Saturday, March 26, 2011

Queen's Rector: Nick Day abuse of office?

Will Nick Day resign his position as Rector after the largest student body on campus held a referendum and found him to be illegitimate?

Undergraduates at Queen’s University have voted 72 per cent in favour of making a recommendation to the university to impeach rector Nick Day.- Students vote to impeach Rector

Yesterday Day continued his tradition of making Queen’s students face-palm hard in a letter responding to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s recent condemnation of Israeli Apartheid week. In the letter, which you can find written as a note on his Facebook profile, Day begins by raising a bunch of not-unreasonable points about Israel’s policies towards Palestinians and defending the legitimacy of Israeli Apartheid week. A few paragraphs into the letter, however, Day starts ladling on the kind of highly opinionated, provocative and toxic politicizing that got him into trouble last November.- Syrup Trap

Regarding the extent of student disgust at Day’s behaviour, the result of the vote speaks for itself. (It’s also impressive that 27% of eligible students bothered to vote — a bigger turnout than you get in a lot of municipal elections.-National Post

Mr. Day is, of course, perfectly free to express hatred toward Israel. He is also free to make up hysterical claims about the Jewish state -such as the notion that it is engaged in the deliberate extermination of Arabs (a claim that would be true if it were directed at Muammar Gaddafi in Libya or Basha Assad in Syria, whose crimes don’t seem to bother Mr. Day much). But he made a mistake when he signed his article as Queen’s Rector. Not unreasonably, many students felt he was misusing his title to promote his own narrow political opinions. And a group of activist students took it upon themselves to organize a petition to hold a referendum on Mr. Day’s fitness to hold office. In just a day or two, they got all the names they needed. -National Post

I am glad the students are taking back the campus from the vocal but small minority in the radicalized left.

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