue if it lasts longer than three months. Any idea if the opposition are interested in trouble brewing in Japan, our economy, the middle east? Based on the kangaroo court chasing silly scandals I don't think so. The worst thing for the opposition is to allow the real issues facing Canadians interfere with their agenda for an opportunistic election before 2012.
Those darn French fighters in their new shiny Jets must have thought those Tanks were about to launch into the no fly zone.... 

Perhaps the news media can explain how Libyans were able to develop flying tanks as third world country...

Prime minister visitImage by lafrancevi via Flickr

Thankfully the Libyan rebels won't have to rely on the German or Italian "air force" for any support. It appears they are sitting this one out. 

We have already dispatched a ship. Canada has followed up with six CF-18's and our PM is in France meeting with a few leaders who are not too busy sitting on the fence or attending to other priorities.

We can count on the opposition parties to deny the need for new aircraft. Canadians should be thankful we are facing only third world countries with equipment older than ours in Aghanistan and Libya.

I expect Canadians won't be thrilled with Liberal media and the opposition parties if our Jets are knocked out of the sky. It was noticeable how the media and opposition lept to report from Kevin Page for costs but ignored his comments on the F35 being the only plane.

As it is written, the F-35 is the only strike/fighter jet that can meet the specifications contained in the SOR.7

I don't expect anything to change as our Finance Minister presents his budget on Tuesday. The opposition and Liberals media have already decided what is newsworthy from our Federal government. Our PM and government are busy on files that matter and it a shame the opposition can't focus on real issues.

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