Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liberals want Canadians to spend $ 300 million to dump their leader?

Angus Poll March 11, 2011
The Conservatives remain within striking distance of the 40 per cent mark at the national level, and have maintained the upper hand in Western Canada and Ontario. The Liberals are at their lowest level in more than a year, and their leader is not making headway on approval. Compared to December, there is a sizeable increase in the proportion of respondents who believe Ignatieff is dishonest (+11) and arrogant (+6).- Angus Poll here

Angus was the most accurate in 2008 General Election. The Liberals have not been competitive according to their polling since May 4, 2010. Campaigns matter.
Al and Michael perhaps are NOT the best liberal actors
It appears all the free publicity provided by the media outlets in pushing the talking points from the opposition  war rooms about the Federal government are not working. Could it be Canadians are much smarter than the producers of political spam?

Ekos has Conservatives with a seven point lead in Ontario. In 2008 it was only five points. Several seats were close and the two points could mean a loss of a dozen more Liberals in Ontario. A few more seats are vulnerable as a result of the Rob Ford nation. Taxpayers are pushing back and the Liberals and NDP are on the wrong side of the voters. Conservatives won't need Quebec if the West, North and Atlantic provinces follow the trend-line in dumping the Liberals.
Pundits Guide close contests general election 2008 Ontario
"Apart from the overall national lead, the most notable drift that we have seen over the past several polls is that the Conservatives are now significantly ahead in vote-rich Ontario," the EKOS analysis said. "This is a very significant and fairly new found advantage for the Conservatives."
Conservative support stands at 41 per cent in Ontario, according to the poll, with the Liberals at 34 per cent. The NDP support is at 14.4 per cent in the province. -Ekos Pollster has bad news for Ontario Liberals: Toronto and 905 will fall?

After five years of reckless media coverage of non-issues you would hope senior executives of these media outlets would have a clue about the damage to their own brand and credibility. Perhaps the CBC executives should worry about their problems?

The country's information watchdog has slammed the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. and Canada Post for significant delays in responding to access-to-information requests — handing the federal postal service a "red alert," which is worse than a failing grade.- What is the CBC hiding? Why are the opposition parties selective in their use of reports from Kevin Page and Suzanne Legault?

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Anonymous said...

If the Liberals want an election so be it.Im tired of hearing about fake outrages every frakking week.Im not votin liberal or NDP.Those are my options.Pseudo marxist Bloc dont count as a political party and are irrelevant outside quebec.
I lived under the NDP in Ontario with Bob Rae.I still live in Ontario under Mc slippery who promised no new taxes but that not what im seeing on my hydro bill.