Friday, June 25, 2010

Environmental Activists or Idiots

Kitchener Waterloo should have their water checked out. In 2008 a total of eight candidates ran for the Federal MP's job.  The Toronto media is providing some free publicity for these role models.

Mark Corbiere ran as independent in 2008 and earned 177 votes. 0.2% . Results here, here. Blockade Arrest hereAn Environmentalist and a hypocrite.

Mark Corbiere ran as an independent in 2004 in Kitchener Centre and earned 277 votes. Details here.

VANOC, AFN Press Conference DISRUPTED, Toronto, March 8th 2009

Locally, he is well known for his involvement in The Spot {which is defunct after their funding was cut by a local Union for suspected drug dealing and violence), a drop-in centre in Kitchener run by youth, and is also involved in the Canadian Network for Cuba and also a member of the Anti Racist Action. Pathetically he received 153 votes, finishing seventh of seven candidates. The winner was Elizabeth Witmer of the Progressive Conservative Party.

Ironically, Julian Ichim is the brother of Thomas Ichim, who ran for the Conservative Party of Canada in the 2004 federal election and also serves in the Canadian military.

You can decide if these individuals are representative of the social justice activist movement or if they are idiots.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

LottoMax: Dreamers

From May 28 - June 18 LottoMax has generated over 300 million in sales.
Players have a one-in-28 million shot at the $50 million.
There is a better chance that a ticket holder will:
- Hit two holes-in-one in a row three times
- Get 10 royal flushes when playing poker
- Land on heads 25 times in a row when tossing a coin
- Be struck by lightning three times
- Men are 5,000 times more likely to die of breast cancer than win the lottery
- One-in-28 million odds are similar to driving through 25 traffic lights and getting green every time. Here

I have only won one time: a plastic wood fascia Candle Stereo with two speakers from my purchase of a Laura Secord French Mint chocolate bar (retail 150.00 in the 80's). I think the odds were 1 in 160,000.
I have joked with family and friends I would buy an expensive RV and travel. How much is the Liberal campaign bus going for nowadays?

The French Can't Get A Break!

Michael Coren has a great current affairs program and was in good spirits as he repeatedly reminded his viewers the French are out and the English are in!

France has been eliminated in World Cup action in the first round. The National Press and some have been highly critical of the team. Football (Soccer) in Europe is our Hockey in Canada or Football in the United States.

In Toronto the advance team, press, from France get another unpleasant welcome after their seven hour flight. Crossing a picket line, entering and exiting the hotel property will be another setback. G8-G20 Activists want to disrupt the French press and trade delegates. Bring musical instruments, noise-makers, and all your friends!

Hundreds of workers, activists will join the eighty Hotel workers who have walked off work in advance of the G20 meetings in Toronto. The activists are expected to augment the line between 7 am to 7 pm.

Novotel has seven properties in Canada. It is owned and operated by a French company called Accor.
A European leader in hotels and tourism and the global leader in Services to corporate clients and public institutions, Accor operates in nearly 100 countries with more than 150,000 employees.

Novotel worldwide:
  • 395 hotels and resorts in 60 countries, with 71,857 rooms (at 31/12/2009)
  • Guest profile: 61% business / 39% leisure
  • 1.9 million children welcomed in 2009
  • 30,000 employees
An apology is in order to our French guests arriving to the Novotel property to cover the G20. This may be their first visit to Toronto, Canada. The good news is they will be able to visit our Canadian Pavillion for free drinks and getaway from the labor dispute.

The 3,700-square-metre Experience Canada pavilion includes the lake display to feature Ontario's northern wilderness and an urban section to promote Ontario businesses and innovations. A reception area offers refreshments, including free beer and wine, from all parts of Ontario.

I hope the beer and wine is from the Niagara Region and  Ontario micro-breweries

"The Experience Canada space will host over 3,000 media and other guests, and will serve to highlight Canada's pristine natural beauty, as well as promote leading Canadian businesses and industries," according to a statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office.
The people in this picture are identified as Harsha Wahlia and Syed Hussan. They’re “environmental activists.”

All the whining and complaining from the opposition benches over the hospitality costs may have resulted in a snub. Ignatieff had not been invited to the G8 and G20 meetings because the Liberal leader said he was “embarrassed” by the summits, whereas the Conservatives were proud to be hosting the world. Too bad and too sad, the unhappy lot are free to join the other idiotsprotesters marching on the streets or hosting their own meetings against Canada hosting of this multilateral meeting of world leaders.

The majority of Canadians are proud of this country, we support multi-lateral meetings and don't support the marginal special interest groups demands for more entitlements at our expense.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toronto to Host Failed Adults and Ninjas

In honour of reporting the news important to Canadians, the media will spend a great deal of time photographing pictures of fences, failed adults wearing ninja costumes. Vancouver had the pleasure of these model citizens during the Olympics. Here is a few posts on these media here.

“The criminal element apparently willing to wield anything that might cause damage or injury marched among about 200 legitimate protesters this morning beginning at 8:30 a.m. They walked down Georgia Street breaking windows, turning over news boxes and clashing with police,” said a Vancouver Police statement.
“This group contained more than 100 masked people many of whom kicked and damage numerous parked cars. They used spray paint on cars and transit buses and tore down signs,” said police.
“They also clashed with members of the public and pedestrians who didn’t support them. At one point they used a ladder as a moving barricade,” police said.- Black Bloc anarchists riot in downtown Vancouver

Perhaps the Police can take a lesson from APEC during the Liberals hosting of International leaders.

Kudos to the media in providing Cereal journalism in reporting on these important protests of these marginal and failed adults.

Muskoka G8 Leader Poll and Cereal Journalism

If fences make good neighbours, we should expect a much warmer and friendly place this weekend in Toronto? Yes I took liberty with serious journalism for cereal journalism.

Not a shock for many, this poll was left open for a few months and moved to the bottom of the webpage.

The Toronto media can focus on taking hundreds of photos of the lovely fence around 50 blocks(?)  installed in a portion of downtown Toronto. The Cereal journalists will than provide free publicity for the bused in peaceful protesters demanding gender equality rights for their animals. (Or something like that)

After all Toronto has never held or closed parts of the city for events. It will be a devasting inconvenience for a few days for some locals. Fortunately for those locals they won't be dealing with the real damage and loss of property from the recent floods in other parts of Canada.

I can imagine those employed that have had the opportunity to work from home for the next few days will be happy with the inconvenience.  Hopefully the employers won't be checking out the beaches or parks in the next days, the weather forecast looks great in the GTA.

Toronto, the cultural centre of me.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lesson Rahim Jaffer: Liberals Are Better

Rahim Jaffer was unsuccessful in getting any contracts as a former Conservative. If Rahim Jaffer had Liberal ties would he have been able to secure a deal for twenty years at a sixty per cent premium to the existing hydro rates?

In Ontario both the NDP and PC are asking questions about the relationship of Mike Crawley and the Federal and Provincial Liberals.

Is the CBC,  Toronto media selective in investigating a potential conflict or relationship when it points to the Liberal Party in Ontario?

Who is this Mike Crawley? Stephen Taylor was on a tv panel with him on August 15, 2008.

NDP Howard Hampton: He is a Liberal hack and he’s going to get a $475-million contract, guaranteed at 8 cents a kilowatt hour. That’s why the hydro bill is going to go through the roof.

Mr Runciman: The reality is that we are talking about the principal of this company, who is a senior Liberal operative, one who is highly involved in both the provincial and federal Liberal parties. He has just been handed a contract worth close to half a billion dollars for a 0.3% contribution to power output. Can the minister guarantee that neither Mike Crawley nor AIM PowerGen had any undue influence over this process? Can you guarantee that?

Found here (2004):

I understand the CBC and Toronto media are very concerned about the costs of a reflective pool that cost nearly sixty thousand.

Does Rahim Jaffer believe if he was a Liberal he would have had more success in getting contracts?

h/t WCO

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mainstream Canadian Media: A Bricklin?

The mainstream media in Canada have repeated the same attacks as did the large media outlets in the American media when a conservative voice showed an interest in providing an alternative product.

To be fair, competition is a wonderful idea unless it is directed at you. Whether it is a local pizza parlour or a tired news desk, self-interest and fear of the unknown is at the heart of the nervous Nellie's.

Ask a dairy farmer in Quebec if he wants to compete with a dairy farmer in Europe or the United States, on quality and price. Compare this with Canadian Wine Growers vs the rest of the world. Canadian wine growers do not fear competition and they want to dismantle the inter provincial trade barriers.

Provincial governments and unionized employees believe they benefit from keeping the trade barriers and protectionist laws. If you watch Question Period we hear opposition MPs repeatedly ask the government to defend Supply Management.

Are inter provincial barriers restricting trade between provinces and hurting Ontario and British Columbia consumers from enjoying Canadian wine? I think so.
The Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act of 1928 (IILA) is a Canadian law – albeit an 82-year old one – that was devised to ease the country out of prohibition. The law hands the privilege of importation over to the province, and in most provinces only your provincial government agent, in the form of a liquor board, can import liquor under this statute. And so, you are breaking the law when you cross any provincial boundary in possession of any alcoholic beverage, even if you are bringing it home in your own car or returning with a single bottle of wine on a flight between two provinces. In fact, you cannot legally pack a cooler with beer and wine and then cross a provincial border for a weekend get-away.- Wines in Niagara 
Little Tony's Pizza Parlour wants to remain the only game in town and the sales of he is afraid his cardboard pizza empire is in jeopardy. Little Tony does not realize how sales and innovation can result with a new pizza parlour as new customers enter the market to test the pizza of Larry's Pizza Depot.

Larry will be hiring and spending money close to home and possibly across borders on pizza boxes, sauce, cheese.  Little Tony should not fear Larry's entry: he should embrace, learn from the innovation and mistakes from Larry.

Little Tony, unionized employees, Supply Management farmers, tax funded newsdesks may realize customers just wanted some spicy sausage on their pie that was unavailable before Larry tested it and made it popular.

It is funny reading, watching the buzz from the usual suspects Toronto-Montreal centrist media pundits line up to predict the demise of a business venture that is being pitched to the investment community as an alternative to the boring, low quality product currently available.

I did not see the same panic and derision from the Al Jazeera product offering in Canada. It would be refreshing if their fear of change and their self-interest was declared up front regarding the latest entrant for viewers.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Commentary:EKOS Research: Green Machine

Has anyone seen or heard from the Green Party in months? It appears the less we hear and see of them the higher support they find according to Ekos Research. The Green Juggernaut continues to plow through their opposition! The "others" are holding steady with nearly four percent!

Ekos is having an interesting excercise in defending how they uniquely find support levels for the Green Party in double digits. Ekos Research Poll for June 2-10, 2010 is here.

Ekos has been polling support for the Green Party above ten per cent since June 2009.

Ekos has also included another category called "other" since February 2010.

Ekos: Our survey also finds that 14.5% of Canadians are undecided/ineligible to vote.

Highlights Ekos Research:
  • BC: Liberals 19.1% remain in 4th place just 1.1% behind the Green Party at 20.2%. (M.O.E is 6.8)
  • Vancouver: Democrats big spike at expense of all (HST fallout?)
  • AB: The Green Party is 3.9% ahead of the NDP (M.O.E. 7.9)
  • QC: Battle for 2nd place Liberals are 1.7% ahead of Conservatives (M.O.E is 4.9)
  • Battle of Sexes: Conservatives lead both
  • Age: Every group including the Justin Bieber subset shows a Conservative advantage!
  • Education: University or Higher has returned to Lib with a 5.1% gap (M.O.E 4.1)
  • Toronto: Liberals have suddenly opened a 16.6% gap vs 0.6% gap previous Ekos Poll here.

Anyone curious how you keep support for the Liberals above 25%, do you boost Metropolitan numbers?

In Ontario Ekos previous poll finds the Liberal had a 4.0 point lead with MOE of 4.2, this week 0.2 increase with MOE 3.9. How does Ekos classify this significant swing of 0.2% in Ontario?

 "a small but very important lead."
The field dates for this survey are June 9 – June 15, 2010.1 In total, a random sample of 2,013 Canadians aged 18 and over responded to the survey (including a sub-sample of 1,725 decided voters). The margin of error associated with the total sample is +/-2.2 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

June 10 2010 vs June 17, 2010 Ekos Metropolitan Snapshots:

The field dates for this survey are June 2 – June 8, 2010.1 In total, a random sample of 1,789 Canadians aged 18 and over responded to the survey (including a sub-sample of 1,541 decided voters). The margin of error associated with the total sample is +/-2.3 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Campaigns matter and the actions of the opposition to avoid a test of parliamentary supremacy that might trigger an election is evidence of the trouble with left of centre parties. The budget has passed with the pattern of 30 Liberal MPs missing in action. The opposition was well unwilling to oppose the Bill making Pardons more difficult. The opposition is not interested in going to the voters for fear of punishment.

Will the Green Party of Canada be able to negotiate their participation in the debates after failing to win a single seat in 2008?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crayola: FIFA Marketing Police

When I hear organized labour groups complaining they can't disrupt the G20 negotiations I look to the actions of the security in South Africa.
More than 30 women were ejected from the Johannesburg stadium on Monday during the match between Denmark and the Netherlands.
They were accused by Fifa of breaking strict rules on World Cup marketing.
They had all been wearing identical mini-dresses in Dutch orange, sold as part of a gift pack by a Dutch brewery.

How much debate took place in Ottawa before billions was directed in the Auto Bailout to prop up the General Motors and Chrysler?

How many private citizens have the same pensions of public unions of  P.S.A.C, C.U.P.E, C.A.W?

The Canadian Labour Congress is unhappy with the restrictions in place, sux to be you!

Pension Reform Canada vs Europe

Canadians might be suprised to read the free lunch in Europe is over for the socialists. The European governments have begun to tackle debts and deficits.

The G8 and G20 will be dealing with many issues including the winding down of stimulus without derailing the global recovery.

Canada continues to be the envy of the OECD with 6.1% GDP growth in the first quarter in 2010.
  • France will raise the retirement age from 60 to 62 in 2018 in an effort to get the country's spiraling public finances under control, the labor minister said Wednesday.
  • Germany, for example, is to gradually raise its retirement age from 65 to 67, starting in 2012 and wrapping up in 2029.
  • Dutch pension funds are in danger of becoming insolvent..
link here.

Hiking CPP premiums eyed as part of pension reform- Flaherty is proposing a number of initiatives, including what he calls a modest and gradual increase in Canada Pension Plan payroll premiums.

"I've made it clear from the beginning that the government's first principle is do no harm," Flaherty said Sunday. "We have a Canada Pension Plan that is the envy of the world and it is actuarially sound for the next 75 years."

The existing system is not balanced. Private pensions are not funded equally in comparison to public pensions. See here. The Lib-Dem coalition will resist changes to the public pensions of large unions.

Europeans have been dumping the socialist parties that are blocking reform for more fiscal conservatives governments.

Will our Canadian media reflect the reality of the shift in Europe and the end of the free lunch for the socialists in Canada?

Does the Green Lobby own our Government?

Are the opposition MPs asleep at the wheel? Are they benefitting from donations from the industry or the myth that jobs are created?

Where are the Case Studies for Windfarms in Canada?

I understand the media and opposition MPs are unhappy about spending $ 2 million to promote Ontario, through the Canada Pavillon to 3,300 captive international reporters.

Here is a link to another expense the media and opposition should attack next. 2010 links here

Are Windmill Farms the new tourist draw?

h/t Wind Concerns Ontario

Httpssupload.s3.Amazonaws.comenergypresentationkey 1232055654596752 2

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Parliament Bill C9 BRRA:Third Reading

It's official, the adults in parliament have moved legislation ahead! All parties are expected to support this Bill.

Balanced Refugee Reform Act. Kudos to each party for putting the country ahead of political games.

Canadian Bar Association agrees with the all party admendments. Here is their submission in May 2010.

Smiling faces, what a strange sight.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ignatieff: This Dog Won't Hunt

Cover of "A Hole in the Head" 
Thirty Liberal MPs missed another budget vote this week. Liberals are not interested in doing their job in Parliament. Political theatre and games are the tools of this political party. They are unprepared or unwilling to face the wrath of the voters.
The immigration consultants that promised him the PM job should be held responsible. His own party insiders that are putting their self-interests should be stripped of their shadow cabinet posts. Ignatieff should be allowed to debate the Prime Minister on national tv and a six week campaign.
Many of us don't believe it will do any good, we also did not buy Nortel at $ 120 a share during the Tech bubble.
Let's hope his summer tour helps pay down the leadership debts and his party does not throw him under it.
Republicans for Ignatieff here. It has been an interesting ride with him at the helm since December 2008.
I have included a few articles that alluded to the missteps in 2009. They are a good read.
Everyone agrees that Ignatieff had a lousy last couple of weeks. First, he took an entire weekend to figure out how he felt about the government's latest accountability report, then promptly laid out four ridiculous "conditions" for supporting an upcoming supply motion. He tried to play chicken with the government, and Stephen Harper plucked him bald. The Liberals have now lost virtually all of the momentum they had built up since Ignatieff took over as leader, and as some wag had it, he's gone from being "lionized" to "Dionized." Oof. Rough times for Ignatieff  June 23, 2009
There has rarely been a federal government as unpopular in Quebec as Stephen Harper's. Yet, in another ominous first for the PQ, unhappiness with the Canadian government of the day does not translate into increased support for sovereignty. PQ plan to anger us hints at desperation June 23, 2009
Ever since Trudeau left office, Canadians -- or at least, Liberals -- have been moping around waiting for a replacement, for an inspirational leader who would join the twin virtues of reflection and action to a statesman-like and principled approach to government. Philosophers make bad kings Sept 10, 2009

High Hopes
Words & Music by Sammy Cahn & Jimmy Van Heusen Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1961
From the 1959 movie "Hole In The Head" (Academy Award Winner, Best Song) Writer(s): cahn/van heusen
Next time your found, with your chin on the ground
There a lot to be learned, so look around
Just what makes that little old ant
Think hell move that rubber tree plant
Anyone knows an ant, cant
Move a rubber tree plant
But hes got high hopes, hes got high hopes
Hes got high apple pie, in the sky hopes
So any time your gettin low
stead of lettin go
Just remember that ant
Oops there goes another rubber tree plant
When troubles call, and your backs to the wall
There a lot to be learned, that wall could fall
Once there was a silly old ram
Thought hed punch a hole in a dam
No one could make that ram, scram
He kept buttin that dam
cause he had high hopes, he had high hopes
He had high apple pie, in the sky hopes
So any time your feelin bad
stead of feelin sad
Just remember that ram
Oops there goes a billion kilowatt dam
All problems just a toy balloon
Theyll be bursted soon
Theyre just bound to go pop
Oops there goes another problem kerplop
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Darwinism: Liberal Media, Liberal Party, Dinosaurs

Kory has been one of those (sadly, increasingly rare) Hill denizens who was always able to put aside partisanship and competing interests, and hang out on a patio talking politics over beer and chicken fingers with anyone possessing a similar sense of perspective and humour — whether a Liberal staffer or pixelstained liveblogger.- Kady OMalley July 29, 2009

Kory Teneycke has moved on to Quebecor after a short stint at the CBC as a guest panelist. A Fox News Canada?

The CRTC has confirmed reciept of an application by Quebecor. Quebecor that has some properties through Sun Media in Toronto. Details are not clear what is contained inside the application. The process could take months and a public consultation will follow before any decision. Fox News was launched to widespread derision in 1996, today it beats their competitors easily.
the Liberals’ problems are far worse than weak leadership and a divided left. Everywhere, liberal welfare states are retrenching. All are facing massive public-service layoffs, deep cuts to entitlements, shrunken budgets for health care and education, and inevitable tax hikes. They’re too broke for new social programs, or to throw money at climate change. As Britain’s David Cameron says, the drastic spending cuts to come “will change British life.”- Margaret Wente June 10, 2010
Leadership, balance sheet, moral compass, grassroots are required for a political party to be seen as credible.  June 10, 2010 Ekos Poll
  • Liberals are in fourth place, behind the Green Party in British Columbia.
  • Quebec is the only province that feels the country is going in the wrong direction.
  • Over 50% of Liberals feel Canada is moving in right direction
  • Only Quebec scores below 41% in Government of Canada moving in right direction
Elections Canada has spent over $ 120,000 to date fighting the return of $ 600k GST  overpayment by the Conservative Party because the elections watchdog argues, makes it clear that double dipping is not forbidden because it “contemplates and reconciles such multiple payments.” Changing the act is “something for Parliament to decide, not the (chief electoral officer) or the court.”- Bruce Cheadle June 9, 2010
The Liberal Party would be at on the hook for a large repayment. The Liberals were given sweetheart deals regarding their leadership loans.

The Liberals were recently forced to go to court to seek another extension on loans from 2006 as Elections Canada could NOT provided another extension. Justice Paul B. Kane of the Ontario Superior Court last week granted MPs Dion, Maurizio Bevilacqua, Hedy Fry, Joe Volpe, Martha Hall Findlay and Gerard Kennedy until the end of 2011 to pay off their debts.- Glen MacGregor, Feb 01, 2010

Some young Jedi masters are busy planning a palace coup to replace Michael Ignatieff and present Canadians with a new political party. They don't see the asteroid...

Liberal Media in Canada Ignore: Taliban Atrocities

Taliban fighters have hanged a seven-year-old boy...

How many months have the opposition MPs and lazy media condemned our Government and Military over the alleged treatment and lack of information regarding the Taliban?

When will our Canadian media and opposition get their priorities right?

The Taliban don't need extra protection, they need to be defeated and destroyed. The women and children in Afghanistan need peace.
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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ignatieff: Please Don't Leave

Liberal bloggers are really upset about $ 57k spent in Toronto as part of a Travel Pavillon. They love twisting facts to suit their own fairytales.

Tom Clark on PP has it on high authority the coalition merger stories are being pusked by the Conservatives!

The Conservatives have developed some new Jedi mind tricks or mind control device and have captured some senior liberals.

How much longer before friends of Warren Kinsella dump him from their blog feed? Is Jean Chretien next to be thrown under the bus by these loyalists to Ignatieff?

I can be so mean when I wanna be

I am capable of really anything

I can cut you into pieces

But my heart is broken

Da da da, da da

Please don't leave me

Please don't leave me

I always say how I don't need you

But it's always gonna come right back to this

Please, don't leave me
How did I become so obnoxious?

What is it with you that makes me act like this?
I've never been this nasty
Da da da, da da
h/t Searching For Liberty Madhatter , Iceman Scott Reid Accuses Warren Kinsella of Lying

FOX NEWS CANADA: Armageddon is Here!

Gameover, checkmate, you sunk my battleship!

If the Conservatives were allowed to hear views that was not wrapped around the Trudeau mantra of social justice, hug a thug, a majority would be a shoe-in for the conservative party.
The Canadian conservative channel would have to be balanced and allow Tim Ball and David Suzuki to appear on the same show for debate.
For it to be credible, resources would have to be directed to investigate issues in a serious manner.

Sending a crew around the globe to replicate the TMZ would backfire.

The former chief spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper is spearheading a bid by Quebecor Inc. to set up a Fox News-style TV station in Canada with an unabashedly right-of-centre perspective.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Federal Liberals: Ashamed of Ontario?

In a few days over ten thousand people will be visiting Canada. The costs of a Travel Pavillion to help promote Ontario has a man made lake with a cost of $ 57,000.

“We’re trying to make a memorable impression,” said Michael Lawley of Muskoka Tourism. “Is it expensive? Well, that’s the cost of doing business.”

Only 200 reporters of the 2,000 will be travelling to Muskoka. Officials stress that the $1.9-million cost is split between the federal and provincial governments.

The media and Federal Liberals in desperation jumped on a figure of two million and ran with it, regardless of the real cost. After so many mistakes, policy reversals, some hoped the Liberals would stop playing games with the Economic Action Plan and spending to help boost local jobs.

In Question Period the Liberals have joined the other parties complaining about the supply bill, they are so unhappy they will make sure enough of them stay away so it passes. The Liberals believe they are acting responsibly by attacking the omnibus bill and undermining the government.
The 2010 budget bill sailed through the House of Commons by a vote of 138-126 on Tuesday, with 30 Liberal MPs absent to ensure the budget survived — along with the government.

The speech writers have adopted a new word in all their questions. Peter 'crying wolf' fable has no meaning for the Liberals. They have effectively eliminated any credibility over repeated games and stunts.

The majority of Canadians have given the leader the worst rating in leadership and the party is polling below thirty per cent. Instead of getting behind the Government of Canada and promoting Ontario the opposition are continuing to demostrate the need of adult supervision.

During the Olympics, many provincial governments bought advertising promoting their province to the world. The opposition have again put political games ahead of being Canadian during the Olympics and now with the G7-G20.

Will these morons attack the Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty for working with the Federal Government in the promotion of providing a glimpse of cottage country for the 1,800 of reporters that are not travelling to Deerhurst?

Liberals, NDP Coalition: Share Anti-Americanism

The coalition of the Liberals and Democrats have some common traits they can build on.
  • Both parties live to redistribute wealth through taxation.
  • Anti-Americanism
  • Liberals, NDP will abandon key planks to gain power
Paul Martin decided it was expedient to inflame the anti-Americanism during the campaign in 2005-06 at an International Conference held in Montreal.

PM Martin decided the U.S. lacked a "global conscience" for not adopting the Kyoto Protocol.

Frank McKenna in 2006 submission to the Liberal Party renewal commission.
Our relationship with the U.S. must be characterized maturity and confidence. Canadian political leadership must help form Canadian public opinion on the importance of the relationship. Our credibility will be greatly enhanced if we save our disagreements for matters of great importance. Picking a fight with our American neighbours for the sake of political expediency undermines our credibility and our influence on important matters. Report Drips with unspoken contempt
Jack Layton on PM Paul Martin
"We have one of the worst environmental records in the world. In fact, if you can believe it, our greenhouse gas emissions are rising faster than those of George Bush's United States."

thanks Jack, you are correct to ignore China, every other country that have larger Greenhouse emmissions to single out Canada.

Five years later, the NDP still blames Canada's contribution that is just over two per cent of the global greenhouse gas emmissions. (1.9% 2005- 2.3% in 2009 an increase of 0.4%)

What about China Jack?

The country built 114,000 megawatts of fossil-fuel-based generating capacity last year alone, almost all coal-fired, and is on course to complete 95,000 megawatts more this year.

The Liberals and Democrats deserve each other. They ignore reality for cheap shots.
Professor Johnson, who expressed surprise that the case for global warming was so weak, systematically examined the claims made in IPCC publications and other similar work by leading climate establishment scientists and compared them with what is found in the peer-edited climate science literature. He found that the climate establishment does not follow the scientific method. Instead, it “seems overall to comprise an effort to marshal evidence in favor of a predetermined policy preference.”

We Get Giant Fans and More Dirty Coal: Thanks Dalton

The McGuinty Government has issued a shareholder directive giving Ontario Power Generation permission to increase the output of its dirty coal-fired power plants by 17%, in each year from 2011 to 2014 inclusive, relative to its actual level of coal-fired electricity generation in 2009- Wind Concerns Ontario

If you are unhappy about the double-digit increases in your hydro bills don't forget to call your local Liberal MP.

If your city or local government can stop the windfarm or energy plant in your backyard don't forget to call your local Liberal MP.

A majority can be a wonderful thing for a political party. Too bad Ontario voters did not realize how chasing the Green Jobs Myth was going to cost more than just dollars.

Where is the evidence, business case models in Spain, Norway, Portugal, California of successful Windfarms?

Liberal Cheerleader: Angry Liberals Still Suck

Liberal insiders correctly note the public is looking for a reason to vote against Mr. Harper, but they can’t yet see one in the Liberals. -Donald Martin

This sounds like sour grapes the Temple of Groupthink in the Parliamentary Press Gallery in Ottawa.

The PPG don't matter and like the Liberal insiders they represent the backward ankle biting minority pining for the 'glory days'.

Too bad too sad.

The Government of Canada does not serve at the pleasure of the press gallery.

Donald notes in his article how the Liberals are not acting wisely.
  • Policy Reversals
  • Sinking Party Morale
  • Crazy talk about NDP coalition
  • Kevin Page is going to burst media driven campaign about Security Costs
  • Media pining on Jean Chretiens return
  • Last to allow for Auditor General review
  • LGR battle
  • Internal revolt on fixing immigration system
  • Refusal for any adult conversation from Canada150 until writ is dropped.
It must be difficult to defend and support the Liberal Party when they are so intent on not earning the support of voters. Luckily for Donald his latest grumbling will have little resonance outside the Ottawa bubble.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Ignatieff Clear As Mud

Ignatieff said he finds all the current talk of coalitions "disrespectful of the voter," implying that Liberals are looking for a short cut back to power. (Translation we are not prepared to discuss the details publicly, stop calling here!)
An Alliance between Democrats, Separatists is a marriage of convenience for the Liberals. If and when the Liberals recover from a weak balance sheet, voter support they will discard their allies.
...non-aggression deals are a betrayal of grassroots activists, many of whom have slaved for decades to promote their respective parties. (Unless it allows you to form government, than it is acceptable betray your grassroots again. The Liberals are entitled to power, ballot totals should not be an obstacle.)
The leader of each of these political parties is represent a small group with a different agenda. Under the existing rules the Liberals are no longer able to win in a democratic contest against the Conservatives.

The impatience of regaining national support at the ballot for has made for some frequent changes of leadership with the Liberal Party since John Turner. The Liberals were returned to power in the 1990's compliments of the West rejecting the Progressive Conservative Party of Brian Mulroney. Voters in Ontario kept the Liberals in power until an alternative was made available in 2006. It appears the strategists running the Liberal Party are not interested in remaining out from power. They refused to accept Canadians rejected them in 2006 and 2008. The Liberals strategy is to keep their promises hidden until the writ is dropped. As soon as the campaign begins they will start blowing smoke over the next thrity six days why they should be trusted and returned to power.

The Liberals only won popular support in one region, Atlantic Canada in 2008 and signed a deal to share power for nearly two years with the Separatists, Democrats. Western Canada would have been decimated at the hands of the Liberal-Democrat coalition. From Quebec-British Columbia the Liberals failed to win popular support.

For the Liberals it has never been about principles or a belief in a united country, but it has been about the survival of their party and a return to power. It took place over conscription, when many Liberals resigned outside Quebec.

The courage and conviction did not materialize in 2008, every Liberal MP stood shoulder to shoulder with the Democrats and Separatists in the attempted coup.

In 2010-2011, each leader will promise a 'new deal' with goodies without a rationale on how to realistically pay for it. In our system we don't have run offs, or modified systems as they do in Europe that includes proportional representation. The Liberals were not interested in making any changes until they found the current system is no longer working in their favour.

Canadians are accustomed to marking a single ballot and holding the governing party to their promises made during the campaign and their platform.

The coalition will not campaign and disclose the details of their platform. The Liberals, Democrats, Separatists will again deny the existence of their agreement until after their loss.

After the ballots are counted each party will collect their political welfare of $ 2.00 per vote to fill their party coffers and proceed to remove the most popular party from power again.

The advantage for the coalition is they get to spend more money and dominate the time during televised debates.

In Western Canada over 50% of popular vote chose the Conservatives in 2008. The Conservates also won the popular support in Ontario and beat the Liberals by five per cent.

The three coalition leaders have worked well together in 2008 to protect their political party welfare and blocking new seats to Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia in rebalancing Parliament in 2010.

The coalition architects have ceded power for the support of the separatists after the election. They have not ruled out again cooperation in pooling their MPs to vote non-confidence weeks after an election to steal power again.

The media has spent a great deal of money distorting the history of coalition governments and the use of prorogue as used in Canada.

What will this Triumvirate look like and why is the media refusing to expose the hidden agenda of these three parties?

I don't remember a time when Canadian political parties were so desperate to undermine the mandate at the ballot by the people.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Liberal Divisions: Amateur Hour Revisited

The lazy media is busy trying to project a viable alternative to the current government. The self-immolation of the Liberal Party in nothing unusual for those that have examined their recent history.

December 2008 Ignatieff would be prepared to lead a coalition if necessary. The Liberals refused to provide any ideas for the stimulus or shaping of the largest budget in Canadian history. Liberals bet against Canada being able to recover in 2009 and they would be easily returned to power.
Michael Ignatieff. At the time, he vowed his support for the coalition, explicitly, publicly, and repeatedly. At the time, he said, “I stand at one with other parliamentary colleagues in believing that we need to present the alternative of a coalition.” At the time, he said the coalition “provides responsible economic leadership in tough times.” At the time, he said Canadians should not fear the Bloc Québécois’ role in the coalition. He even signed a formal petition to the Governor General, assuring her that the coalition represented “a viable alternative government.”
An early test of leadership by Michael Ignatieff was from his NFLD wing who were given a one time pass in voting against the budget. Ignatieff blamed the CPC. Danny Williams has distanced himself from the ABC campaign. On January 22, 2010  Ignatieff picked a Liberal Shadow Cabinet was picked.

May 2009 In Montreal promoting his book, Ignatieff admits the coalition would have deeply divided Canadians and he could not guarantee the long-term stability during the severe economic recession.
..the coalition was divisive, illegitimate, unstable, and wrong—a formal pact with a separatist party that would have guaranteed them, in the words of the accord to which the three opposition leaders affixed their signatures, a “permanent consultation mechanism” in the government of Canada. Or pretty much what all of the coalition’s critics said at the time.

Sept 2009 - Bob Rae played a pivotal role by speaking against Coderre-Ignatieff position after it was made public. The flip-flop that shortly followed by Ignatieff allowed Coderre to resign his position as the Quebec lieutenant just before the November 2009 elections. Coderre was highly critical of the party being run from Toronto. The Liberals did lost support in Quebec. They finished above the Green Party. The CPC took a long held Separatist seat (16 years).

Feb 2010 - Fast forward to Maternal Health debate and the Liberals spent weeks demanding a divisive debate about abortion funding being neccessary. Bob Rae again gained prominence for introducing the motion that had many Liberals forget to show up and included three pro-life Liberals vote against their own motion.

June 2010 - The Montreal Wing has recently earned some press for allegedly a revolt in breaking ranks over the cooperation Maurizo Bevilacqua (Shadow Cabinet Critic Citizenship & Immigration). The Montreal Wing gained some attention with the fallout of Dennis Coderre refusal to allow Martin Cauchon (potential rival) his old riding. The star candidate that was recruited now become unavailable for the Liberal Party.

June 2010 - We now have Rae talking about the need for a coalition, an extension for the Afghanistant mission without the support of the leader.

The press have been busy with running stories about the need for a coalition of the Liberals with the NDP to gain power.  Has the press realized the Liberals are not a viable alternative in their current state Or is the press undermining the leadership of Michael Ignatieff by providing the critics of his leadership free publicity?

Coalition debate for political junkies here.